The Valley


 I’m stuck, no way out. My brother Caden and I should have never came out here. I was driving, we were going. There are millions of thoughts going through my mind, “Renee you mess everything up, you should have told your brother this was not safe running away from home like this.” Then our car broke down, what are we supposed to do there is no Triple A in the middle of no where. What if we can’t get out of this valley. We have little food and water, and a prisoner just escaped today.  I will not let my brother get hurt. What if we die? I see a car coming down the road maybe it’s our parents, maybe it’s Triple A, or maybe it’s the escape prisoner, I really don’t know but soon I will find out.

I’ll leave the ending up to you, my viewers. This is the beginning of my story, unfortunately the characters trip has gone wrong. I would love for my viewers to finish my story, in the comments. Let’s see how many different endings I can get! I’ll pick my favorite and let you, my viewers know which one is my favorite. Remember to comment your URL so I can read some of your blogs, keep your comments appropriate,and no texting short cuts please. Thanks for reading and have fun commenting.

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To Grandmother’s House We Go…

To Grandmother’s House We Go

Cara felt the cold wind pierce her skin as she climbed the porch stairs to her cruel grandmother’s house.  She always hated coming here because of everything that happened in the house.  The bags she was carrying made her arms feel like they were filled with lead.  Her foot hit the last step and it creaked from the unexpected weight.  As she reached the porch, she dropped the bags with a sigh of relief.  Cara heard the large, wooden door creak open as she slowly saw her grandmother’s ugly face come into view.

“Well, well. Look who it is.  Get inside child and set those bags down before you catch a cold in this wind.  Well, hurry up!” she snapped.

Cara pulled her jacket closer to her chilled body, suddenly noticing the cold wind pick up it’s speed.  She picked up the heavy bags and slowly followed her already grumpy companion inside.  Something hairy brushed up against her leg and Cara immediately recognized it as Alumit, her grandmother’s black cat.  Her grandma had told her that the name Alumit means secret.

They finally reached the kitchen and Cara set the bags full of candy on the counter.  It was Halloween night and this was her family’s tradition.  Cara would go to her grandmother’s house on Halloween night, she would trick-or-treat for an hour and then help her grandma pass out candy for an hour.   And then she would stay in that creepy old house for five days.  Five Days!  The young girl shivered at the thought.  She was so excited for Halloween, mostly because her friend Tosha was coming over to trick-or-treat and stay the night, as tradition.  Cara’s grandma thanked her for her effort.

“May I go upstairs now?” Cara asked the old woman.

“Yes, go. I may need you later though. What time is Tisha-”


“Whatever. What time is Tosha coming?” The woman corrected herself.

“I think she said 3:30.”

“I want you back down here by 3:20, showered, teeth brushed and hair combed.  No tight clothes and nothing too revealing. No jewelry and no spunky clothing. You are to dress like the young women you are, you can wear the clothes I laid out for you or some of the extra clothes in the closet. Do not open that trunk on the end of the bed! By now you know the rules. The only time you change out of those clothes is when you dress up in your silly costume and when you go to bed. Do you understand?”

“Yes grandmother, I understand your rules and will not break them or disobey you.”

“Good, now go, you’re wasting my time.”

Cara ran up the stairs and shut and locked the door.  She quickly got a shower and dressed herself with some clothes in the closet.  Cara only brought one bag because there was no point in bringing her own clothes. In her bag Cara had her phone, her kindle, some chargers, a toothbrush and toothpaste, her nighttime retainer and the book she was currently reading.  After a few minutes of listening to music and playing games on her phone, she heard her grandma yell at her, signaling it was 3:20. She carefully hid her electronics, not knowing how her grandmother would feel about them, and walked down the steps.  After waiting for a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.  Cara quickly got up and opened it before she hugged her best friend.  

After a few hours the two girls went trick-or-treating.  They finally made it to a big hill with a single house on top.  

“Hey, I think we forgot one” Tosha said as she started walking to the open gate at the bottom of the steep hill.

“No, that’s okay Tosha, let’s just go back” Cara said, looking at the scary house in fear.

“What are you scared?”


“Bawk! Bawk, Bawk!” Tosha squealed and laughed at her own stupidity.

“Fine, you wanna go so bad, we’ll go”


The two girls hiked up the treacherous hill and stopped at the top to catch their breath.  After about a minute or so the girls knocked on the door.  A man that looked like he was in his thirties opened the door.

“Trick-or-treat” the nearly breathless girls said in unision.

“Oh, um, sorry no candy. Oh! I just made some caramel apples. Why don’t you come and give the caramel some time to dry.


Cara and Tosha’s bodies were later found in the basement of the house on the hill. Remember, always be safe on Halloween and never trust something or someone suspicious…


ME, the teenager. A Short Story

“Uugghh I have first period all day.” I ranted to my friend Cassia.  “First period for me is math, you’re lucky you have art.  Mr. K lets you listen to music and do whatever.”I added.  “ Oh you’ll live. They have to bring those drug dogs into smell the lockers and stuff. You don’t want anyone with the stuff to be in school with you.” said Cassia. “I guess. Oh well first period here we go!”

