1. This is so neat! I love how you used all the alphabet in describing yourself! Brock I am also related to You

  2. This is so neat, I loved how you used the letters in the alphabet to describe yourself. Brock I also am addicted to YouTube. Who is your favorite Youtuber?

  3. Well done Mrs Caudill and class,
    Love the descriptions especially those who took time to organize A-Z. Think I mentioned Caleb’s on this week’s post in the challenge.

    I also love the way you have used a padlet for the descriptions.

  4. I love this meet the authors project. It is a great way to start blogging in your classroom. From what I read it looks like students were asked to use the letters from the alphabet when describing themselves. I have learned so much about these authors by reading these and I bet they are proud to be able to see this posted on the class blog. Great job kids!

    Mrs. Kennett

  5. I enjoyed your post, I thought it was really cool how you listed facts about yourself. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies as well.

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