Featured Staff Member: Mrs.Borland

borland-photo          Hello! It’s Rain and I have a new blog post to share with you. For my post I chose to interview one of the staff members at McDowell middle school. The staff member I chose to interview was Mrs. Borland.  Mrs. Borland is the librarian here at McDowell. In the interview I asked Mrs. Borland these questions:

 1) How long have you been working at McDowell?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “I have been working at McDowell for twenty years.”

2) What is your favorite book?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: ” Out of all books I have read, I would say the Bible is my favorite.”

3) What is your favorite part of working here at McDowell?

Mrs. Borland’s answer:  ” I really enjoy motivating students to read.”

4) Have you ever worked at a different school; if so for how long?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “I was a substitute for four years. I have been to Circleville, Zane Trace, Teays Valley, and Westfall.”

5) What is the most challenging part about being a librarian?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “The most challenging part would be having enough money to buy the books for the library.”

6) What was your dream job when you were a child?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: ” To be a naturalist at a nature park.”

 7) How many children do you have?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: ” I have a son and a daughter. I also have three grandchildren.”

8) Where is your hometown?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “My hometown is Chillicothe.”

9) Do you have any pets?

Mrs. Borland’s answer: “Sadly, I don’t have any pets. I did have a Cocker Spaniel named Wrinkles.”

                           It was a lot of fun interviewing Mrs. Borland. I really liked talking to her. Thank you  for reading my blog!


Featured Staff Member : Mr. Fyffe

I interviewed Mr. Fife, the McDowell 8th grade pre engineering teacher.

 Here are the questions that I asked him along with his answers.


What is your favorite part of McDowell Middle School?

The environment and the people because they are all very friendly and fun to be around.


What did you do before you became a teacher at McDowell?

He was an environmental engineer in Jackson County at a waste water facility.


What is your favorite part of teaching?

He enjoys the interaction with the students and also being a role model and seeing how he can influence students throughout their lives.


What is your favorite thing to teach in your class?

His favorite thing to teach would have to be robotics.


Why did you become a teacher?

Mr. Fife became a teacher because he wanted a career that impacts lives and has a positive impact on people.


Who is your idol?

His idol would be his father because he was a strong figure and taught him all the great things he knows.


What was your favorite subject as a kid?

His favorite subject was science.


What is your favorite book?

His favorite book is The Lord of the Rings.


What is your favorite Disney movie?

Robin Hood is his favorite Disney movie.


What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

He likes to have cookouts and play corn hole.  He also enjoys playing sports like golf and likes to play video games.


It was very fun to get to know Mr. Fife, especially because he is new to McDowell, and I can’t wait to have him next year.





About Mr. Lytle

20160929-080714.jpgMr. Lytle is the 8th grade social studies teacher here at McDowell. I have  asked him a few questions to get to know him better these are his answers.

Q. What do you think about the app Pokemon Go?

A. “I like it, I like anything that makes people explore their surroundings and Pokemon Go does that”

Q. If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be?

A. “I would go to  Belgium and visit the World War battle fields and cemeteries. I would also want to go and taste Belgium waffles and chocolate.”

Q. What are some other hobbies that you have?

A. “I play the bass guitar, I enjoy watching soccer games, I like learning new things, and playing video games”.

Q. What are some other jobs that you have had?

A. “I was forklift operator, a landscaper, I worked at the Sierra Club (an environmental group), a delivery boy, and a cook”

Q. Do you have any musical talents?

A. “I play the bass guitar in a band.”

Q. Who is your favorite musical artist?

A. “Pink Floyd

Q. What do you like to do on the weekends?

A. “Watch soccer games, watch Buckeye games, and work around the house.”

Q.What is your favorite food?

A.”Well I could go sweet or savory but i’ll have to go with meatloaf with mashed potatoes, and green beans”.

Q. Do you have any pets if so what kind?

A.”I have three cats named Indie, Boo, and Lucky”.

Q.Where in the world have you traveled?

A.” I have been to Alaska, all over the American west, I lived in Oregon, I have lived in Texas, I have been to Mexico, Costa Rico, and to Montreal Canada”.

Those are all of the questions I gave Mr. Lytle, and those are his answers. I loved getting to know about Mr. Lytle and his interests.



McDowell’s Super Staff Member – Mrs. Fox-Bowers


For my blog assignment, I decided to interview Mrs. Fox-Bowers.  She helps the students who are struggling catch up and she helps them understand tough lessons.  I think Mrs. Fox-Bowers is one of the most important of the faculty/staff.  Without her, a lot of students would fall behind in classes and grades.  Here are a list of questions that I asked her and her answers.

Q: What is your full job title?

Education Specialist for 7th and 8th grade Science

Q: What do you do as your job?

I go into the classroom and help certain students and I also pull students out and take them to the resource room for extra help.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not at work?

I have horses and cattle that I take care of on my farm.  I also like to garden and do other outdoor activity’s.

Q: Why did you decide to become a teacher?

When my son was 3 I realized how much I like being around kids.

Q: How long have you been teaching?

16 Years.

Q: Do you enjoy teaching?

Very much!

Q: What is your favorite part about teaching?

Seeing the students and watching them grow.

Q: Would you rather have your current job or do another job in the school?

My current job.


Q: What is your least favorite part about this job?

Dealing with students who do not do their homework.  I also hate having to discipline a child.

I hope that you learned something from this interview and if you are struggling with science, go talk to Mrs. Fox-Bowers, i’m sure that she will be happy to help.