5 of The Best Halloween Haunted House in America

Around this time of year many people are headed to the haunted houses around them for some fun!  Sometimes though you just can’t find any place scary enough so this post might be what you’ve been looking for.  I wanted to blog about this because many peoples favorite holiday is Halloween.  Here are some of the best haunted houses here in America.  Get ready for a fright!  Warning: this post may be too much for some viewers!

  So we begin with the Basement of the Dead, even the name creeps me out, but wait till you read what comes next!  The Basement of the Dead is one of the best rated haunted houses in America, it is located in Chicago, Illinois.  This haunted house is possibly the best and scariest in America.  It’s said that a clown named Shattered, they say that his famous sledgehammer trick had gone wrong which caused his wife and partner to be killed.  He believed that it was the crowds fault for making him do one more trick.  The pain and anger from the accident ate at his soul leaving him with only evil left inside.  He finally broke and rampaged through the crowd with a swinging hammer.  After the horror was over, Shattered had killed 30 of the crowd members and 15 of his workers.  That was the very last time anyone had seen Shattered as he disappeared into the basement where rumors started that he took up praying to demons and practicing to spread his evil across the dimensions.  It’s also said that the many souls he took that night, followed him down into the dark depths. headerimage-md-bb8bd5Image found at

Next up we have Fear Factory, this place is found in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It wasn’t anything huge or important because it was just a old cement factory, but one day that changed when one of the workers stayed later for work, to oil the crusher.  His long sleeve shirt had gotten caught in the gears and he was pulled into the machiimagesne to be crushed and killed.  Many more deaths happened after this and the civilians and workers believed that the cement factory was determined to keep its gears oiled in blood.  Later on the factory claimed one more life before going silent, the man was found in a kneeling position only a few feet from the factory doors with his head missing.  The haunted house is widely known among the Utah area because of its cruel history to becoming a haunted house.  Some believe the lost souls still wander the area.

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Now we move on to the Hall of Horrors, which is located at Palmerton, Pennsylvania.  This place is extremely hardcore, this is one of the places where the actors are allowed to touch you and there’s a thing called The Blood Experience, where fake blood will splash you.  The Hall of Horrors is not the best place for easily scared people.  The actors drag themselves across floors and grab ankles! Cree037cb9f250017e918f80c5eb08a073e8py right?  Sadly, unlike the other houses, this one does not have a back story or why they started this amazingly, terrifying place.  You are guaranteed to scream your head off.




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Then we have the Nightmare New England, it is located in Litchfield, New Hampshire.  This place was first opened in 1991, soon later it was named the most terrifying horror scream park in the U.S.


They joined up with many other haunted houses and created the most terrifying park you could imagine.  They have a haunted walk, where you walk through the house then into the woods, then you hop onto the haunted hayride.  It may not seem very interesting, but I assure you, this is the worth the trip!  Unlike the one above, these actors are not allowed to touch you because their haunted house is terrifying enough without you being touched.

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Lastly we have Terror Behind Walls, this is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This is my personal favorite!  In here you have to pick before you enter the cellblock: no touch or touch?  They send you into the prison and you have to find your way to freedom.   terror-behind-the-wallsIf you chose the interactive passage then beware because some of the actors will pry the chosen one from the group and force them down passages leading to nowhere!  They may be a little rough, but it was your choice if they touched you or not.  Sometimes you may have to claw your way to freedom.  On certain nights they have a “Break Out” where ‘prisoners’ are let lose in the building and they will do anything it takes to get free.

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