tumblr_myttzeorvp1rys0oso1_1280Longboards have been around way before Tony Hawk or even Christian Hosoi were carving up huge halfpipes. Longboarding and skateboarding evolved from surfing and longboards were kinda like the first type of skateboard. Longboards were originally invented in Hawaii and grew into California where they then grew to the rest of the United States.

The longboard is pretty much described by what the word what the word looks like, a long skateboard. They are often faster because of their wheel size. They are used for cruising, slalom racing, sliding, long distant racing, transport and downhill/bombing. Downhill/bombing is the most extreme version of longboarding where riders go down long hills at the fastest speeds possible. As skateboarding evolved, boards became shorter and smaller in order to preform the new tricks of that time period. Throughout the 80s, longboarding became less popular as modern skateboarding continued to evolve into its own sport.

Longboards started to reclaim popularity in the 90s as the popularity of snowboarding was growing. You’re probably thinking that longboarding has nothing to do with snowboarding but they helped one another grow. they both grew because as snowboarding became popular snowboarders got bored in the summer so they took to longboards. The longboards helped them recreate the feeling of snowboarding and longboarding was an excellent way to keep working on their balancing and coordination skills. Nowadays you see people longboarding, or street surfing, across school campuses, cities, and downtown areas all the time.

I am a longboarder myself and it is pretty exciting especially when you’re going down a big hill. It can be a little scary sometimes because it’s hard to keep a perfect balance and if you don’t the longboard will start to wobble and you most likely will fly off of it. All in all longboards are an awesome use for transportation and are all around fun to ride. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of riding a longboard you should definitely go and try it out.

For more information about longboards you can visit http://www.flowprovider.com/longboardlessen/en/achtergrond-informatie-longboarden/ and https://www2.bc.edu/marc-leblanc-2/

Image credits: https://www.tumblr.com/search/jacky%20madenfrost

Activity #2 (create a video with a friend)


We chose activity #2  from the student blogging challenge which was a twenty second video related to fair use.  We also had to write what was interesting, positive or negative about another video using fair use.  The video that we watched was interesting how detailed it described copyright using Disney characters.  Our video wasn’t nearly as good as theirs but we tried hard and accomplished as much as possible in a little amount of time.  If you would like to know what our video was saying, it was our definition of copy right.  “What is copyright?”  “Copyright is when you take someone else’s work with out permission.”

Click here to watch our video.


Zoom Out

tiny-turtle-on-a-skateboardThis week for the blogging challenge, I chose to complete the ninth activity, the zoom out challenge.  In this challenge, you are supposed to post a picture, then have your viewers comment what they think the zoomed out version of the picture looks like.  For example, if I had a picture of a computer, I would comment and say, ¨ The computer is on a desk in a purple room¨.  The next comment say what building the room is in, then what town the building is in or whats around it, and so on.  This could continue all the way to space.  Enjoy this cute picture of a tiny turtle on a tiny skateboard!

Have fun and remember to be creative!

Image from: Pintrest

Activity #5

eye-157815_960_720 picsart_10-27-09-47-14peace-sign-md102715_ht_ballet_free.

For the student blogging challenge I chose to do activity number five, which is to write a sentence out of pictures while using attribution. Try to figure out what mine says, comment on this post for you guess and make sure you check out my other posts at McDowell Media!

I got the dancer image from sciencenews.org/blog/science-ticker/synchronized-dancing-boosts-pain-tolerance

I got the eye image from https://pixabay.com/p-157815/?no_redirect

I got the heart image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_(symbol)

I got the finger peace sign image from http://www.clker.com/clipart-peace-sign-2.html

Sentence of Images

I’m going to write a sentence using just images.  See if you can try and figure out my sentence. Write your sentence and answer in the comments.














My images were retrieved from these websites in order as the images are listed: www.shutterstock.com/, www.huffingtonpost.com/, dustinmaherfitness.comcatherinekhoo.wordpress.com, www.freepik.com/


Week 3 Blogging Challenge

This is a post for the week three blogging challenge. I chose to do a comic. If you click on the link you will go to a comic that is made fully by me. I think that you will find it funny, yet, realistic.

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump stands during the Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate at the North Charleston Coliseum, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016, in North Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)


Photo from: http://static.politico.com/a2/01/4fa959254c2f9216910f47649004/160114-donald-trump-2-ap-1160.jpg

guess the sentence.


This is a blog post for the student blogging challenge. I have made a sentence using only pictures. Look at my pictures and see if you can guess what I am trying to say. At the bottom of the post there is the real sentence. Leave a comment to say if you guessed right.




This photo is from :http://cliparts.co/cartoon-eye-clip-art







This image is from :https://garminoregon6xx.wikispaces.com/Trip+Odometer+vs+Track+Distance



This image is from :https://www.pinterest.com/explore/peace-sign-symbol/




This picture is from :http://www.allaccessdisney.com/grocery-delivery-at-wdw.html




This image is from :https://dribbble.com/shots/728210-App-Store-Icon


The real sentence is I went to the grocery store.


Blogging Challenge Activity #9

downloadHello! This is my post for week three of the blogging challenge. I choose to do the Zoom Out activity for this week. I invite my readers to “zoom out” from this image and comment what you think is happening outside the photo. Maybe you think the man is scared of a giant slug! You can also look at previous comments in order to keep the story going. It’s your choice! So please, let the commenting begin!

Thisimage was found at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140720172744-211564464-conquering-the-fear-of-phone-selling