A Shoe for Me

school-assignment-pictureMy name is Sasha, and I’m a shoe designer. Life hasn’t been very interesting, until recently when I started receiving random shoes. I got a new shoe everyday in the mail, and each time there was a letter hastily scribbled on the bottom. At first I though it was just a joke, the local teens trying to get a kick out of messing with a shoe designer. Then I got really curious about the letters on the bottom of the shoes. I tried arranging the shoes in different ways, eager to get something out of the footwear. When I would get a new shoe I would spend hours trying to figure out the riddle of the shoes. To my disappointment, I never figured anything out. One day the shoes stopped coming.

Once I had realized that they had stopped coming I knew immediately that I had all the shoes I needed. I called off from work and sat down on the soft carpet, staring at the mountain of shoes. I started grabbing the shoes and writing down all the letters on a pad of paper. I looked at the letters, and something in my brain clicked. I sat down at my computer and booted it up.  I googled a word unscrambling program and clicked on the first one I saw. Tearing my eyes away from the glowing screen, I glanced at the dog bed by the door. My dog Soda had loved that bed and it broke my heart that she most likely wouldn’t be able to lay on it again. A few weeks back I had gone on a business trip and dropped Soda off at a friends house. Apparently that friend had a party and someone at the party had taken my dog. I talked to her as little as possible, mostly just  the occasional text asking if she had heard anything about Soda. Putting my eyes back on the screen, I punched the letters into the program and hit Unscramble.  

Dozens of phrases popped up on the page. While there were many words, only one phrase used all the letters I found your dog-Marty. I knew only one Marty, and that was Marty Moofer. I called Marty and he answered immediately. After the conversation I put all the shoes in a trash bag, Marty was going to get his shoes back. I went into my kitchen to make some lunch when I heard the door bell. I opened the door to find no one there. I didn’t see Marty, but I did see Soda. She zoomed towards me and started nosing her way back inside. I looked around more for Marty but didn’t see him. With a shrug I stepped back inside to where Soda was looking at me, begging for food. I smiled and closed the door, thankful that I got Soda back.




  1. Amazing story McDowel!
    The way you wrote your story is just something a person like me would read. To be honest I was getting bored of reading,but I could not stop reading after I’ve read a few sentences. The character(Sasha) in the story you used is the same name my sister has. That was also one reason why I wanted to read your post.

    When you have the time please come and check out my blog as well! http://axelw20.edublogs.org/2016/11/11/fairy-tail/#comment-19

  2. Hello! I am Thanumi, a sixth grader from Thailand. Your story is really nice! I was really attracted by the climax of the story, the missing dog called Soda. I even like the resolution of the story, which the dog and the owner meet each other again and the story ends happily. I was just wondering, have you checked my blog yet? If not, my link is, http://thanumiabey.weebly.com/

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