“Charlie Charlie Are You There?”

On a Halloween night Trace and Isaac stare at the two balanced pencils, they ask “Charlie Charlie are you there?” No answer. They ask again, still no answer. Then they light a candle, they ask again. The light of the candle starts blinking and swaying, as the the pencil points to yes, they here a door creak open.

After 10 minutes of hiding in fright, Trace says, “let’s go check it out”. Then Isaac says as he’s shaking, “let’s try asking another question to see if it was a fluke.” So they sneaked back to the balanced pencils, it is still pointing to yes. They ask, “Charlie Charlie was your response a fluke?” The pencil moves straight to no and they hear creaky footsteps upstairs! Trace asks,” Charlie Charlie are you in the house?’’ Then all at once the lights  and the candle went out! Isaac and Trace were too stunned to move, they just sat there in complete fear.

Isaac uses his phone as a flash light. They both see the pencil has shifted to yes. Trace says, “ we have to get out of here!” But as they run to the door, they see a small shadow . So they run to the back door, the shadow is there too! Trace says, “Maybe we should ask him if we can leave.”

So they crept back to the balanced pencils, they ask, “Charlie Charlie can we leave?” Then the phone rings. Trace answers the phone and he hears a soft whisper . Isaac see’s Trace’s eyes widen up. Trace gets off the phone and says, “Charlie said he is right behind us and that we can’t leave.” Neither Trace nor Isaac dared to look behind them.

“Trace, what do we do?’’ Isaac asked. “Do not look back, I repeated  DO NOT LOOK BACK!” said Trace. Trace looked over at Isaac and saw tears streaming down his cheeks. Isaac says as he’s crying, “Charlie Charlie are you going to hurt us?” There was no answer. He asked again, but there still wasn’t an answer. Isaac looked over at Trace and saw Trace just sitting there looking straight ahead not moving.

Isaac asks,” Charlie Charlie are you inside of Trace?” And Trace reaches over and cliches the pencil and moves it to yes. Isaac was now calling the police, as he dialled the number into the phone, a strong force wiped it right out of his hand. He looks over at Trace, but he is no longer on the couch, he was slowly walking towards him.

Isaac picked up the phone and ran,  he barely dialled 911 this time before the phone flew out of his hand. He screamed violently so the police would hear, he knew they would track the phone somehow. Finally, Isaac thought of the idea to hurt the demon.   

Isaac ran to his room. He grabbed a baseball bat and Trace was only a couple steps behind him. Then he turned and swinged, he made perfect contact with Trace’s head. It did not affect the demon one bit. Trace grabbed Isaac viciously, ripping his shirt. Isaac tried to run but the force was to strong. As he fell to the ground he heard police pulling into the driveway.

Isaac heard the front door fly open. As he screamed for help, the vicious demon bit a chunk out of Isaac’s arm. Blood squirted from his arm, and he screamed. The police came in and pulled Trace off of Isaac. They took the boys into custody.

They both were taking in to get interviewed. Isaac claimed that his friend had been possessed, the police told him that Trace would be taken to mental assilem. Trace simply banged his head on a wall the whole interview. Isaac didn’t care what the police said, he called his local priest to come to the police station to do an exorcism.

The priest showed up, and took a look at Trace and instantly told the police he would be doing an exorcism. They said no, but this did not stop the priest. The police agreed to give him 3 minutes to prove himself. He went in the room with Trace. The priest showed him jesus’s cross. Going absolutely insane, the demon was cursing, screaming, and yelling. Believing the priest, the police strapped the vicious demon down and started the exorcism.

The priest threw holy water on the demon’s face and started reading from the bible. Trace was now going nuts, crying out swear words and screeching. He was now calling for  the spirits above. Trace’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, Isaac was watching in fright as his friend was going insane.

The demon began to smile, his head twisted all the way around. Things were not going well for the priest, Isaac came up with an idea. He thought of the Charlie Charlie pencil game, what had started it all.  So maybe it would end it.

Isaac pulled the priest a side, he told him how it all started and how the possession happened in the beginning . There plan was to play the game, ask him questions, and hopefully make the demon so uncomfortable it will leave.

