Just Thinking

Just thinking.


I see trees. Nature. The living. And the dead.

I hear the sounds of life. But the most important is music.

I smell spring air. The freshness.

I taste nothing.

I touch the materials I have been given. A paper, and a pen.

I feel as though I am stuck.

I wonder about too many things. I am always thinking.

I wish for someone to fix the world.

I hope for nothing because I am grateful. 

I am not a poet. I am a girl.

Up a Tree

Up a Tree

By:Genevieve Carstensen

I see the ground below me, browny-orange from the littered pine needles, it is dotted with lavender from the abundance of heather growing

I hear the sound of many birds in chorus, giving me a consort. Trees brush against each other in dainty waltz to the music of the birds

I smell the deep perfume of pine, and a sweet, innocent  scent from the violets nearby

I taste the sun’s warm rays, sweet like candy.

I touch the sticky richness of sap secreting from my favorite tree

I feel the tree sway from the wind. It’s so relaxing

I wonder how much magic it would take to turn me into a bird, so I could fly to the rooftops of circleville that I see from up here.

I wish this tree went up forever, so I could climb high and away from my problems on the ground

I hope that everyone has a favorite tree that will help them with their problems, something to to hide in

I am in my favorite tree