What Is Your Family Like?…

Families all around the world differ in so many ways.  In ways of tradition, religion, and just everyday life.  Families aren’t always the same at home as they are out in public. Some families have very strict rules while others don’t have hardly any, then there the ones in the middle.  The way families celebrate traditions, do their religion, and just anything in general is really in their own unique way.  They get passed down from generation to generation and they just continue on.

What is your idea of a tradition?  Your idea may not be the same as the person next to you.  Have your ever even thought about how other people celebrate the same traditions you do but maybe in a completely different way.  An example of two different traditions are mine and my friend’s.  For New Years Eve my family watches the ball drop on T.V. but while we wait for the count down we play board games and make a lot of food, then my dad and I open a present since both of our birthdays are on New Years Day.  While my own friend celebrates it by being with her family and friends in a cabin watching the ball drop.  How would you celebrate New Years?

Now on to holidays. Something everyone loves right?  There are presents, good food {my favorite part of the holidays}, music, games and just so much more to celebrate.  Although holidays can be fun, they can also be very stressful at the same time.  I only know this because I have such a big family. By the time it comes to an actual holiday it can be a little stressful.  Trying to get nine people to get out the door, in the car, and actually pull out of the driveway before someone realizes they forgot something is a pretty hard task for my family.  But anyways, some different holidays are Chinese New Year, Christmas, and even Valentines day are just a few of them there are so many more than that.  The way they celebrate Chinese New Year is by making big dragons and going around dancing  and listening to music.  To learn more just research about it because you might even find it interesting.

Holidays, traditions, family fun and good food all together in one.  Everyone’s family differ in almost every way but it only makes them better.  In ways of tradition and holidays and so many ways that I can’t even name.  So whenever you think your family is weird, just remember that there is a family that has you beat.  Think about how you celebrate traditions and holidays differently from other families.

Image from: http://www.familiestogether.org

Top Ten Best Lunch Foods



I have interviewed a few frequently lunch buyers to see what they had to say on the best lunch foods.  Our school has pretty reasonable lunch foods and I certainly like a large amount of the lunch menu.  Before I go on talking about the best foods, I will tell you my three least favorites.  My all time least favorite is the Quesadilla.  I am usually a big fan of quesadillas but the school’s version is not my kind of quesadilla.  Mexican Haystacks are my second least favorite.  I mean seriously Mexican haystack?  I didn’t know there were haystacks named after Mexicans.  Last and definitely the least would be the mini pancakes.  You are probably like ohhh yummy, PANCAKES but they are pancakes that come in a bag?!  There very soggy and not like the pancakes your dad makes on Sunday mornings.


  1.  Sliced meat and cheese wrap is the tenth best lunch food.  Meat and cheese wrap is just a simple lunch that most people enjoy!


  1.  Brunch for lunch came in as the ninth best lunch food.  Why not eat breakfast then 2 hours later have some more!


  1.  Lasagna is the best of the best when it comes to Stouffers.  Now when it comes to lunch foods it gets a little weary.  Not the best but I guess some kids like it.


  1.  I personally love this lunch food but I guess it’s not the most popular.  Chicken and Noodles.  Like the best food ever!  It would be my first by the way.


  1.  Calzone is what I usually get at a pizza place but calzone here are the bomb.  They are pizza wrapped in like garlic bread, type pizza crust.


  1.  Now at number 5, half way through the list with pizza sticks.  There is a bit of a pizza theme going on but I can live with some pizza a few days in a row.


  1.  The good ole boneless wings.  These wings are like another night on the ranch.  They were so good and I would definitely buy them again.


  1.  We just go from chicken to chicken but at the third favorite is… Asian sweet chicken.  When I eat that chicken it feels like I’m sitting in an asian restaurant.


  1.  Chicken to pork.  Pulled pork sandwich.  Pulled pork is my favorite food and it seems to be close to the favorite lunch food in the school.


  1. The all time favorite lunch food is…  Chicken Nuggets.  The chicken nuggets is at the top of the favorites list and I can see why.  They are so good and they taste like you got them at a restaurant that specializes in chicken nuggets!  

