Softball for Gym

Gym is always fun at Mcdowell, but today it was especially nice. The eighth grade here at McDowell got the chance to play softball and had a really good time. It was a lovely day outside and the kids had lots of fun. Unfortunately, the seventh graders are stuck inside until next year. Too bad!


Logan Elm softball for the 7th grade has been going great so far. The have won 3 games and have lost none . The team consists of 12 girls. All of the girls love the game and are very passionate about it.

I interviewed Callena Wiget, a player on the team:

How is this year going?

Callena said, it’s going pretty good.

What position do you play?

She said third

What do you want to see your team do more in the season?

Callena said, win and work better as a team.

Do you a have a lucky number?

She said, 17

What’s your favorite part about playing softball?

Callena said, being apart of the team.

The girls on the team are determined to win games and are trying their hardest. All 12 girls are very hard working and love the sport! Good luck to the 7th grade softball team this year!

You can go to to see their schedule.

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