Zoom Out

tiny-turtle-on-a-skateboardThis week for the blogging challenge, I chose to complete the ninth activity, the zoom out challenge.  In this challenge, you are supposed to post a picture, then have your viewers comment what they think the zoomed out version of the picture looks like.  For example, if I had a picture of a computer, I would comment and say, ¨ The computer is on a desk in a purple room¨.  The next comment say what building the room is in, then what town the building is in or whats around it, and so on.  This could continue all the way to space.  Enjoy this cute picture of a tiny turtle on a tiny skateboard!

Have fun and remember to be creative!

Image from: Pintrest


Blogging Challenge Activity #9

downloadHello! This is my post for week three of the blogging challenge. I choose to do the Zoom Out activity for this week. I invite my readers to “zoom out” from this image and comment what you think is happening outside the photo. Maybe you think the man is scared of a giant slug! You can also look at previous comments in order to keep the story going. It’s your choice! So please, let the commenting begin!

Thisimage was found at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140720172744-211564464-conquering-the-fear-of-phone-selling


Zoom Out!

This weeks challenge is to pick an activity and make a post for it.  I chose the zoom out challenge.  Here’s how it works; I post an image (the one below) and then you guys go comment below what is happening around it.  Here’s an example; say you have a picture of an eye.  You start out the story by saying something like “This is the eye of a cat. The most ferocious cat ever.”  Then, someone else comments on the picture something like “The cat is about to control the human race.”  Don’t put that.

So, here we go…


Ready, set, comment away!  Remember to be creative!

Image from: http://www.wideopenpets.com/


Zoom Out (Activity #9)

This week of the student blogging challenge is all about images.  I decided to do the ‘Zoom Out’ activity.  I chose a close up picture of an object and in the comments, you need to describe what the picture would look like if it was zoomed out. Remember to read the previous comments to add to the story. For example, the paintbrushes could be on a table in an art studio.

Be creative and remember to comment!


Image from: http://photographyblogger.net/18-colorful-pictures-of-paint-and-paintbrushes/