They set the pencils up and started playing, Isaac asked, “charlie charlie are you there?” Trace grabbed the pencil and moved it to yes. Then Isaac asked, “Charlie Charlie are you evil?” The demon left the pencil pointing to yes. After that Isaac asked,” Charlie Charlie do you love the lord?” And of course he moved it to no. Isaac called the priest into the room.

The priest started praying for God to help Trace overcome the demon. Trace looked at the corner of a room, he started screaming, yelling and cursing again. At that instant Isaac knew there was an angel was in the room. So to aggravate the demon he asked,”Charlie Charlie is there an spirit in the room?” Trace moved the pencil to yes. Isaac asked, “Charlie is it an angel?” Instead of the pencil moving, Isaac heard Trace’s soft voice say yes. He knew it was over, he ran to Trace and gave him a hug.

                                                                     The End Trace and Isaac

Red Goblins

My sister and I were trick or treating when they came. We went to a house that we didn’t know was evil. My sister knocked on the door and said “Trick or treat.” A man came out dressed like a wizard and held a bowl of candy. I wasn’t dressed up but people would still give me candy. The man dropped some candy in my sister’s bag but ignored me. I coughed and stared at him. “Yes?” he said. “Can I have some too?” I asked. The man dropped in one piece of candy. “Seriously?” I asked. The man dressed as a wizard made a noise in the back of his through that sounded like a growl. The man went back in his house and grabbed small red action figures, no bigger than my pinkie. He dropped them in my bag and said “Enjoy.” With a sinister smile. We left after that

It happened after I went to bed. I fell asleep easily, all except for my face. It had been itching since I took a nap earlier. The itching was so bad it woke me up. I scratched the side of me head and felt a large bump. I stumbled into the bathroom and stared in horror at my reflection in the mirror.  I usually looked dreadful first thing in the morning, but today it was worse than usual.  Somehow, during the night, my faced turned green. I had little bulges on the everywhere on my head. They squirmed and moved around. I reached up to touch my face and it was all bumpy. The bulges on my head suddenly burst open. Small little creatures jumped out of the bulges. They were red humanoid figures. The creatures landed in the sink and ran in circles. I stared in horror as they jumped out of the sink and scattered around the house. I then passed out.

I woke up in my bed and sat up straight. “It was just a nightmare” I said, trying to comfort myself. But as I stode up, I heard a crunch under my foot. I moved my foot and looked down. There was a red creature like from my dream, broken from my foot. I screamed and ran to my moms room.  I opened the door and she had her back to me and was hunched over. “Mom! There are these red things that popped out of my head and they are really weird and-” She cut me off by whispering “It’s okay. They are friendly.” Then she slowly turned her head all the way around as if she were a barn owl. Her face was green and she had bumps all over her face. Her eyes were milky white and had no pupils.

Then the creatures shot out of her face and landed on her bed. They seemed to have doubled the amount of them. I ran outside but found that there were dozens of them all over the street.

They were running around eating everything. The more they ate the bigger they got. My legs were frozen in fear and I couldn’t move. After they got as big as me they would explode into dozens of dozens of them more of them. I ran into my house and climbed up into my attic. There was a window in there so I climbed out it and on the roof. I curled up there and watched the town that I had lived in for my whole life get destroyed before my eyes. After a while I heard the sound of a helicopter overhead. It hovered over the town and then turned on a spotlight. It moved across the town. I started jumping up and down waving my arms and screaming. The light moved, shined on me, and the helicopter flew over to my house. It dropped down a rope ladder and I climbed up it. They took me to another city and dropped me off at a police department.

I stayed in there for many years and I still live here. It has been one year since that happened and I have the scars that they came from. We called them the red goblins. They still roam the ruined city, destroying everything but one house. In that one house is the man who dressed as a wizard and still wears his costume. -Wizard asleep in chair, close up on his face, then snapped open his eyes and grinned with pointy teeth. Camera suddenly goes black with evil laughter.-

~One year later~

James approached the doorway with caution. The house loomed before him, a crumbling and forbidding giant. Had he not been desperate to shelter from the storm, he would never in a million years have dared to go anywhere near the house, let alone be about to attempt to venture inside. As he looked up and saw the black ravens glaring at him from the roof, he felt a shiver go down his spine. Suddenly, without warning, the door flew open to reveal the vast, gloomy hallway. James took a deep breath and stepped in. It was all dark except for the stairway. There was a small light coming from the top. James creaked up the stairs and thunder crashed. James screamed and ran back down the stairs. “Who’s in my house?” a raspy voice yelled.

