My Jigsaw Puzzle! (Activity 11)

419726Hey reader for this weeks blogging challenge I made a jigsaw puzzle. Go to the link below and play it to see if you can beat other peoples times! I created this puzzle of my favorite soccer player. After that if you have time go check out my class blog


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Professional Soccer Highlights-Scores-Results

download298059ca723b94f8e1ac564b611a48bcHey reader today I will be talking about Professional Soccer.  In this I will tell you scores, highlights, and results of Professional Soccer. Some of the teams I will tell you about are The Columbus Crew and LA Galaxy. Those teams are in a league called MLS. I will also talk about teams that are not in that league. The league these teams are in is called Barclays Premier League. For example Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United.  You will hear me talk about more of the teams not in MLS because the teams that are not in that league are from out of the country and are more skilled at soccer.

First off I will tell you some of the teams that are in the Barclays Premier League. Real Madrid: finished 6-0-4, Barcelona: finished 10-2-1, Mancester United: finished 4-3-1. Now I will tell you about some of the main highlights of this season. Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo does bicycle kick in to the goal against Levante.ronaldo9

Next is Barcelona. Neymar Jr. rainbows over opponent to get a goal. This goal was against Real Madrid.


Finally I will show you a highlight from Machester United. Pogba goes for a goal against Stoke city and bends the ball from behind the 18 yard line in to the goal.


Now I will talk about the teams in the MSL. For example The Columbus Crew, and LA Galaxy. First off is there records… The Columbus Crews finished 6-0-5 and they didn’t have as good as a season as last year. Now is LA Galaxy. They also didn’t do so good this year but their record was 2-7-3. One more teams record I want to talk about that I didn’t monition is The New York Red Bulls. This team had surprisingly no losses! Their record was 6-7-0.

Finally I will show you some highlights of these teams season just like I did with the teams that were not in the MSL league.

The Columbus Crew is first.

Tony Tchani shot a very impressive goal from above the 18 yard line and knocked it in. This goal was almost a bicycle kick.

Columbus Crew midfielder Tony Tchani (6) kicks the ball away from Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Chara (21) in the first half of their game at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio on September 26, 2015. (Columbus Dispatch photo by Brooke LaValley)



From the LA Galaxy Landon Donovan takes a corner against Real Salt Lake and bends it in… Truthfully I think this is one of the best highlights of this season I have seen yet…




Overall all these teams I have talked about and more have been successful this season. Now we will have to wait until the Fifa World Cup to see who will win it all and bring home the big trophy…




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All About Landon

dirt-bikeToday I will tell you more about me. First off my name is Landon. I would like to tell you about things I like to do in my free time.  There are lots of things I like to do in my free time like riding dirt bike, playing sports, hanging around with my family and lots more. Riding dirt bikes is probably my favorite thing to do because it gets me outside and away from school and everything else, it’s kinda like my happy place. I love to play sports also. My favorite sport is basketball and it kinda relieves me from school and stress just like riding dirt bikes.

Next thing I’m going to talk about is me as a student. I am a very hard worker and my favorite subject is math. Reading is not my favorite but I can stand it. I think I get my math skills from my dad my dad has always worked with math. He is now working as a project engineer for MS consultancy.  This year I’m in both advanced classes and I like both.

Now I’m going to talk about me as a person.  In my life I think I have always been successful in everything I do whether it’s sports, and school or anything. Me being successful kinda goes along with me always working hard too. I always try to work my hardest on anything and everything I do. There is one saying that I really like and it is : “If you’re doing nothing someone is getting better.” I always want to be the best I can be cause I’m very competitive in things I do.

Finally I’m going to talk about my goals for this year. I have always gotten good grades because I’m always responsible for all my work and I get it done on time plus work hard on it. So this year I’m going to do just that and try to get straight A’s and make sure I can do that because of sports.


Memorial Day

We all know of memorial day, but do we know why we celebrate it?  Or what we celebrate?  Has it always been called Memorial Day?  Celebrate Memorial day for remembrance of those who have died while serving the United States.  Over a dozen towns say that Memorial day was created in that town but, only one has been officially named the birthplace of memorial day.  

