Just Thinking

Just thinking.


I see trees. Nature. The living. And the dead.

I hear the sounds of life. But the most important is music.

I smell spring air. The freshness.

I taste nothing.

I touch the materials I have been given. A paper, and a pen.

I feel as though I am stuck.

I wonder about too many things. I am always thinking.

I wish for someone to fix the world.

I hope for nothing because I am grateful. 

I am not a poet. I am a girl.


Around The World Poem

Around The World

I see a world full of dark problems

I hear the stomachs of starving children

I smell the makeup, animals have to be cruelly tested on

I taste the words people spit out to bring others down

I touch the home and shoes, which many live without.

I feel divided between cultures, looks, gender, and culture

I wonder if this generation will change things

I wish the world was a better place

I hope I can do more in the future

I have hope.