Featured Staff Member: Mrs.Borland

borland-photo          Hello! It’s Rain and I have a new blog post to share with you. For my post I chose to interview one of the staff members at McDowell middle school. The staff member I chose to interview was Mrs. Borland.  Mrs. Borland is the librarian here at McDowell. In the interview I asked Mrs. Borland these questions:

 1) How long have you been working at McDowell?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “I have been working at McDowell for twenty years.”

2) What is your favorite book?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: ” Out of all books I have read, I would say the Bible is my favorite.”

3) What is your favorite part of working here at McDowell?

Mrs. Borland’s answer:  ” I really enjoy motivating students to read.”

4) Have you ever worked at a different school; if so for how long?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “I was a substitute for four years. I have been to Circleville, Zane Trace, Teays Valley, and Westfall.”

5) What is the most challenging part about being a librarian?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “The most challenging part would be having enough money to buy the books for the library.”

6) What was your dream job when you were a child?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: ” To be a naturalist at a nature park.”

 7) How many children do you have?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: ” I have a son and a daughter. I also have three grandchildren.”

8) Where is your hometown?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “My hometown is Chillicothe.”

9) Do you have any pets?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “Sadly, I don’t have any pets. I did have a Cocker Spaniel named Wrinkles.”

                           It was a lot of fun interviewing Mrs. Borland. I really liked talking to her. Thank you  for reading my blog!