Ohio’s Land Formations!

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Millions of years ago, Ohio got run over by a glacier.  The glacier acted like a giant, slow moving bulldozer.  The glacier flattened out close to two thirds of Ohio.  Because Ohio is so flat, many people have decided to become farmers.  Flat farmland is one of Ohio’s natural land formations.

Where the glaciers stopped, there were hills everywhere.  This area is now called The Hocking Hills.  My classmate B.J. wrote a post about the Hocking Hills.  The Hocking Hills has waterfalls, caves and lakes.  The Hocking Hills is one of Ohio’s many natural land formations.

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Snow. The big fluffy snowflakes. Sitting near the window as you quietly read a book. So, If you live in a different state, you’re probably wondering “When does it start snowing in Ohio?” If you’re not, you probably should start wondering! Ohio’s snow season lasts from late November to the end of February. But, enough about the snow season. Let’s move on to fun stuff to do in snow!❄


My Puppy, Cali, in the Snow. Isn’t she cute?

The main thing that I like to do in the snow is take my puppy outside and watch her run around. It’s so funny! She digs under the snow and she gets it on her nose and it’s adorable! But enough about my snow day routine, let’s cut to the chase. What are some other things that kids in Ohio do on snow days? You’re about to find out. My puppy,

  • Sledding! Sledding is super fun to do in winter. Our family does it a lot. Don’t know what sledding is? It’s when you get a piece of plastic and slide down a hill. It’s really fun.
  • Ice Skating! To do this, you need Ice Skates a type of skate that that’s made with a blade on the bottom. You have to be balanced to do this, but it’s fun. I’m kind of terrible at it. 🙂
  • Building a snowman! You’ve probably heard of snowmen, especially if you’ve seen Frozen. You take a snowball and roll it in the snow until it’s big. Then, you do it again, but make it smaller. Then you put a face on it with carrots and rocks.

I asked 2 of my best friends what they like to do in the snow.

Genevieve C. says, “My favorite thing to do in the snow is building Snowbunnies! They’re so adorable! You make a small snowball that’s kind of oval-y shaped and then you make a smaller snowball with ears for the head. You put to rocks for the eyes, a bigger rock for the nose and 2 more for hands on the side. You then make a snowball for the bunny tail. Make sure you make some other ones so they won’t get lonely. I LOVE THEM!”

Grace E. says, “My favorite thing to in the snow is to stomp through it! I first look at the perfect snow and I think to myself, I’m gonna ruin this. So then I trample through the snow and I pick my foot straight up and put it back down so it makes the perfect ‘foot mark’. I just love hearing that crisp sound as I smash the snow. It’s not weird…”

Well, that’s my article for week 7. I hope you enjoyed it!

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