Christmas traditions

Christmas Celebrations

     At McDowell we get about 2 weeks off of school for Christmas.  During this break I spend time with my family and friends. At my house we have a lot of Christmas traditions.  These include going to see the Zoo Lights, driving around neighborhoods looking at the lights, decorating the house, making Christmas cookies, watching our favorite Christmas movies, playing in the snow, and opening presents with my whole family.
     In addition to all of these wonderful traditions all the kids in my family have a very sneaky and special tradition.  On Christmas morning my brother wakes all the kids up very early. Once he gets us woken up we run downstairs and look at all the presents we got.  After that, we wake up all of the adults and open up our presents together. What time do you wake up on Christmas morning?
      Another tradition we have involves ornaments for the Christmas tree.  Every year my mom lets my sister and I pick out (or make) a special ornament.  Last year during Christmas we made ornaments for my uncle and brother that have passed away.  The ornaments were a great addition to our tree and I hope that we never lose them. Do you have any special ornaments?
     As I said before every Christmas my family and I watch Christmas movies.  One of my family’s favorite movies is “A Christmas Story”. Another one of our favorites are all of the “Home Alone” movies.  Does your family have a favorite Christmas movie?
     Something else that we do around Christmas is go see the zoo lights.  The zoo lights go on for almost the whole month of December and end in the beginning of January.  Last year we were in an exhibit and I got lost.  My mom couldn’t find me and it was really scary.  After a few phone calls we found each other and continued with the zoo lights.
     These are some of the wonderful Christmas traditions that my family and I have.  These have been happening for a couple of years now and I hope that they can keep going.  What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


Christmas Traditions

Christmas is time is right around the corner! One of the this week task was to write about your celebrations. I decided to write about my Christmas traditions. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and it’s only a few weeks away! On Christmas morning my brothers and I get up super early and go downstairs and look at the Christmas tree before waking my parents up. Once we wake my mom and dad up and they get up and ready, we head downstairs. As soon as we look at the tree, my brothers and I all get so excited. We immediately decide who opens their presents first. It usually ends up where My smallest brother goes first, then my other brother, and then me. I always let them go first every year because they are younger than me, so I let them have a chance before I go!
After we have opened our presents at my house, we go to my grandparents house on my dad’s side. There my aunt is with us when we eat breakfast which is french toast, bacon, eggs, etc. Then we open our presents. Usually my grandma color codes our gifts. It’s a lot of fun!
After we are done celebrating there, we go to my grandparents on my mom’s side of the family and all of my distant cousins come and aunts and uncles. It’s so much fun! We hang out and catch up with each other… Then we eat dinner. It is the best dinner of the year! First we pray, and then we eat turkey and ham, cranberry salad, mashed potatoes, and so much more! Once we are done eating, we all open a few little gifts we got for one another. After about an hour later, my distant family leaves. After they leave we go into the living room and open a BUNCH of presents! When I say a bunch, I mean a bunch! Like we have done all day, we take turns opening our gifts right after we pray. Once everyone is finished opening their presents, my 2 brothers and I look for a pickle ornament on the tree. Whoever finds it first, gets to open their big present first. Last year we got bean bag chairs and I got a dressing table! One year I got my first iPod, and another year I got an electric scooter! It is one of my favorite parts of our Christmas traditions.
We leave about 30 minutes later after saying our “thank you’s” and “goodbyes”. Once we get home, we are so eager to play with our new toys we got, but mom and dad says to go to bed… and we do… until my brothers and I know my parents are asleep. Then we get u and tip toe downstairs to play with our presents! This is my Christmas tradition, what is yours? Tell me in the comments!


Thanksgiving Break

This year Thanksgiving was Thursday, November 22, 2018. Our school gets about a week off for Thanksgiving. I celebrate Thanksgiving by going to both my grandma’s houses. My Grandma Schein’s house and then my Grandma Wilson’s house.

When I first got to my Grandma Schein’s house we were watching the Macy’s parade until my cousins got there. After my cousins got there we went outside to play on the farm. They have three big barns in their yard! We went to the one filled with hay bales. When we figured how to climb three stacks high it was time to eat. Good thing we did not get stuck (it was much harder to get down than get up).

For lunch we had turkey, mashed potatoes and homemade cinnamon rolls that my aunt makes. Every year my Grandma makes pumpkin and pecan pies. She made 11 pies total! Then we went back outside to play kickball it was girls against boys!

My Grandma and Grandpa have a creek behind their house. When we got to the creek we were walking right along the edge so everyone’s shoes got super muddy. After we got back up we played hide and seek but that did not last very long because there are tons of places to hide on the big farm. Then we went back to the barns and hay bales. When we were jumping back and forth and making obstacle courses we found a dead cat! We were super sad and grossed out because the face was all bloody. We named it Pumpkin and we dug a hole and barried it right away. After that it was time to go home and it was pitch black outside.

