Mrs. Schaal’s Class Presentations


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During the fourth week of school, Mrs. Schaal’s language arts class has started working on presentations about national parks in the United States.  I interviewed Jacob and he told me a little about his presentation.  The national park that Jacob did was the Sequoia National Park.  He said that he chose this national park because of the save the trees campaign.

In his presentation, he talked about things he would want to do there, what his teacher might like to do there and some facts about the Sequoia National Park.  He told me that at the national park, he would like to visit the picnic area which is found inside the park.  He also said that since there was a lot of snow at Sequoia, he would like to have a snowball fight there.  The last question I asked him was why they were doing their presentations on national parks.  Jacob told me it was because it was the 100th anniversary of the national parks and because Mrs. Schaal loves to visit national parks.  Mrs. Schaal told me that she had been to many national parks before.  She has been to some of the national parks that the students did presentations on today.

After interviewing Jacob, I watched some of the class’s presentations.  Each slide had a picture of different places through out the park including neat landmarks and the beautiful scenery through out the park . Every presentation was very descriptive and provided lots of information about their national park that they had chosen.  They included things like trails to hike on, places to eat at the park, and places to spend the night inside the national park.  Finally, as Jacob had said earlier, they talked about different places they would like to visit in the national parks and places that Mrs. Schaal would probably like to visit in that national park.  That is all for this blog post about Mrs. Schaal’s class presentations.

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