All About The McDowell Band!

img_2468The McDowell band marched in the Circleville Pumpkin Show a few weeks ago! The Pumpkin Show is a festival in Circleville, Ohio. There’s a ton of things to do, fun rides, delicious pumpkin flavored foods, carnival games, and, of course, the humongous pumpkins people grow!
I interviewed two of my friends at school in the band named Hallie and Annabelle. In the Pumpkin Show, the McDowell band played a song called Land Of A Thousand Dances. The song is around three minutes long, and when Annabelle listens to it, she thinks of it as a traditional song.
Annabelle plays the snare drum in the school band. She plays the drums to express herself, as she told me. She wants to play band in high school so she can go places like band contests, and she like to go to band camp. Despite Annabelle’s sarcastic sense of humor, (which is good, of course,) Annabelle seems to really enjoy doing band. Hallie plays the trumpet. Hallie finds it hard to hit the high notes on her trumpet. “It makes a weird noise when I try to make the high notes,” Hallie says. “I keep practicing to make it sound right, though.” She told me that she got her foot stuck in a pothole on the ground and almost fell over while marching once, typical Hallie.
Not only did our band march in The Pumpkin Show, the high school band is also going to a national band competition! They are all really looking forward to it, and we’re all really hoping they do well. I know a lot of people in band, choir, and flag twirling. Everyone is really happy for the band for making it so far in the competition! I like to watch all of the band march outside and play their instruments and twirl the flags after school. I can’t wait to hear how they did.

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