Some pretty good food if I say so myself.  Maybe some of you like those foods and maybe some of you don’t.  I usually never buy and after this I probably might start buying a little more than usual.  There are some schools that have quite the taste buds for good food.  I have even heard that people get to go home from school for a certain time period and eat there own food!  I would love to do that but then again, our school is far from where some of the students live so it would be difficult for them to get home.  After all this typing I am craving some chicken nuggets.  Well that is all about, the Top Ten Best Lunch Foods and I will write more later!

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Top Ten Thanksgiving Foods

During the month of November, we count all of our blessings and remember the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and Native Americans.  Our families gather together in anticipation of the holidays and have a feast.  One thing that we should all be thankful for is our food.  We might not all realize it but not every kid goes home to a house that has good food in it, and we should really remember that.  Thanksgiving is an American holiday that falls on the fourth Thursday in every November.  So, here are the top ten Thanksgiving foods, in my opinion.

  1. Grandma’s Fresh Baked Pumpkin Pie with Whip Cream and Candied Pecans

Grandma’s pumpkin pie is a delicious course made by my 85 year old great grandma, she still gets around though.

  1. Mom’s Green Bean Casserole

Mom’s green bean casserole is a salty dish and creamy dish with just the right amount of crunchy onions on the top.

  1. Aunt Jan’s Stuffing

Aunt Jan’s creamy cornbread stuffing is sweet and salty and it melts in your mouth.

  1. Warm Rolls with Butter

My Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without a roll or two with lots of butter.

  1. Dad’s Cranberry Sauce

Dad’s cranberry sauce is a sweet side to go with your meal.  This dish includes fresh cranberries, orange juice and honey.

  1. Meme’s Corn Casserole

Every year Meme makes her Corn Casserole in the same giant yellow bowl.

  1. Delicious Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potato casserole is covered in brown sugar to make it a bit sweet.

  1. Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Chicken Gravy

Mashed potatoes with gravy is a must have on this holiday for most people.  Who could disagree?

  1. Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham is an essential for my family’s feast.

  1. Turkey

Some bake it, some fry it but it’s still turkey!  This is a traditional Thanksgiving food and has to be number one on my list.

Your family traditions may be different than mine, but it is still a great holiday.  The most important thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with your family, creating memories to last and hopefully eating some delicious food. What are your favorite foods on Thanksgiving?  Do you celebrate this special holiday like I do?  I hope you enjoyed my article on top ten Thanksgiving foods!

image from: https://flic.kr/p/sUgmp


Food Survey

For the week five student blogging challenge, I am doing a food survey.  My survey includes what your favorite and your least favorite foods are.  Please answer these questions.  Leave a comment if you have a question.  There is a link to see all of the responses after you submit the survey.

French Fries

French fries are fried potatoes, cut into long skinny square strips.  Ironically they are not French.  To make french fries you need potatoes, and a pot with oil in it to fry the potatoes. Some stuff you can put on them is tomato ketchup, vinegar, and salt.  I think french fries are really good, I eat them at the county fair and Pumpkin Show the most, sometimes I get them at restaurants.  The bad part about them is that they are very greasy. 🍟

Image from: http://louisianafamousfriedchicken.net/menu/189/french-fries-large/

Deep Fried Buckeyes an Ohio ‘delicacy’

Here in Ohio, we have a super delicious, unhealthy and sweet treat.  The Deep Fried Buckeyes.  They’re at most Ohio county fairs and festivals.  Buckeyes are Ohio’s state nut.  People make balls of peanut butter and dip them into chocolate so they look like the real nut and that’s a buckeye (the treat).  But, it gets even better, they dip it into batter and deep fry it! Once the batter has hardened they sprinkle powdered sugar and drizzle chocolate syrup on it.  So good!  When my family goes to a fair, a favorite thing of my sister and I is to get some fried buckeyes.  

  Photo from: http://www.southernfriedbuckeye.com/