A Bird, a Flower, and a Friend

I see a wide array of colors. Watercolor blue against bright green, mixing in together creating something beautiful.

I hear baby birds calling out to their mothers and the people I care about most, my friends, whispering next to me.

I smell the pure grass blowing in the wind, almost as if they’re waving goodbye…

I taste the cool wind, ruffling my hair, carrying me away from all reality.

I touch the cold stem of a crisp daisy between my chilled fingertips.

I feel free. Like I can fly, or do anything.

I wonder what it would be like to fly like a bird in the sky, never touching the ground.

I wish I could be a flower, swaying in the wind, never worrying about anything.

I hope I will  never lose the people I care about more than anything.

I am a bird, a flower and a friend.

All of My Surroundings

All of My Surroundings



 I see the yellow dandelions in the morning dew.

I hear the locusts in the trees.

I smell the dirt from the baseball diamond.

I taste the spearmint gum in my mouth.

I touch Emma’s hair as I braid it.

I feel excited as I watch them rake the baseball diamond.

I wonder what I’ll eat for lunch today.

I wish I could buy a German Shepherd puppy.

I hope it doesn’t get too hot today for practice.

I am amazed by nature’s beauty.

Around me

Around Me


I see the baseball field being raked

I hear kids running on the football field behind me

I smell  the fresh cut wet grass

I taste the toast that I had for breakfast

I touch the bleachers I am sitting on

I feel the paper that I am writing on

I wonder why they don’t do a movie that is based on a book exactly like the book

I wish that I could slow down when I read a book so that I don’t finish a six hundred page book in two days (it’s happened)

I hope That we don’t have homework tonight.

I am allergic to everything out here (grass, trees, pollen, dust from the baseball field)