“Charlie Charlie Are You There?”

On a Halloween night Trace and Isaac stare at the two balanced pencils, they ask “Charlie Charlie are you there?” No answer. They ask again, still no answer. Then they light a candle, they ask again. The light of the candle starts blinking and swaying, as the the pencil points to yes, they here a door creak open.

After 10 minutes of hiding in fright, Trace says, “let’s go check it out”. Then Isaac says as he’s shaking, “let’s try asking another question to see if it was a fluke.” So they sneaked back to the balanced pencils, it is still pointing to yes. They ask, “Charlie Charlie was your response a fluke?” The pencil moves straight to no and they hear creaky footsteps upstairs! Trace asks,” Charlie Charlie are you in the house?’’ Then all at once the lights  and the candle went out! Isaac and Trace were too stunned to move, they just sat there in complete fear.

Isaac uses his phone as a flash light. They both see the pencil has shifted to yes. Trace says, “ we have to get out of here!” But as they run to the door, they see a small shadow . So they run to the back door, the shadow is there too! Trace says, “Maybe we should ask him if we can leave.”

So they crept back to the balanced pencils, they ask, “Charlie Charlie can we leave?” Then the phone rings. Trace answers the phone and he hears a soft whisper . Isaac see’s Trace’s eyes widen up. Trace gets off the phone and says, “Charlie said he is right behind us and that we can’t leave.” Neither Trace nor Isaac dared to look behind them.

“Trace, what do we do?’’ Isaac asked. “Do not look back, I repeated  DO NOT LOOK BACK!” said Trace. Trace looked over at Isaac and saw tears streaming down his cheeks. Isaac says as he’s crying, “Charlie Charlie are you going to hurt us?” There was no answer. He asked again, but there still wasn’t an answer. Isaac looked over at Trace and saw Trace just sitting there looking straight ahead not moving.

Isaac asks,” Charlie Charlie are you inside of Trace?” And Trace reaches over and cliches the pencil and moves it to yes. Isaac was now calling the police, as he dialled the number into the phone, a strong force wiped it right out of his hand. He looks over at Trace, but he is no longer on the couch, he was slowly walking towards him.

Isaac picked up the phone and ran,  he barely dialled 911 this time before the phone flew out of his hand. He screamed violently so the police would hear, he knew they would track the phone somehow. Finally, Isaac thought of the idea to hurt the demon.   

Isaac ran to his room. He grabbed a baseball bat and Trace was only a couple steps behind him. Then he turned and swinged, he made perfect contact with Trace’s head. It did not affect the demon one bit. Trace grabbed Isaac viciously, ripping his shirt. Isaac tried to run but the force was to strong. As he fell to the ground he heard police pulling into the driveway.

Isaac heard the front door fly open. As he screamed for help, the vicious demon bit a chunk out of Isaac’s arm. Blood squirted from his arm, and he screamed. The police came in and pulled Trace off of Isaac. They took the boys into custody.

They both were taking in to get interviewed. Isaac claimed that his friend had been possessed, the police told him that Trace would be taken to mental assilem. Trace simply banged his head on a wall the whole interview. Isaac didn’t care what the police said, he called his local priest to come to the police station to do an exorcism.

The priest showed up, and took a look at Trace and instantly told the police he would be doing an exorcism. They said no, but this did not stop the priest. The police agreed to give him 3 minutes to prove himself. He went in the room with Trace. The priest showed him jesus’s cross. Going absolutely insane, the demon was cursing, screaming, and yelling. Believing the priest, the police strapped the vicious demon down and started the exorcism.

The priest threw holy water on the demon’s face and started reading from the bible. Trace was now going nuts, crying out swear words and screeching. He was now calling for  the spirits above. Trace’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, Isaac was watching in fright as his friend was going insane.

The demon began to smile, his head twisted all the way around. Things were not going well for the priest, Isaac came up with an idea. He thought of the Charlie Charlie pencil game, what had started it all.  So maybe it would end it.

Isaac pulled the priest a side, he told him how it all started and how the possession happened in the beginning . There plan was to play the game, ask him questions, and hopefully make the demon so uncomfortable it will leave.

They set the pencils up and started playing, Isaac asked, “charlie charlie are you there?” Trace grabbed the pencil and moved it to yes. Then Isaac asked, “Charlie Charlie are you evil?” The demon left the pencil pointing to yes. After that Isaac asked,” Charlie Charlie do you love the lord?” And of course he moved it to no. Isaac called the priest into the room.

The priest started praying for God to help Trace overcome the demon. Trace looked at the corner of a room, he started screaming, yelling and cursing again. At that instant Isaac knew there was an angel was in the room. So to aggravate the demon he asked,”Charlie Charlie is there an spirit in the room?” Trace moved the pencil to yes. Isaac asked, “Charlie is it an angel?” Instead of the pencil moving, Isaac heard Trace’s soft voice say yes. He knew it was over, he ran to Trace and gave him a hug.

