Pumpkin Show Recap

At McDowell we do not have to attend school for 3 days. Why? We get off school because of the Circleville Pumpkin Show! The Circleville Pumpkin show started on October, 17th and ended on October, 20th. At the Pumpkin Show we have a  large variety of parades. Some of these include: the Little Miss Pumpkin Show Parade, Miss Pumpkin Show Parade, Baby Parade and the Pet Parade. The Pumpkin Show attracts over 400,000 people and these parades are one of the reasons.

Another reason we get 400,000 people is because of the amazing food. Since it’s the “Pumpkin Show” there are a lot of different “pumpkin” flavored foods. Some of these include: Pumpkin Burgers, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Blossoms, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Pumpkin Waffles and lots more. There’re also regular foods like shredded chicken, Wisconsin Cheese curds, Meatball Stromboli and more.

Regular pumpkin pies are sold everywhere, but at the Pumpkin Show we have the World’s Largest Pumpkin pie! The pie is 14 feet in diameter and is made with 360 pounds of sugar, 795 pounds of pumpkin, 60 lbs. of powdered milk, 60 dozen eggs, 75 gallons of water, 400 lbs. of flour, 15 people to mix, and 10 hours to bake. Every year a lot of people visit the World’s Largest Pumpkin Pie and that’s another reason for the very large turn out.

Along with the great food there’re amazing rides. The lines can be long sometimes but it’s worth the wait. Some of these rides include: the Ferris Wheel, Bumper cars, the Pirate ship and the Zipper. There are also rides that are more for younger children and families. The rides are open all four days and I’d recommend getting an all day pass to have more fun and to spend less money.

At the Pumpkin Show there are also a lot of games. These games range from throwing a ring onto a cane or popping a balloon with a dart. When you’re done with the games there is also live music, 400 food booths, games,  and craft vendors. The Pumpkin Show covers nine city blocks. We always have a large turnout and it gets larger every year.

This year made the 112th annual Pumpkin Show. The Pumpkin Show takes up nine city blocks! On a few of the nine city blocks there are beautiful murals with paintings of Pumpkin Show over the years. In these pictures you might be able to see a bunch of pumpkins scattered across tables. Those pumpkins get brought in by people who have spent a long time waiting for that big pumpkin to grow. Once we get the pumpkins in we have to weigh them. This year at the Pumpkin Show the largest pumpkin weighed 1,607 pounds!

To go along with all of the amazing things already at the Pumpkin Show, the Pumpkin Show is in the middle of adding a Pumpkin Show Park! The Pumpkin show park will include a Side Stage, a Porta Jon Structure, a Built In Bench, Tables with Seats (built in), Trash Receptacles, and a Bike Rack. All of these features together will cost $23,750 to build. The park will be a great addition to the Pumpkin Show itself and it will be open to everyone.

The Pumpkin Show will be a huge success, and it has been for 112 years! I think it will continue growing and draw more and more people every year. People from all over come to enjoy the Pumpkin Show. The new Pumpkin Show park will be a great new addition and it will definitely draw more people. I hope whoever is reading this will be able to come enjoy the Pumpkin Show one day as well.


Jigsaw Puzzle! (Activity #11)


Hello, today I did a jigsaw puzzle which is number 11 from the activity list.  For this activity I had to get an image from the internet, and put it into a website that made it into a jigsaw puzzle with however many pieces I wanted.  I decided to get a picture from the Pumpkin Show.  The image I got is actually from the 100th year of Pumpkin Show, but I decided to choose it because we just had the Pumpkin Show.  If you would like to go try the puzzle, just click here, when you are finished comment your time!

I got this image and the image I used in the puzzle from: http://www.pumpkinshow.com/years/2006/100.htm


The Pumpkin Show; The Greatest Free Show on Earth!

Known to draw nearly 300,000 people from all 50 states, Ohios Circleville Pumpkin Show is the sixth largest festival in the country and has been dubbed the "Greatest Free Show on Earth". (PRNewsFoto) [Photo via NewsCom]

It’s that time of year again, when people from all over Ohio come to our small town of Circleville, Ohio to celebrate our community and our local agriculture at the Circleville Pumpkin Show; The Greatest Free Show on Earth!  The Pumpkin Show is held towards the end of October and is the sixth largest festival in the United States.  Schools in the area, including McDowell, close for most of the week so we can go to the Pumpkin Show.  The Pumpkin Show is a huge event for such a small town like Circleville.  If you want to know more about the Pumpkin Show, grab a pumpkin doughnut and keep reading!

The reason the Pumpkin Show is called the Greatest Free Show on Earth is because, you don’t have to pay an admission fee.  Not everything at the Show is free though.  You have to pay to get food if you want it and you have to pay to play games and ride rides.  But that is all you have to pay for.  Everything else is free.  The streets are packed with food booths selling every kind of food you could imagine.  Burgers, pizza, hot dogs, noodles, and everything in between.  But of course, this is the Pumpkin Show, so there is a variety of pumpkin foods.  Pumpkin pies, pumpkin burgers, pumpkin doughnuts are all sold at the Show.  There is a huge tower made of pumpkins right at the heart of the Show and the world famous Pumpkin Pie from Lindsey’s Bakery.  The pie is giant and is one of the main attractions at the Show.  Another main attraction is the pumpkin weigh in where local people grow huge pumpkins and whoever has the heaviest pumpkin wins. There are craft and art contests that you can enter, for all ages. There are lots of rides and games like the Ferris Wheel, the Music Express,  and games where you can shoot baskets to win prizes.  There are noon and evening parades as well.  At noon are parades like the pet parade, the baby parade and Little Miss Pumpkin Show, where many of the 1st grade girls in the area dress up and ride through the parade on a car and later on go through judging where Little Miss Pumpkin Show is crowned.  The evening parades include Miss Pumpkin Show, where 11th and 12th grade representatives from all the local schools are chosen and ride through the parade on cars and are later on crowned after judging, the band of parades which has featured the Ohio State Marching Band many times, and the parade of queens which is all the queens of the local festivals.

The Pumpkin Show started in 1903 when the mayor of Circleville at that time decided he wanted a “small exhibit” in front of his house.  He decorated it with corn and small jack-o-lanterns and thought it looked like a “pumpkin show”.  Soon neighborhood merchants joined in and this idea grew.  Eventually a merry go round was placed on the street.  After a few years, the Pumpkin Show was made into an actual festival to unite the community and celebrate their agriculture.

The Pumpkin Show is a really important part of our community and has made our town so much better over the years.  The Show starts this week, so, Happy Pumpkin Show!

Image from http://614now.com/2014/entertain/arts-culture/circleville-pumpkin-show-kicking-off