It seemed to come from up the stairs. He hear the floorboards creak and the sound of walking. but something was wrong with the walking. It sounded like there was four people walking around, but with one voice. James ran towards the door but it was locked. He ran into the kitchen and looked around. Cobwebs covered everything. There was another door at the back of the kitchen. Lots of thumping sounded in the next room over. “Who are you?!” the voice screamed again. James ran to the door in the kitchen and swung it open. there was a stairway that seemed to go down forever.

He ran down them and nearly tripped four times. The door slammed open behind him. James glanced back and regretted it immediately. There was something so big that it blocked out the light of the doorway. It had lobster claws, eight spidery legs, and were the head would be there was the top half of a man. James ran faster than anyone thought was unsafe. The stairway ended and James looked around. There was a pile of boxes in one corner and a brick on the floor. James jumped in the pile of boxes. The creature came down the stairs and had a lantern in one claw. “Yoo hoo? Come out, come out wherever you are.” It said with a singsong voice.

James looked at it again and saw huge fangs in its mouth. Remembering his report on lions, he noticed they were lion teeth. It had its back to him and was looking around. James threw his hand out and grabbed the brick. He threw the brick in a dark corner and it made a loud crashing noise. The monster leaped over to the corner and smashed his claws into the floor. James jumped up and ran to the stairway and up the stairs. The monster ran after him and up the stairs. James tried to open the door but it was jammed shut. He spun around just as the monster smashed into him. James was thrown back into the door and he crashed through it.

He stood up and for a minute he thought he would get out of this horrible house. Then he remembered the locked door. He got an idea and ran into the kitchen and opened the fridge door. He jumped inside, thinking he was going to wait inside till the thing went to sleep. Suddenly a crash sounded in front of him. He pushed on the door and realized he was locked in. The thing opened the freezer door and cut a hole through the bottom. Through that hole it dropped small things. They landed on him and started biting him. James looked at them and saw they were little red things that walked like humans. He remembered the ruined town that was attacked by them just a two year before. He let out a scream of terror and was slowly consumed by the Red Goblins. THE END


Robert the Doll: The Possessed

There once was a little boy who lived in the early 1900s. His name was Robert Eugene Otto, and his family called him Gene. The family maid gave Gene a straw filled doll. Gene named the doll after himself, Robert. He carried the doll everywhere. He was so attached to this doll, but he didn’t realize until he was 10 years old that the doll was possessed.

One night, Gene sat straight up in bed. He didn’t know why he was awake. He wasn’t hungry, nor had to use the bathroom. Then he knew why when he looked into Robert’s glassy eyes. Screams awoke Gene’s mother. They were coming from his room.

She tried to push the door open, but it wouldn’t budge. The screams were interrupted by unearthly giggling. When she finally got the door open, she realized that her son’s room was trashed.


“Robert did it.” Gene said timidly.

Gene’s parents never seemed to believe him, but that have heard wicked giggling and people have told the Otto’s that they’ve seen a straw doll traveling through the house, peeking out different windows

The Otto family decided to put the doll in the attic, so he would never be seen by strangers again. They locked the heavy wooden door and went on with their lives. Gene eventually grew up and moved away, leaving his creepy companion behind.

After Gene’s parents passed away, he inherited the house, also inheriting the doll. One day, he went downstairs and Robert was sitting in the rocking chair. Events like these continued to happen, until the day Gene died.