                                                                     The End Trace and Isaac

Murder Mystery Mansion

My alarm clock says “7:32” as I look over at it.  It’s way too early to get up, but I get up anyway because I’m so excited.  I pull on my skinny jeans and my old , knobby, gray sweater and head downstairs to execute my morning routine.”Fweee!” goes the kettle as my tea is starting to boil. Off the burner I take it and pour some orange spice tea into my favorite ‘Snoopy’ mug.  I plop down onto the arm chair and turn on the T.V. and click through the channels until I come to the news. “Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you have a spook-tacular day!”says the news guy wearing vampire teeth and a black cape. “OK, back business.  A convict from the Hamilton Insane asylum escaped and is moving westward in the Hampton county….”

The stairs creak as I walk upstairs to get my things ready for tonight. A long, silk, purple gown is what I’ll wear.  I’ll layer with my mom’s white mink stole and long white gloves and my hair in an up-do. All the detective heroines in the books look like that.  In my small, fancy, bag I stuffed cotton swabs to test if ketchup or blood, along with special paper that turns blue when it’s real blood, a classic magnifying glass, a pen and paper, a handkerchief, and harsh flash light for questioning. I’m all set. By then everyone has gotten up in the house, so I go ask my family at the breakfast table if anyone wants to play ‘Clue’ until I have to go…..

I am so ready for the Murder Mystery Mansion field trip.  

“OOHHH MAN!!! It’s 7:45!!!! Only 15 minutes until we are at the place!!!!” I excitedly scream to my parents as they drive me to ‘The Hamptons Mansion’, where our whole English class is going for a field trip on our section about Agatha Christie.  Fancy lion statues at the big iron gate flash by my face as we enter the serial and elegant Hampton Mansion.  My friends Tina and Julie wave excitedly when my car pulls up.  They both look gorgeous! Tina in a rich pink gown with a subtle poof at the waist, she layered with a  ghostly white shawl and a silver necklace. Julie looked  very, Julie-ish. She wore a short, red, silk, Japanese style cross over dress with black Converse, because she doesn’t own any fancy shoes.  But, she looked fantastic anyway.

A young man in a spiffy, grey suit , with a name tag reading: ‘Adam, staff’ walked up to our group and said, “If you could come inside, the rest of your class is in the house.”  We tingled our fingers to say goodbye to our parents and followed Adam inside the Hampton Mansion.

As we walked in a ‘butler greeted us and took our coats.  Our whole English class was there, with the exception of Roy because he just can’t handle scary.  Mr. Burrow finished speaking with the  main leader of the festivity and got our attention so he could say, “Hello everyone! Please meet up with your group and your tour guide so we may start!” Tina, Julie, and I went to our tour guide, Ryan.  “Follow me and we will meet our other guests.”  Bright light hits my face as we walk into a room that appears to be the dining room.  Five people who look like a rainbow of aristocracy,  Each wearing a different color.  Scott the main leader each one of them, “These are the other guests to the Hampton’s Halloween party, Miss Roselia Rouge,”  Clad in a red dress.  “Prof. Lemaen.” Wearing a black suit with a yellow vest.  He continued,”Miss Flora Greenwood,” Garbed in a green pencil skirt and a green cardigan.  “Lord Hampton and his wife Lady Violet.”  “Jeez I prepared myself better than I thought.” I murmured to my friends.  “There will be a two hour break before dinner, please look around and admire our lavish house.

 Ryan lead us to the library for our break, with Miss Greenwood following us.  Julie, Tina and I all rushed to sit down on the ornately woven chaise lounge and do our best fainting women impression.  Tina was first to  it, only to be pricked in the posterior by a small dagger’. We all exclaimed shrilly “A clue!” When we looked closer at it we noticed to letter ‘R’s’ carved on it ornately.  “I wonder whose it is?” Ryan said with a hint in his voice.  “Probably Miss. Rouge’s.” Julie said. “AH HA! Our first suspect!” I screeched.  “Genna, you dope! No one’s done anything yet.” Tina said, bringing me back to the real world.  “Oh, yeah I forgot you’re supposed to text the other groups when you’ve found something.  Tina whipped out her smancy- fancy touch-screen phone.  “I got dis.”  She said cooly.  While Tina was texting the other four groups we searched around for more clues but nothing was to be found.  We came back to Tina and asked what the other groups said, “Well group two found a green handkerchief with the initials ‘F.G’ embroidered on it  although it was very blood stained in the study ,” right then Miss. Flora mysteriously left the room.  “Group three found a blue slipper in the conservatory, group four found a bottle of poison in the ballroom , and group five found nothing.”

