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tiny-turtle-on-a-skateboardThis week for the blogging challenge, I chose to complete the ninth activity, the zoom out challenge.  In this challenge, you are supposed to post a picture, then have your viewers comment what they think the zoomed out version of the picture looks like.  For example, if I had a picture of a computer, I would comment and say, ¨ The computer is on a desk in a purple room¨.  The next comment say what building the room is in, then what town the building is in or whats around it, and so on.  This could continue all the way to space.  Enjoy this cute picture of a tiny turtle on a tiny skateboard!

Have fun and remember to be creative!

Image from: Pintrest


  1. “This is it!This is it!” Lenny the turtle shouted as he rolled down his former owners drive way. He was finally going through with his plans for the ultimate escape on his skateboard.

  2. Except Lenny’s shell protected him from getting squished to the bone. He then rolled down the driveway into a new world of terrifying, scary, and dangerous things. (Only to Lenny, because he is a turtle)

  3. The first danger Lenny faced was a giant, deadly smart car. As it came down the road, Denny knew that he couldn’t make an escape in time!

  4. The tiny turtle is on a tiny skate board, in a tiny skate park, in a tiny city, in a tiny world, in a tiny universe.

  5. Thank you to everyone that has commented and added to the story of the dare devil turtle, Lenny. I find it enjoying to read he comments and the story of Lenny. Feel free to continue the story about Lenny.

  6. I think it is pretty good because you posted the steps and how to do the challenge. I really like the picture of your skateboarding turtle.

  7. The turtle is about to go to a skate park and it is going to jump a lot of ramps. The turtle also isn’t scared of anything and so he is a Dare devil turtle.

  8. I think the turtle on the skate board will become larger. Nice picture, were did you get it? If you took you picture, what did you take it on?

  9. When you see this image, do you envision a tiny turtle on a minuscule skateboard, or a giant turtle on a full-sized skateboard?

  10. I think it’s cool that you have a challenge like this every week and I think its a really cool way to learn how to use blogs

  11. I love that you help the people understand more about why and how to do this Zoom out picture project. You inspired me to try it I hope I can later.

  12. I really like the picture it made me and my friend laughed at it for awhile.But really good job on the blog post.

  13. I think the turtle makes a perfect zoom out picture it really inspired me to do things like that later on in life.

  14. It is fantastic that you are having people use their imagination to picture what the turtle is doing and where is it at. What made you think of this?

  15. I think that the turtle is really cute. It is amazing that he is a dare turtle. I also wish i could have turtle like yours.

  16. i love the voice in this then the little turtle was even more great to have some voice when turtles don’t speak

  17. dear Alice, i think this a is a great Zoom-Out picture it depends on the person’s POV to look at this image differently.

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