The U.S. celebrates Memorial day to remember the veteran who died in service of the United States.  Waterloo New York has been officially named the birthplace of memorial day.  Memorial day was originally called decoration day.  But, no matter what memorial day came from the civil war to honor the dead.  

In the United States we celebrate Memorial day, we celebrate it to remember the veterans who died serving the U.S.  It was originally cal Decoration day.  The official birthplace is Waterloo New York. It was created after the civil war.

Up a Tree

Up a Tree

By:Genevieve Carstensen

I see the ground below me, browny-orange from the littered pine needles, it is dotted with lavender from the abundance of heather growing

I hear the sound of many birds in chorus, giving me a consort. Trees brush against each other in dainty waltz to the music of the birds

I smell the deep perfume of pine, and a sweet, innocent  scent from the violets nearby

I taste the sun’s warm rays, sweet like candy.

I touch the sticky richness of sap secreting from my favorite tree

I feel the tree sway from the wind. It’s so relaxing

I wonder how much magic it would take to turn me into a bird, so I could fly to the rooftops of circleville that I see from up here.

I wish this tree went up forever, so I could climb high and away from my problems on the ground

I hope that everyone has a favorite tree that will help them with their problems, something to to hide in

I am in my favorite tree

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17.  It is often celebrated by parades, feasts, and of course, wearing green. Though you may wear green on St. Patrick’s day, do you know why you’re wearing green?  Who is St. Patrick?  Why do we celebrate it in the United States?

So why do we wear green on St. Patrick’s day? Wearing green make us “invisible” to leprechauns,  leprechauns then would pinch anyone who was not wearing green(who they could see).  Who is Saint Patrick? St. Patrick is obviously a saint, he was one of the first saints of Ireland. Not much is known about his life. Finally, why do we celebrate it in America?  Well, St. Patrick’s day is a global celebration of the Irish culture on March 17.

Remember, March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. We wear green on Saint Patrick’s day so we will be invisible to the leprechauns. Saint Patrick was a patron saint of Ireland, and not much is known about him. St. Patrick’s day is as global celebration. Why is St Patrick’s day celebrated around the world?

Ohio’s Land Formations!

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Millions of years ago, Ohio got run over by a glacier.  The glacier acted like a giant, slow moving bulldozer.  The glacier flattened out close to two thirds of Ohio.  Because Ohio is so flat, many people have decided to become farmers.  Flat farmland is one of Ohio’s natural land formations.

Where the glaciers stopped, there were hills everywhere.  This area is now called The Hocking Hills.  My classmate B.J. wrote a post about the Hocking Hills.  The Hocking Hills has waterfalls, caves and lakes.  The Hocking Hills is one of Ohio’s many natural land formations.

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Bright Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is a light show that appears only once in a while, but when they do, it can be a great experience. This light show happens when electrically charged particles from the sun, and when they meet the earth’s atmosphere, it creates these lights. There have been reports of the lights since 1880, and has had colors of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

The Northern Lights can be seen in either the northern or southern hemisphere. It’s known as ‘Aurora Borealis’ in the north and ‘Aurora Austrialis’ in the south. But the best place to see the lights in North America is Canada, near the Yukon and northwest territories. In the southern hemisphere, the best place to see the lights are near the Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean. I’ve never seen the lights, but I always had passion for it.

Many cultures have legends about the ‘Aurora’ and have some pretty cool explanations. The words ‘Aurora Borealis’ and ‘Aurora Australis’ mean ‘dawn of the north’ and ‘dawn of the south’. In Roman culture, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn. Also, in medieval times, the lights meant that war and famine will come their way. Yikes. The Menominee Indians of Wisconsin believed the lights were manabai’wok (giants) who were the spirits of great hunters and fishermen.

So, I bet you’ve learned something about the Northern Lights that you probably never known before. Maybe you don’t even know what the lights were until now! Also, if you have any experiences with the lights, comment below!

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