The hall with the bathroom is where Ryan lead us next.  each of us used the bathroom it was when julie looked in the mirror that she noticed a piece of paper stuck in the medicine cabinet. She pulled it out and called us over to look at it.  It read: “I will do it with poison like you said. Did you leave it in the  ballroom like you said? ~G.R.” “This totally has something to do with the bottle of poison in the ballroom.” Tina observed.  She texted the other groups and gave us the update.  “Group two found a corresponding note that acknowledged ours and said that that the knife would be in the library.  The other groups found nothing.”  ryan cut in, “Time for dinner, let’s head down to the dining hall.” We followed him and halfway down the large staircase we heard frantic footsteps running in one of the rooms next to the stairs.  Ryan didn’t seem to notice.  

The butler seated us at the large table with extensive table settings. “What the stuff! How many forks do you need?” Julie murmured to us.  we both tried to hide giggles.  The servants brought us split pea soup  and savory dinner rolls.  Lord Hampton raised his glass for a toast, “To many more wonderful Halloweens and thank you for being such wonderful friends!”  We raised our glasses and took a dainty sip from them.  Then Lord Hampton fell face down in his bowl of soup everyone gasped and his wife screamed.  Prof. Lemaen dabbed his finger on the edge of his glass then sniffed his finger, “Poison, that’s’ wot killed ‘em.”  The three of us looked knowingly at each other then scanned the faces of everyone else.  “Whoever this murderer is , well they have a good poker face.” I said. Lady Violet shakily whispered, I suggest we all go somewhere else to calm down.” everyone left the table silently.  “We’ll catch up I lost an earing somewhere.” I lied He shrugged and left the room. We rushed over to Lord Hampton to check his pulse.  Tina’s face went white with horror, “He has no pulse.” She said tensely.  “So he’s actually dead?” julie asked. “Yes.”  We went to the billiard room where we were supposed to meet Ryan.  “Oops I left my bag in the dining room.” Tina remembered.  “We can get it later.”  Julie said. As We sat down Tina’s phone tweeted, signaling that she got a text.  She took out her phone and read aloud.  “Team two we found Prof. Lemaen face down with a knife in his back, dead in the living room.” We all shuddered.  Then dashed off to look for any evidence of the murderer in the living room.

We arrived and immediately I took out my blood testing paper and touched it to the bloody spot.  “This definitely real blood.” I reluctantly said.  “Who could be doing this?” Eric, from the other group said to me.  “ I have a hunch but I need a bit more evidence.  “Where is Miss Rouge?” I asked. “She is supposed to be in her room.” One of the guides said.  “Let me see that knife.”  No one went to get it so Julie does and rolls her eyes at the the supposed ‘tough’ guys.  I wipe it off on my handkerchief and look closer at it with my magnifying glass.  It has the identical ‘R.R’ carved on it.  The same knife that Tina put in her bag the bag she left in the dining room.  I call Lady Violet, and ask, “Do you have any security cameras in the dining room?” “Uh Huh.” she says with a whimper.The recordings will be in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the place we go next.  We find the recordings and upload them to Tina’s phone.  We all watch carefully, in the video after Julie, Tina and I left twenty minutes later Miss Rouge and Miss Flora Greenwood come in and rummage through Tina’s bag.  Pulling out the knife they high five and walk out.

The group goes back to the living room, the scene of the crime.  We all moodily mose around pondering why. Julie leans on a bookcase and clumsily falls backward as it opens.  Inside we find a ripped up straight jacket and the dead body of Lord Hampton.  “This is a real murder, not a fake one we’re supposed to solve.” Tina whimpered. “Exactly! Someone is using the fake clues from the fake mystery to commit a real murder.” I said forgetting how gruesome this actually was.  Julie sat down on the large sofa and screamed.  Two long grungy hands gripped her neck trying to strangle her. But Eric from the other group jumped up and wrestled with the unknown murderer.  The unknown’s fingernails dug into his neck and eventually tired him out and put him to the ground.  The unknown was surely the convict his shirt had ‘The Hamilton Insane Asylum.’ We all realized  what was happening in front of us. We scrambled for our lives outside and ran into the night with a insane person on our heels.

To Grandmother’s House We Go…

To Grandmother’s House We Go

Cara felt the cold wind pierce her skin as she climbed the porch stairs to her cruel grandmother’s house.  She always hated coming here because of everything that happened in the house.  The bags she was carrying made her arms feel like they were filled with lead.  Her foot hit the last step and it creaked from the unexpected weight.  As she reached the porch, she dropped the bags with a sigh of relief.  Cara heard the large, wooden door creak open as she slowly saw her grandmother’s ugly face come into view.