Robert is now on display in the East Martello Museum in Key West. You can go visit him, but be warned. You may not take pictures of Robert without asking permission. If you do, you will be cursed with bad luck until you write a letter of apology. I got all my information from here:


I got my image from :http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=robert+the+doll&view=detailv2&&id=DE46C3BCEBB5E3D88E2AC4D8B29F34769CCDF998&selectedIndex=11&ccid=gzTLE5I8&simid=608006205548331837&thid=OIP.M8334cb13923cdba26bbc8d80dc9ec40eH0&ajaxhist=0

The Clown…

On Halloween night, Samantha Robbe was having her 10th birthday party.  Her mom, Cery Robbe, invited a clown to make balloon animals for all of the guests.  They had such a good time at the party until, the clown showed up.  When Cery invited the clown to the party, she didn’t know who the clown was or what his background was.  She knew nothing whatsoever.

The day before Samantha’s party, everything was going great.  When Cery was buying her daughter’s birthday present she saw the ad for the clown.  As she was looking at the ad, she saw that if she hired him, it would be free.  Cery thought “ What better than a free clown, right?”   She also thought “ Well, since the clown is free, I’ll buy her an extra present.” And so she did. Since Samantha was into ninjas at the time, Cery bought her a real ninja sword in a frame.  Good thing she bought that sword because it might come in handy later or become their worst nightmare.

Good thing all of Samantha’s and Cery’s family and friends live in town near them because Cery forgot to send out the invitations!  So, Cery and Samantha took a little trip to town and delivered the invitations themselves and not the “mailman”.  The “mailman” was the clown in disguise. He planned to deliver all of the mail to their family because if someone doesn’t come to the party then his whole plan is ruined.  If they didn’t come, then he would have their address and complete his plan.

When Samantha and Cery delivered the invitations, everybody said that they had nothing to do tomorrow and that they were coming. Easy for the clown now.  That night Samantha was having a nightmare of a clown coming to her birthday party and killing all of her family.  Cery heard her daughter scream and ran into her room.  Samantha asked her mom if she could sleep with her and her mom asked why.  Samantha retold the horrible story and her mom said that she could sleep with her just for tonight.  Cery was worried now because she knew nothing about the clown and that dream might mean something.  Nahh, it meant nothing.  But it did.

The day of the party came too soon but, not too soon for the clown.  The clown has been waiting for this day since he was a little kid.  His father wanted revenge on this family after Jones Robbe, Cery’s husband, married the Cery that he loved.  He cannot wait any longer than he has to.  He needs to get revenge for his father soon before his spirit haunts him forever.  It’s go time now for the clown since it is the start of the party.  This is where it will all go down.

Everyone was having a great time so far at the party.  Then the clown showed up.  The clown in had a balloon head in his hand and a ninja sword in the other.  Cery was confused because she bought Samantha a ninja sword just like that.  Then, when she put all of the clues together and said “ How could I be so stupid!”.  Everybody at the party was confused and then Cery started talking again “ The ad!  You put that up in the store right before I saw it!  And then, you took it down right after I saw it just so no one else would see it.  You were following me everywhere just to see what I was doing! Ughhh!”.  The clown nodded as if to say you’re right. Right after that was done, the clown started his plan, which everyone knew about now.

The clown was a killing machine and one of Samantha’s friends was the first one to go.  Cery grabbed her daughter, took her upstairs, and hid as well as they could.  All of the family members were fleeing to their cars and going to their non-safe houses.  Meanwhile, Samantha and Cery are trying not to breathe as the clown comes into the room of which they were hiding in.  The clown looks everywhere for them but can’t find them so he goes to a different room.  But, Samantha whispered “Yes!” and the clown heard her.  The clown knew they were in the room somewhere and then, he found them!

Cery was ready with the gun that she always kept in the closet in case of an emergency.  Jones had always insisted on it and he was right.  But before the clown could swing at them, she shot him.  She had no choice.  It was either them or the clown and Samantha knew that.  They yelled in together in victory “ He’s gone!  He is gone forever!”.  After that, they both ran down the stairs and saw Jones.  After they related the scariest birthday party ever, Samantha looked down at her friend and yelled “ Her leg was only sliced a little!  She’ll be fine!”.  And so, the family took Samantha’s friend to the ER and then called her parents to inform them about what happened.  Her parents arrived and everything went well after that day forward.