The Wilson Thanksgiving was during the big Ohio State and Michigan game. I did not watch a lot of it because I was busy playing with my cousins. My Grandma and Grandpa are vegan so sometimes so my family brings meatballs because we are not vegan. I helped out my grandma by putting ice and water in all the cups. My Grandma and Grandpa have 19 grand kids total so a lot of people were coming over. At their house there are three tables. A table for boys, a table for girls, and a big table for the adults. After we were done eating we cleaned up and went outside. We were not allowed to walk back to the pond like we normally do because it was too muddy and wet outside.

Instead me and some of my cousins decided to walked up and down the long lane a bunch of times. The rest were inside playing board games or watched the football game. Then we played sardines inside. Then we went back outside and did line dances in the garage and played kickball. When we were done it was time for supper and then we had to say goodbye. That is what I did on my Thanksgiving break.

                                     What is your favorite holiday?


My Favorite Family Celebration

Image provided by Pixabay

For the week eight student blogging challenge I am writing about my favorite holiday along with its traditions and why this particular holiday is special to me. So to start off my favorite family celebration is Christmas.   Before Christmas day on the 25th, my whole family covers my house in decorations. We put up our two Christmas trees. We put our main Christmas tree in the living room where we keep all the presents. Our other Christmas tree is in the basement, we call it the kids Christmas tree because my sisters and I  put all our childhood or handmade ornaments on it.
Every year my grandma gets all my 13 cousins and I an ornament from the Hallmark store.  If you don’t know what the Hallmark store is, it’s basically a store based off of the Hallmark channel that has a bunch of Christmas stories whether its mysteries or love stories.  My mom and I are pretty much the only ones in my family that love Hallmark. We try our best to watch a Hallmark movie every night during their countdown to Christmas movies.
The night before Christmas my mom always gives us an early Christmas present.  Every year she gets my sisters and I matching pajamas to wear that night. We watch a Christmas movie or read The Night Before Christmas in our new pajamas.
On Christmas Day my sisters and I wake up my parents around 7:00 to open presents.  First, my mom has to have her coffee or else she will be grouchy all day. Then we go and open stockings. After we open stockings we open our actual presents.  My mom gets us something we want, need, to wear and to read along with some other presents.
After we are done opening presents we have a small lunch and head over to my grandma’s house.  All my 13 cousins, aunts and uncles are there to open stockings that my grandma gets us. It’s usually filled with small items such as gift cards, fuzzy socks, and candy.
At the end of the day, we have a huge Christmas meal.  It’s a good bonding time to talk with my cousins and catch up.  Some of my cousins live in Dayton, Ohio about 2 hours away from where we live and don’t see them very often.
It’s all fun and games until we have to head back home after a long day.  My sisters and I usually fall asleep on the way home from my grandmas because we live an hour away. When we get home we crash into bed in a snap.  We wake up the next day realizing that we have to wait 365 days until Christmas Day comes back around.




My Favorite Holiday Tradition🎄

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For the student blogging challenge we were given different tasks and the one I chose was to write about my favorite family tradition! Christmas is a time when hot cocoa, snowflakes and the many traditions of families come about and are waiting to be celebrated although, we have many traditions in my family I will tell you about my overall favorite. That special tradition is decorating my Mamaws and Papaws tree. Even though it may seem not so special it’s really just the chance to spend time with my grandparents and family all together. That is my favorite part along with my Mamaw’s corn flake candy! We do this tradition usually around late November.
The tradition all got started like this, my family and I were going up to my grandparents house to celebrate my Papaw’s birthday which is close to the last day of November. We got up, ate cake give him our presents and while we were doing all this we realized how hard it was raining, along with the temperature dropping. Now of course I was little, so I don’t really remember it but I do remember going out to the car and almost falling because of how icy it was. We ended up staying the night up there because there was no possible way my Mamaw or Papaw was letting my Mom drive home. So we were watching old Christmas movies when my Mamaw disappeared for a minute then came back out with all her ornaments and said well since you’re stuck here might as well help me decorate for Christmas, so that is how are tradition got started!
So now every year my Mom, Sister and I go up to my Mamaw Sharon and Papaw Chuck’s house around late December, and we get all of their decorations out. My Mom and Papaw bring the tree up from the basement and into the sun room where my Mamaw already has the fire going with a Hallmark movie on in the background, and Christmas music playing too! My Sister and Papaw start putting on the lights and every year my Papaw of course always comments on how amazing his lights look. By the time those two are done commenting on how great it looks and attempting not to get the dogs tangled with the lights. My Mom and I have gotten all the ornaments out and ready for decorating.
My Mamaw has ancient ornaments that were her Mom’s, so we always put those on first then we decorate by family and homemade ornaments then we put up the ornaments my Mamaw liked and bought. Cause you can never have to many ornaments right! Finally, when we are done decorating, my Mamaw has hot chocolate and corn flake candy on the stand table waiting for us to get our Hallmark movie marathon started!
By this time my Papaw is going to bed because he always says all u need is the first and last five minutes of one Hallmark movie and you’ve got a 2-hour movie and you’ve got it summarized. So he doesn’t watch them with us. Which is ok because we have girl time, and we usually only watch a few then end up falling asleep anyways but it’s still really fun. My family has done this tradition since I was really little and it is most definitely favorite, it’s really fun and I love getting time to spend with my family close to Christmas!