“Well, well. Look who it is.  Get inside child and set those bags down before you catch a cold in this wind.  Well, hurry up!” she snapped.

Cara pulled her jacket closer to her chilled body, suddenly noticing the cold wind pick up it’s speed.  She picked up the heavy bags and slowly followed her already grumpy companion inside.  Something hairy brushed up against her leg and Cara immediately recognized it as Alumit, her grandmother’s black cat.  Her grandma had told her that the name Alumit means secret.

They finally reached the kitchen and Cara set the bags full of candy on the counter.  It was Halloween night and this was her family’s tradition.  Cara would go to her grandmother’s house on Halloween night, she would trick-or-treat for an hour and then help her grandma pass out candy for an hour.   And then she would stay in that creepy old house for five days.  Five Days!  The young girl shivered at the thought.  She was so excited for Halloween, mostly because her friend Tosha was coming over to trick-or-treat and stay the night, as tradition.  Cara’s grandma thanked her for her effort.

“May I go upstairs now?” Cara asked the old woman.

“Yes, go. I may need you later though. What time is Tisha-”


“Whatever. What time is Tosha coming?” The woman corrected herself.

“I think she said 3:30.”

“I want you back down here by 3:20, showered, teeth brushed and hair combed.  No tight clothes and nothing too revealing. No jewelry and no spunky clothing. You are to dress like the young women you are, you can wear the clothes I laid out for you or some of the extra clothes in the closet. Do not open that trunk on the end of the bed! By now you know the rules. The only time you change out of those clothes is when you dress up in your silly costume and when you go to bed. Do you understand?”

“Yes grandmother, I understand your rules and will not break them or disobey you.”

“Good, now go, you’re wasting my time.”

Cara ran up the stairs and shut and locked the door.  She quickly got a shower and dressed herself with some clothes in the closet.  Cara only brought one bag because there was no point in bringing her own clothes. In her bag Cara had her phone, her kindle, some chargers, a toothbrush and toothpaste, her nighttime retainer and the book she was currently reading.  After a few minutes of listening to music and playing games on her phone, she heard her grandma yell at her, signaling it was 3:20. She carefully hid her electronics, not knowing how her grandmother would feel about them, and walked down the steps.  After waiting for a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.  Cara quickly got up and opened it before she hugged her best friend.  

After a few hours the two girls went trick-or-treating.  They finally made it to a big hill with a single house on top.  

“Hey, I think we forgot one” Tosha said as she started walking to the open gate at the bottom of the steep hill.

“No, that’s okay Tosha, let’s just go back” Cara said, looking at the scary house in fear.

“What are you scared?”


“Bawk! Bawk, Bawk!” Tosha squealed and laughed at her own stupidity.

“Fine, you wanna go so bad, we’ll go”


The two girls hiked up the treacherous hill and stopped at the top to catch their breath.  After about a minute or so the girls knocked on the door.  A man that looked like he was in his thirties opened the door.

“Trick-or-treat” the nearly breathless girls said in unision.

“Oh, um, sorry no candy. Oh! I just made some caramel apples. Why don’t you come and give the caramel some time to dry.


Cara and Tosha’s bodies were later found in the basement of the house on the hill. Remember, always be safe on Halloween and never trust something or someone suspicious…

The Demon of Halloween

I was walking home when I heard a noise in the bushes, I thought it was a cat so I continued walking.  Five minutes later I heard the same exact noise.  Still having to walk another mile I called my friend, Bill to see if he could give me a ride to his house.  He picked me up a few minutes later, he was just leaving his friends Halloween party.  Bill lives outside of town about 20 minutes away.   It was a long quiet ride, we didn’t talk about much.  But I didn’t tell him what I heard.  Once we were there we went inside and watched T.V.  The movie was a scary Halloween movie, the same sound that came from the bushes was in the movie.  

The movie gave me chills. There was a demon that had a red, cut up and bloody face.  We watched the rest of the movie, I will be scared all night.  While we went to sleep I kept hearing scary noises coming from outside.  Eventually I looked outside to try to see what it was, I didn’t see anything.  Then suddenly the monster I saw in the movie jumped up to the window scaring me.  So I woke Bill up to tell him, he was scared too.  His reaction was to have someone watch just in case.

Bill took the first watch.  I slept first, it was hard to sleep knowing what could be out there.  A few hours later when Bill woke me up he said he said he saw it again.  So next I watched for a couple of hours. Suddenly, Bill was dragged away by a monster with a blood red face. He woke up and was confused but when he was the monster he started screaming, then I started chasing him.  Once I caught up I grabbed his foot but the monster was too strong. He was gone, I would never see him again.