Ohio’s Land Formations!

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Millions of years ago, Ohio got run over by a glacier.  The glacier acted like a giant, slow moving bulldozer.  The glacier flattened out close to two thirds of Ohio.  Because Ohio is so flat, many people have decided to become farmers.  Flat farmland is one of Ohio’s natural land formations.

Where the glaciers stopped, there were hills everywhere.  This area is now called The Hocking Hills.  My classmate B.J. wrote a post about the Hocking Hills.  The Hocking Hills has waterfalls, caves and lakes.  The Hocking Hills is one of Ohio’s many natural land formations.

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America’s Natural Landscapes

Here are some  great places to visit if you ever come to the United States!

One great place to visit is the Grand Canyon. It is (obviously) a really big canyon that has taken thousands of years to erode. When I was six years old, we took a visit here and had a blast! Some of the stores and souvenir shops have the coolest items!Colorado River Grand Canyon Arizona crocus08 via Compfight 

Another awesome place in the United States is called Niagara Falls. It is a beautiful waterfall that is between Canada and New York. There is actually a legend that a school teacher went over Niagara in a barrel! I have been here too, and there is a ferry  (a little boat that I got on) called Maiden of the Mist, and it takes you right by the waterfall! It is definitely a great place to visit if you are ever in New York. Morning Crest Denis Giles via Compfight

Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is a beautiful forest and state park in Ohio. The natural hills and scenery (especially in the fall) is absolutely breathtaking. Since I live very close to Hocking, I get to see it all of the time, but it never fails to make me say “wow.” One of the state parks is called “Old Mans Cave.”

(There also is a post about Hocking Hills that explains further on the main page.)Rose LakeCreative Commons License Always Shooting via Compfight

The Hocking Hills

The Hocking hills is located in the Southeastern part of Ohio.  There are caves, and lots of trees.  In the Hocking Hills there are several different state parks.  Obviously there are hills in the Hocking hills.  It is a deciduous forest so the trees lose there leaves in the fall.  

In the Hocking Hills there are some caves, and trees.  Some animals that live there are the white tail deer, squirrel, salamander and many more.  There are many state parks in the hocking hills such as:  Old Mans Cave. and Hocking Hills State Park.  It has waterfalls, hiking trails, lakes, and campgrounds. Views are amazing especially in the fall.

Tar Hollow is another state park, there is a lake, hiking trails and a campgrounds. There is also a creek and mini golf. I like to hike in the woods, the only part I don’t like is the bugs.  Also, I like to swim in the lake. The Hocking Hills is a good place to spend your day no matter what park you are at. 


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