Around Me Poem

I see dust being kicked up as someone plows the varsity baseball diamond

I hear the bell ringing in the high school

I smell fresh cut grass

I taste the morning sunlight warming my skin

I touch my plastic, mechanical pencil while writing this poem

I feel the pollen flying through the air

I wonder when summer will get here so it’ll be toasty

I wish I could be playing on the field in front of me

I hope I’ll be able to fill the blank page in front of me

I am me

The Incredible Trimmer Arch

Trimmer Arch is located in the Paint Creek Wildlife Area, Ross County, Ohio.  It has a 14 foot span with a 8.6 foot clearance.  The Trimmer Arch is made up of Greenfield Dolomite and is water eroded.  Greenfield Dolomite is a sedimentary rock and forms horizontal bedding planes on top of each other.  The Trimmer Arch does not have a trail leading up to it.  When my family went to go see it, we had a guide to lead us to the Trimmer Arch and another cave nearby.  When we went on the hike, my mom took pictures.  These are some of the pictures she took:


When our family went to Trimmer Arch, it was not that long of a hike.  We were camping at Paint Creek State Park and they had someone take us there.  The “tour guide” knows someone that is close to the Trimmer Arch so, we could park on his property and have a shorter distance to walk.  If we didn’t park at the guys house, then we would have to walk over a mile to get to the Trimmer Arch.  The hike was a little hilly but it was worth it once we saw the Trimmer Arch and the cave.

We also saw a rare plant called the Walking Fern while walking to the Trimmer Arch.  The Walking Fern got its name by how it grows.  The Walking Fern is a long and skinny leaf/ fern and when the tip touches the ground, and or rock, it starts growing another one just like it.  It will most likely keep growing like so.  I thought it was a really interesting plant to see and learn about.  Overall, the trip to Trimmer Arch was very interesting and full of excitement and fun facts.  Here is a picture of the Walking Fern:

You can find more information on the Trimmer Arch here and here.

The Walking Fern picture is from here.