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A Whitetail Deer is a mammal that is native to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and as far south as Peru and Bolivia.  Whitetail like to bed down (lay down) in areas with thick vegetation (for cover) that are close to their food source.   They prefer to move in colder temperatures but colder doesn’t always mean better, if it gets too cold around below 10°F the deer will just bed down out of the wind.  The best temperatures are between 20°F-60°F.  It’s kinda like Goldilocks, not to hot, and not too cold.

If you ever scare a Whitetail you will definitely know it.  When they sense danger they lift their white tail straight up, stomp the ground, and snort by blowing air through their nostrils.  When they lift their tails that means that they are either ready to go or they are already going.  Whitetail stomp their feet

Whitetail with it's tail up.

Whitetail with it’s tail up.

once to tell the rest of their group to stop, on the second stomp however, that means they are about to dart.  When they are snorting they are alerting other deer in the area that something isn’t quite right in the area.

Whitetail Deer can weigh anywhere from 90lbs-290lbs.  When they hit maturity they can grow to be 7.5 feet long but average at about 6 feet long.  Whitetail grow to be 3-3.5 feet tall from shoulder to hoof.  Many deer have exceeded these sizes though, just to name a few, The Minnesota Monarch, and Goliath who topped the scale at 375lbs.  If you want to know more about these two monsters you can learn more about The Minnesota Monarch here and you can learn more about Goliath here.  Now you know more about Whitetail Deer.


A picture of Goliath.






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