The Logan Elm Volleyball Team Makes History!


In the past few months, the Logan Elm volleyball team has proved that hard work really pays off.  For the just the second time in Logan Elm history, the volleyball team made it all the way to the Division Two State Final Four, and Logan Elm couldn’t be prouder.

Before the season started, the team got a new coach.  His name is Kris Kern, and he is an extremely impressive coach.  He is one of the best coaches in Ohio history and Logan Elm was so excited to welcome him to our school. The team improved tremendously with Coach Kern’s guidance.  They could jump higher, hit harder and they looked extremely good.  The team looked better than ever, so they went to the Maumee Bay Summer Spiketacular near Toledo. They won the tournament, which was huge.  They continued improving and later won the Circleville Summer Tournament.

The regular season started up, and the team looked awesome.  They won every game and continued to get better and better throughout the year.  By the end of the regular season, they were undefeated. Their undefeated season earned them the Mid State League Championship title.

Once the season ended, the tournament began.  Logan Elm High School is a division two school, so for tournaments we would only compete against other division two schools in Ohio in the tournament.  The first game, we played Fairfield Union and played very well and won the game.  We would advance to the sectional championship where we would play our school rival, Circleville High School.  We won the sectional championship which was exciting because we would advance to district semifinals and we beat Circleville!  For district semifinals, we would play Athens High School.  Athens is a very good team.  But Logan Elm was on their A game and we beat Athens and would advance to the district championship where we played Gallia Academy.  Gallia Academy was also an undefeated team just like us, and they were very good.  We played with Gallia very well, and beat them and won districts.  The team set sail for regionals where we would play Cincinnati Wyoming.  It was a very exciting game! We lost a set, but came back and won the game.  We would advance to the regional championship where we played Bishop Fenwick.  Bishop Fenwick was without a doubt a tough team to play, but we played well and won the regional championship.  For the second time in Logan Elm history, we advanced to the state final four where we played Columbus Bishop Hartley.  They were a very good team.  Unfortunately, we lost to Columbus Bishop Hartley in the state semifinals which was the ONLY loss the team had the whole year.

Logan Elm is unbelievably proud of the volleyball team. They ended the season 28-1 making the best team to ever play volleyball at Logan Elm.  We hope for the same success next year as well.  Go Braves!

Image from http://www.circlevilleherald.com/sports/outright-champs/article_ed946358-d986-589d-8692-6145e5bbede1.html


Professional Soccer Highlights-Scores-Results

download298059ca723b94f8e1ac564b611a48bcHey reader today I will be talking about Professional Soccer.  In this I will tell you scores, highlights, and results of Professional Soccer. Some of the teams I will tell you about are The Columbus Crew and LA Galaxy. Those teams are in a league called MLS. I will also talk about teams that are not in that league. The league these teams are in is called Barclays Premier League. For example Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United.  You will hear me talk about more of the teams not in MLS because the teams that are not in that league are from out of the country and are more skilled at soccer.

First off I will tell you some of the teams that are in the Barclays Premier League. Real Madrid: finished 6-0-4, Barcelona: finished 10-2-1, Mancester United: finished 4-3-1. Now I will tell you about some of the main highlights of this season. Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo does bicycle kick in to the goal against Levante.ronaldo9

Next is Barcelona. Neymar Jr. rainbows over opponent to get a goal. This goal was against Real Madrid.


Finally I will show you a highlight from Machester United. Pogba goes for a goal against Stoke city and bends the ball from behind the 18 yard line in to the goal.


Now I will talk about the teams in the MSL. For example The Columbus Crew, and LA Galaxy. First off is there records… The Columbus Crews finished 6-0-5 and they didn’t have as good as a season as last year. Now is LA Galaxy. They also didn’t do so good this year but their record was 2-7-3. One more teams record I want to talk about that I didn’t monition is The New York Red Bulls. This team had surprisingly no losses! Their record was 6-7-0.

Finally I will show you some highlights of these teams season just like I did with the teams that were not in the MSL league.

The Columbus Crew is first.

Tony Tchani shot a very impressive goal from above the 18 yard line and knocked it in. This goal was almost a bicycle kick.

Columbus Crew midfielder Tony Tchani (6) kicks the ball away from Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Chara (21) in the first half of their game at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio on September 26, 2015. (Columbus Dispatch photo by Brooke LaValley)



From the LA Galaxy Landon Donovan takes a corner against Real Salt Lake and bends it in… Truthfully I think this is one of the best highlights of this season I have seen yet…




Overall all these teams I have talked about and more have been successful this season. Now we will have to wait until the Fifa World Cup to see who will win it all and bring home the big trophy…




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Logan Elm Sports Schedule

Everybody wants to know the schedule for all of the games right? Well, in this post, I am going to give you all of the games and meets schedule for the high school and McDowell. I think that just reading this post is so much easier than going to the Logan Elm website right? Well, here is the schedule for next week’s games.

On Monday, McDowell’s volleyball team plays Teays Valley West from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and it’s an away game. Also on Monday, the 7th and 8th grade football teams plays Teays Valley East and the 7th grade team plays from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and the 8th grade team plays from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. On Monday, the high school’s girls golf team plays against Zane Trace at 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm and it’s a home game. Also on Monday, the girls varsity volleyball team plays at Huntington at 5:00 pm.

 On Tuesday, McDowell’s cross country team runs at AW Marion State Park from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The 8th grade football team plays Teays Valley East from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and it is an away game. The high school’s boys varsity golf Buckeye post-season tournament is at 9:00 am and the girls golf MSL post-season tournament is at 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm on Tuesday. The girls varsity soccer team plays Mineford at 5:00 pm. The girls junior varsity volleyball team plays Amanda ClearCreek at 6:00 pm and the girls varsity volleyball team also play Amanda ClearCreek. To wrap up Tuesday’s games, the boys varsity soccer team plays Heath at 7:15 pm.

 On Wednesday, the girls varsity soccer team plays Amanda ClearCreek at 5:30 pm. The boys junior varsity and varsity soccer team plays Amanda ClearCreek. The junior varsity team plays at 5:30 pm and the varsity team plays at 7:00pm. On Thursday, McDowell’s volleyball team plays Circleville from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and is an away game. Wrapping up Thursday’s games, the girls junior varsity volleyball team plays Liberty Union at 6:00 pm and the girls varsity volleyball team also plays Liberty Union at 7:15 pm.

 Friday is the homecoming game. The boys varsity football game plays Bloom Carroll at 7:00 pm on Friday. On Saturday, McDowell has the invitational Bob Reall cross country meet at Lancaster High school and at 9:00 am. McDowell’s volleyball team has a game against Fairfield Union from 10:00am to 11:00 am and is a home game. The high school girls and boys have the Bob Reall invitational cross country meet also at Lancaster high school at 9:00 am. The boys junior varsity football team has a game at Bloom Carroll at 10:00 am. Wrapping up next week’s games and meets, the boys varsity golf team is competing at the Zane Trace invitational at 2:00 pm.

Wasn’t that easier to read this article than to get on Logan Elm’s website and try to find the times and places? This is the schedule for the 21st- 26th of September, 2015 if in case you didn’t realize that. I hope you thought this was easy and would look at it every time to try and find game times.