Activity 5

I will be doing activity 5 for Week Three Blogging Challenge. I will have to be writing a sentence only using images and no words.


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Finish My Story!

My safe place.  My favorite run away spot.  My swing, I’ve gone here since I was just a little kid.  This is where I go to find some peace once in a while.  if you wanted to know, which not many people do, but my name is Scarlet.  Sometimes I even sneak out to just sit on this little swing to just, you known, think. screenshot-2016-10-25-at-12-42-58-pm Trying to think with three other people living in the house was just not working out, so I come out here to clear my head.  Today has been rough because my friend and I got in a huge fight about silly little things, but she still refuses to talk to me.  This swing was the last place my mom took me before “it” happened.  Only here is where I still feel like she isn’t gone, that she didn’t leave me.  It’s just something about that place that makes everything alright.  You probably wonder what happened to my mom, so I might as well tell you.  She…..

Please finish my story!  I need the ending to this story for it to be great.  Please do not use any short cuts to words.  Comment down below and invite others please!

All Alone


On a snowy morning in Anchorage, Alaska I was walking through the forest to gather some pictures for a project at  school when I heard something move in the trees. Usually I’m not very curious but when I heard this I was hoping to see some kind of unique animal. I slowly glided through the snow hoping to be pleasantly surprised, when I stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there behind that tree was a person, I was paralyzed! I live very far away from civilization, actually I don’t even have neighbors, so you can imagine what I felt like. I quickly started running to where I thought was the direction of my house when that person started running after me. The person that was running after me caught up to me and tried stopping me but I tripped. When I got up there was a hand offering to help me up. He introduced himself as Zach and asked me my name.

“My name is Ellie” I replied. When I got up I brushed the snow off my clothes and started to ask Zach a question when he immediately cut me off.

“So I’m going to go now, I….uh need to get back home to my family.” Zach stuttered.

Well I guess I will never have a friend after all. Once I gathered all the things I dropped, I headed back home hoping some how someway I would see Zach again.

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Hey, here’s a twist I want you guys to finish my story!  Just go to the comments and give me an ending. Make sure you post your URL so I can check out some of your blogs! PLEASE make sure the ending is appropriate and don’t use ABRVS ( abbreviations ) Thanks for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it!

What is a Twinkie?

What is a Twinkie? A Twinkie is a yellow, sponge-like cake with a white, cream filling. Apart from being extremely processed and unhealthy, they are delicious! A true American delicacy. Twinkies were invented in 1930 by Jimmy Dewer. Twinkies originally had a banana, cream filling but in World War II, there was a shortage of bananas, so the Hostess brand changed the cream filling to vanilla. As of today, Twinkies come in many different flavors. They have Twinkies with strawberry, chocolate, blue raspberry, extreme blue raspberry, orange (for Halloween) and banana fillings. They also have chocolate covered Twinkies, one with a cherry filling (for those of you in the Valentine’s Day spirit), one with a banana filling, and one with a vanilla filling. 

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