It’s October 31,  houses have spooky ghosts,  cobwebs,  and skeletons.  You know what time of years it is… Halloween!  In modern times,  Halloween means walking up to someone’s door in a spooky costume with a bag,  and saying “trick-or-treat!”  then getting candy.  But has it always been this fun holiday?   Keep reading to find out.  

Halloween began as an ancient celtic festival known as Samhain.  People would light giant bonfires and dress up to ward off ghosts.  Eventually,  people changed it and began doing stuff like trick or treat and carving jack-o-lanterns.  Halloween marks the end of summer (the growing season)  and the beginning of fall (the harvesting season).  The celtics believed that on October 31,  the ghosts of the dead would come to life and ruin their crops.  They also believed that on Halloween their priest’s could predict the future.  

Thanks to modern conveniences,  we can order our costumes online for very cheap.  Back then,  people had to make their costumes from their own stuff. They would use things like straw and bark.  In case you were wondering,  the celtics are what make up modern day Ireland.  

Unless you live in a neighborhood,  it can be hard to find somewhere to trick or treat.  You can always ask a friend if you can go anywhere with them.  In lots of kids cartoons,  you see that lame adult that hands out toothpaste or something,  but oral health on halloween is important.  Be sure to brush your teeth for at least two minutes.  Enough of that,  though.  Way back in the day,  you were supposed to dress up like something scary,  like a ghost,  a ghoul,  a zombie,  or a skeleton or something.  Now, some people still do that,  but mostly you will see superheros,  princesses,  or  a bumble bee.  I’m shivering in fear just thinking about that  bumblebee.  Before you read this, when you heard “Halloween”,  you probably thought trick or treating,  but I hope that I have teached you a bit more about Halloween.

To Grandmother’s House We Go…

To Grandmother’s House We Go

Cara felt the cold wind pierce her skin as she climbed the porch stairs to her cruel grandmother’s house.  She always hated coming here because of everything that happened in the house.  The bags she was carrying made her arms feel like they were filled with lead.  Her foot hit the last step and it creaked from the unexpected weight.  As she reached the porch, she dropped the bags with a sigh of relief.  Cara heard the large, wooden door creak open as she slowly saw her grandmother’s ugly face come into view.

“Well, well. Look who it is.  Get inside child and set those bags down before you catch a cold in this wind.  Well, hurry up!” she snapped.

Cara pulled her jacket closer to her chilled body, suddenly noticing the cold wind pick up it’s speed.  She picked up the heavy bags and slowly followed her already grumpy companion inside.  Something hairy brushed up against her leg and Cara immediately recognized it as Alumit, her grandmother’s black cat.  Her grandma had told her that the name Alumit means secret.

They finally reached the kitchen and Cara set the bags full of candy on the counter.  It was Halloween night and this was her family’s tradition.  Cara would go to her grandmother’s house on Halloween night, she would trick-or-treat for an hour and then help her grandma pass out candy for an hour.   And then she would stay in that creepy old house for five days.  Five Days!  The young girl shivered at the thought.  She was so excited for Halloween, mostly because her friend Tosha was coming over to trick-or-treat and stay the night, as tradition.  Cara’s grandma thanked her for her effort.

“May I go upstairs now?” Cara asked the old woman.

“Yes, go. I may need you later though. What time is Tisha-”


“Whatever. What time is Tosha coming?” The woman corrected herself.

“I think she said 3:30.”

“I want you back down here by 3:20, showered, teeth brushed and hair combed.  No tight clothes and nothing too revealing. No jewelry and no spunky clothing. You are to dress like the young women you are, you can wear the clothes I laid out for you or some of the extra clothes in the closet. Do not open that trunk on the end of the bed! By now you know the rules. The only time you change out of those clothes is when you dress up in your silly costume and when you go to bed. Do you understand?”

“Yes grandmother, I understand your rules and will not break them or disobey you.”

“Good, now go, you’re wasting my time.”

Cara ran up the stairs and shut and locked the door.  She quickly got a shower and dressed herself with some clothes in the closet.  Cara only brought one bag because there was no point in bringing her own clothes. In her bag Cara had her phone, her kindle, some chargers, a toothbrush and toothpaste, her nighttime retainer and the book she was currently reading.  After a few minutes of listening to music and playing games on her phone, she heard her grandma yell at her, signaling it was 3:20. She carefully hid her electronics, not knowing how her grandmother would feel about them, and walked down the steps.  After waiting for a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.  Cara quickly got up and opened it before she hugged her best friend.  

After a few hours the two girls went trick-or-treating.  They finally made it to a big hill with a single house on top.  

“Hey, I think we forgot one” Tosha said as she started walking to the open gate at the bottom of the steep hill.

“No, that’s okay Tosha, let’s just go back” Cara said, looking at the scary house in fear.

“What are you scared?”


“Bawk! Bawk, Bawk!” Tosha squealed and laughed at her own stupidity.

“Fine, you wanna go so bad, we’ll go”


The two girls hiked up the treacherous hill and stopped at the top to catch their breath.  After about a minute or so the girls knocked on the door.  A man that looked like he was in his thirties opened the door.

“Trick-or-treat” the nearly breathless girls said in unision.

“Oh, um, sorry no candy. Oh! I just made some caramel apples. Why don’t you come and give the caramel some time to dry.


Cara and Tosha’s bodies were later found in the basement of the house on the hill. Remember, always be safe on Halloween and never trust something or someone suspicious…