McDowell Spring Sports

McDowell Middle School has recently finished up Winter sports and is springing forward into the season of Spring sports (See what I did there?). McDowell offers baseball, softball, and track and field to students in the spring sport season. The baseball and softball teams will each have separate grade level teams, (7th and 8th) and track combines both grades. Spring sports are a great opportunity to get involved and have fun at the end of the year.

Baseball and softball tryouts began on February 25th for both sports. The rosters for baseball and softball are at the bottom of this page. Their first games will be at the end of March. Schedules and rosters for all sports are on McDowell’s website under each sport link located on the sidebar.  If you are interested in track and field, there were no cuts made, athletes just had to show up at the first few practices to be on the team. Track and field offers multiple events that athletes can participate in such as pole vault, long jump, shot put, discus, and obviously sprints and long distance races. McDowell’s Spring sports are all fun to participate in and so let’s hope it’s a dry Spring That’s a preview of McDowell’s spring sports.


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