Basketball tryouts were this week!

Attitude is key.

Sports are awesome to play because you get exercise and you get stronger.

Kindness is a good quality for teammates.

Elbow, where the foul line meets the key.

Talking and letting people know where you are is important on the court.

Ball handling skills are vital!

Always listen to the referee and your coach.

Lay-ups, one of the most important skills. MAKE THEM!

Love it!


Around Me Poem

I see dust being kicked up as someone plows the varsity baseball diamond

I hear the bell ringing in the high school

I smell fresh cut grass

I taste the morning sunlight warming my skin

I touch my plastic, mechanical pencil while writing this poem

I feel the pollen flying through the air

I wonder when summer will get here so it’ll be toasty

I wish I could be playing on the field in front of me

I hope I’ll be able to fill the blank page in front of me

I am me