Biome Projects

Biome Project For Science In The 7th Grade In the 7th grade science class we are doing a biome project starting it, we have to do lots of research like, what types of animals live there, what type of consumer are they? Starting out our science project our science teacher picks out random what biome we will have and my group got temperate rain forest, but there was more lucky people that got the desert, alpine, tundra tropical rain forest etc. After we had our biome’s chosen for us, we had to fill out a piece of paper with many different categories like, what’s the yearly precipitation, what is the average yearly temperature, what animals live there, etc. After filling out this piece of paper we would start our slide show which consisted of over 20 slides with many types of information per small group of slides. The information was like choosing a town writing about where it was located and its average precipitation and geography etc. These slides also consisted of a food chain an informational video 10 organisms that live in your biome etc. After you have completed all of these tasks you will be allowed to present. At the end of the presentation we will receive a grade out of 100.


Holiday Traditions

In my family we celebrate many holidays throughout the year such as Easter, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, and many others. One of my favorites (other than Christmas because everybody likes it) is the Fourth of July. As the title says, the holiday takes place on July fourth and is celebrated for the independence of our country on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence was signed on that day and sparked the beginning of America’s independence and because of this, it is a national holiday, not an international celebration.

On the Fourth of July, my family has recently started a celebration of camping with a combination of friends at one of the famous Great Lakes, Lake Erie. The place where we camp is approximately a 3 hour drive from our house and is well worth the journey. Four other families and ours camp at a private campground and have three campers and two boats. Each family contributes to the fun. My family in particular has a boat that we tow to the lake and use for the weekend of the holiday. Usually each day we go out on the lake and go to the islands around the lake and sometimes ski. Occasional weather can prevent us going out because there can be up to ten foot waves and larger on windy days. Most of the time we hang out and swim by the boats in the bays and eat and drink pop. Also, on the night of the fourth, we drive out into the harbor and watch as multiple stunning firework shows (that would cost a fortune) explode around us and display the freedom of our country.

The other great tradition is the yearly shrimp boil that may be the most delicious meal ever. It is a perfect meal for a hot summer day and is basically a large boil pot set over an outdoor propane stove and is cooked in water. The number of different foods in the meal is outrageous. It contains shrimp, potatoes, clams, oysters, corn on the cob, kielbasa, and smoked sausage. To eat this combination, “the dads” strain the water and dump the meal over a picnic table with a tablecloth and many paper towels, much like a buffet. I fill up my plate only to see another round of food being dumped on the table. It makes the holiday even better with such good food that I can enjoy every year as well as fireworks, camping, and having fun with friends.


The Wonderful Snow effects

Hello, you might have noticed some changes around McDowell Media. Well, the changes were made by me and my fellow students to spruce the blog up for winter. This is also for the student blogging challenge with option number three Spice Up Your Blog With Mrs. Vazquez. I myself added the snowing. Snow is a common thing in Ohio during the winter. I got the HTML code for the widget from https://www.kirupa.com/html5/the_falling_snow_effect.htm.

Thank you for reading and please comment, what do you think of the new changes?




Oh Christmas Tree

Photo taken by Olivia

Every Year my family and I celebrate Christmas together. This is a picture that I took of my brother and our Christmas tree. Every year my family and I put our Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving, which is a holiday we have in America. We have a lot of ornaments that we hang up on our Christmas tree that makes it special to just our family. On the top of our tree we have a star that is golden. This star has been in our family for a long time. Even some of the ornaments were once my great grandma and grandpa’s. There are even a few from when my mom was a kid. In this picture you can also see that there are stockings hung by our fireplace and that is because on Christmas eve when Santa comes down our chimney he fills them with goodies like candy and crazy socks. My mom always makes the best Christmas dinners and my sister, brother, and I all make cookies that are Christmas shapes and then decorate them. I chose to take this picture because I think that it shows what Christmas is like at my home. Fun with the family, a festive tree, and many other decorations. I love Christmas and it is my favorite holiday of the year.


Christmas GIF

This GIF represents holiday cheer. It starts with a dark tree, then the tree progressively gets lighter. At the end is a snowman, which we make in America. It has a top hat, two buttons and a carrot nose. For the Week 6 challenge I chose to do the ‘Spice It Up’ and I did the GIF task. This is my GIF and I hope you enjoy. In order to see it click on the picture.