Let’s Turn the Tables…

In Language Arts class, we have been discussing generations and what one generation can learn from another.  We learn many things from parents and grandparents, but a younger generation can also teach older generations many things.  Students had the opportunity to write about a thing or two that they would like to teach their parents.  Check out this padlet to see what a few students had to say!

Now, you’ve seen what McDowell students would like to teach their parents and grandparents.  We would love to know what  YOU  would like to teach YOUR parents and grandparents?  Comment below!

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  1. G’day McDowell students,
    Could I use this post in next week’s challenge where students visit a variety of different blogs? If yes, could you add a question at the end of your post such as:

    What could you teach your parents or grandparents?

  2. I am also doing a project similar to this for my school. I am teaching the elderly at a nursing home how to play games that they might not already know how to play. This project is called a 20% project because you use 20% of your time doing it. One thing I would like to know is if any of you are interested in doing something like this as a career, such as working at a nursing home? Please check out my blog about my 20% project, which is similar to this. http://meredithsgms24.edublogs.org/2017/11/03/my-20-project/

  3. Dear Mcdowell Media ,
    I like your blog and what it is about! I would love to teach my grandparents about all of these things, especially teaching how to ride a horse ! The only thing that you can do in this blog to improve it is adding detail to the ideas on what you would teach them and how you feel about teaching this. As well as, what is the thing that you are looking forward to most about teaching them.

    Great job,

    1. Thank you Elizabeth!! I appreciate you mentioning that you like my post on teaching my parents how to ride a horse. We will definitely look into adding more details and ideas into our blog! I could not visit your blog though, I think there is something wrong with the link! Feel free to comment a new link.


  4. Dear McDowell students,
    What I would like to teach my parents is how to use technology better because they are always asking me how do I do this? or how do I erase this?.I think that if they learn more about technology it can help them at work and at home.


  5. To Mcdowell Media,

    Hello! I have been thinking this over for quite a while, until I realized I was skilled at typing. Sometimes I can even type without looking. Perhaps that can be a skill that I can use to teach older generations on how to do.


  6. I don’t really know what to teach my grandparents, they are really up to date. What did you teach your grandparents? Check out my blog a thttp://mavrgms24.edublogs.org/

  7. Hello McDowell,

    I really like the idea that you want to turn the tables. We learn from different generations. And the modern world is changing all the time. I would like to teach my parents how to play the piano because they really like music.

    Best wishes,


  8. Hi McDowell Students,
    This is so interesting! There are so many thing I would love to teach my grandparents but the one thing that I think would be really fun is to teach them how to play baseball. If they learnt how to play then we could all play a game as a family!
    This is a cool idea, I haven’t really thought about this before!

  9. Hi Mcdonell Media,
    I read the blog post “What I would Teach My Grandparents To Make Their Life Easier” by Bradyn Allen. I can relate to that. Last year, my grandma asked for an iPhone 6s and when my dad said she wouldn’t know how to use t. She got mad at everyone in the family so my dad bought it for her. She doesn’t know how to make phone calls with it. she also has random pictures of her or any other thing. She asked me and my cousin to make an Instagram account for her and she can’t use it. My grandpa also has a smartphone. He has a Samsung s5. He can’t use it either but he can make phone calls with it sometimes.
    Nice blog post,

    1. Hi Ruqayya,
      I read your comment about my blog post, and I’m glad to know I’m not alone. My grandpa always tries to bore me to death because he tries to get me to play mobile solitaire, or other card games that I have never heard of. He often has to ask me very basic things like hard reset his iPad, or how to reset the internet router, which all you have to do is literally unplug it. Anyway, McDowell Media appreciates your interaction and we’d love more feed back. (Other posts from Bradyn: WHAT DO I DO AFTER AND OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL And CIRCLEVILLE PUMPKIN SHOW RECAP)

  10. Hey McDowell Media,

    I really loved this, especially the ones about grandparents and technology. In my family, I think my grandparents are okay with technology but one thing I would love to teach them is football (soccer). I have tried with my paternal grandpa, he injured himself after 5 minutes. But I think I can teach this to my maternal grandpa. He was a basketball player in the past and I would love to teach him football (because I think football is better).

  11. Dear Mcdowell media,
    I really enjoyed this set of blog posts. It gave a really great, insightful opinion on the matter of information exchange. I think it was a great job and I hope you guys can keep up the good work! My only critique is maybe next time you should go a little more in-depth on the matter, but otherwise it was great.

  12. Dear McDowell Media,

    I find it really fun reading what you guys want to teach your elders. I want to teach my parents how to play soccer so that on weekends we get to play as a family.
    Keep it up!

    Ines Ladjal

  13. Aloha McDowell Media,

    Hey! I loved your post about what you would teach your parents/ grandparents.
    Parents- If I were to teach my parents something I would show them how to bake. If I could show them the different techniques and recipes. Maybe if they understood how to do it then they would let me do it more often!
    Grandparents- If I were to teach my grandparents something I would teach them how to use data. They have a data plan and they never use it! My cousins and I are the ones who use it (on games). I would show them which apps that take data so they wouldn’t waste it.

    Thank you for the good read! Come check out my blog!

  14. Dear McDowell Media,
    I really like that you put the website on how to make a padlet. It’s really cool. I would teach my grandparents acronyms because it is so much easier to text them, then to write the whole word out. Thank you so much for telling us what you would want to teach older generations. What is your favorite acronym for texting? Come and check out my blog @https://hmsjena.edublogs.org.

  15. McDowell Media,
    I would teach my grandparents how to play tennis. My grandma is very good in the arts and crafts category but isn’t in the sporty category as much. I think that tennis is a calming sport and that she would like it. Here’s a link to my blog if you are interested http://aicas92.edublogs.org/

  16. Hi, this is hmsshayla! I loved you blog and I think it would be very challenging to teach my grandma or grandpa because they don’t know much about technology. I would teach my grandma how to use an iPhone because she has one but is not very good at using it. here is a link to one of my blogs check it out if you want to. http://hmsla2020.edublogs.org/2017/11/02/huskies/

  17. Hi McDowell,

    I like your post because I like how you’re helping the elderly and giving them support. Not many people do that so I like that you care about others besides yourself.
    Keep up the good work!!!


  18. I think this idea is really cool! It puts a twist on how you would normally think of this. My question is how did you come up with this idea?

  19. Cool idea! My grandparents are not very well educated so I think this is a great idea. I really liked the chess one because I play chess a lot. What kind of things do you think they can teach you?

  20. Dear McDowell Media,
    If I had to teach my parents something related to technology, I would teach my parents the success that one can get from youtube. Right now my parents don’t know that youtubers can earn a lot of money.

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