Mrs. Nickel checked our homework and gave eight algebraic crosswords to do all  day. Soooooooo much fun. Oh. My. Gosh.  Beau Johnson just passed a note towards me! I bet it’s for me! He is so dreamy!  Oh I should’ve known, it was for Tobias the second most dreamy guy in the high school, and his friend. “RIINNGGG!!’’ Finally! Lunch! As I walk to my locker (the wing my locker is in hadn’t been checked yet.) Benny, the super short, debate team president walked to me for his daily proposal.  “Hello Lissa, I have something to ask you, well um he goes, Will you go out with me?” “Sorry Benny, but I think you used that one already.” I said literally to him.  “Also, you’re like three feet shorter than me, and I don’t even like you, so go sit in a hole.” He sulked off probably thinking of a new pickup line.  I go sit down in my favorite spot, the single table.  It only has one chair, and I can sit there, eat and read my book in peace.  my lunch was quite bland today, a piece of bread, water and raisins.  Right now I’m reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.  The most famous line from it,”Please sir, I want some more.”  reminded me of my lunch.”RIINNNNGGGG!” There goes the bell back to class.  I walk back to Mrs. Nickel’s room and remember that my sketch book was in my locker. I go to grab it and open my locker.  “Ewe!” I exclam, “Jordan needs to clean out his side of our locker.”Jordan is the person I share lockers with.  His side was filled with old bag lunches, gym socks, cologne, and new forms of bacteria. I stick my sketch book into my bag and head off to class.  Once I finish those eight  algebraic crosswords i start to sketch in my sketch book. I’m drawing my master plan for Saturday.(A weekly thing I do.) It includes, sweatpants, chai tea, beanbag chairs, a book, four cats, and that fleece blanket Aunt Ellie gave me.  Right as I’m drawing part B to my master plan the intercom screeches on,”SCREE!” “Sorry about that kids.” says our derpy principle.Then the Sheriff’s voice comes on, “Could we see Lissa McDarrel and Jordan  Wheeler in the office please .” Everyone in the room gasps including me. I shakily stand up and walk out the door.  I go in the office and the Sheriff asks me and Jordan to go to our locker.  “So when the dogs were smelling the lockers the only one they stopped at was yours, so we want to take a look inside. One of his deputies brought the dogs over. “Lissa could you open the locker up please?” I opened up the locker and the dogs immediately started barking at Jordan’s side.  The deputy motions for the dogs to point at what it is that they found.  They pointed toward a worn, stinky and slightly sweat moistened basketball shoe.  The Sheriff reluctantly pulls it out and looks in side, nothing.  He gives it a sniff and that was enough, he could tell that he dogs had mistaken the pungent stench as the smell of a drug. In the end the principle made Jordan clean out his locker and it has not smelled bad for a while.

This was just another day of Highschool life.


Sparky The Cow

Onc$_1e upon a time there was a cow named Sparky.  He lived in a big cow field with 17 other cows.  Sparky’s owners name was Hank.  The cows were bored one day because Hank’s internet was down and they couldn’t watch Youtube on their laptops.  Sparky was just walking around waiting for the internet to be fixed when he saw that Hank was leaving to buy new internet wires.  He also noticed that Hank forgot to shut the barn door on his way out.

Sparky started talking to the other cows and he got them to help him break the fence.  When they were out of the field the cows noticed that the grass was greener by the house. All of the cows except Sparky went towards the house and started eating.  Sparky snuck off to explore the barn.  When Sparky got to the barn, he thought he was in heaven.  There was a ton of hay and there was a tractor sitting there.

Sparky had seen Hank mow with the tractor before and he thought it looked pretty easy.  Sparky climbed up on the tractor and pretended to drive.  When Sparky was trying to get off, he turned a metal thing and the tractor started.  Sparky bumped a lever and the tractor started moving.  He turned the steering wheel and drove down the driveway.  At the end of the driveway Sparky realized that he did not know how to stop the tractor.

Sparky turned onto the road and and saw Hank coming back from the store with his wires.  Sparky kept driving straight until he got to town, Sparky saw a yellow box with a red light on it hanging from a wire in the sky.  He kept on going and a policeman pulled out behind him and turned on his sirens.  Sparky and the policeman were engaged in a slow speed chase.  The policeman called in backup and Sparky saw lots of police in helicopters over him.  That was the same time that Sparky ran out of gas and the tractor stopped.  When the policeman came to arrest Sparky, they realized that he was a cow.  Sparky got off the tractor and ate the grass on the side of the road.  Until this day Sparky eats the grass on the sides of the road to help the mowers.

The End

Photo Credits to http://www.ebay.com/itm/252010605675