Spice up the Blog

For this weeks challenge I spiced up the blog. I made a widget on the header that tells us how many days to Christmas. I did this because it makes the blog look good. I also made this widget because I really enjoy Christmas. I got this widget from the internet. I simply found a Christmas countdown and embed as a widget. You can find this widget on the top right of the blogs homepage. I also put this widget on my google site. <Check my site out<


Avatar with Code

Hello everybody. I have made an holiday avatar using made with code. I have made this avatar using Code. This website converts block coding to html code. This website is very cool and you should check it out. This website is very user friendly. If u are interested and seeing the html code then look below.


// Here you can see an indication of what your Blockly project might look like when written in code.
Emoji (
  Setting = “Snowmen”
  Character (
    Design = “Sam”
  Layers = [
    Eyes (
      Design = “Happy”
      X = 50
      Y = 50
    Mouth (
      Design = “Smile”
      X = 50
      Y = 67
    Accessories (
      Design = “Sunglasses”
      X = 50
      Y = 50
    Clothes (
      Design = “Santa Coat”
      X = 50
      Y = 87

Sawyer’s Email to Alex

This is my week 9 blogging task where we were supposed to email Alex, a coder who is blind! I chose this task and here is my email…

Hi Alex,

    My name is Sawyer, I am 13 years old and I live in the USA. I am commenting to you in regards to the week 9 blogging challenge, one of the tasks is to leave a comment to you. I chose that task because I think your story is really cool. A question I have is how do you you work on a computer being blind? Also, I was was wondering what it is like to navigate everyday life being blind? That’s is it for now talk to you later.





I love my new decorations!!!

    I have decided to decorate for Christmas on my blog this year!  Your Christmas may be very different from mine.  You may celebrate Hanukkah or another holiday or tradition, or maybe Christmas looks a little different from how I have decorated it. Maybe you live in Australia, Florida, or northern Africa where maybe it doesn’t snow a whole lot or at all for Christmas.  Or maybe you don’t put up a Christmas tree, lights, or ornaments. But I hope you love it.  I know I do!

Click here to go to my site!


Sawyer’s week 8 task

Why the new look?

Happy holidays! You are probably wondering why my website looks so festive, well, my site looks like this because of the week 8 blogging challenge. The challenge was to talk about our favorite celebration. Mine, as you can see is Christmas and I decided to do task 3, spice up my website. Some people from other countries may think this is weird but, in the United States of America we get snow around Christmas time (in some places). You also my have noticed that my avatar has changed, I changed it to make it look more festive. Happy holidays!


Holiday post

The reason I chose this image is it reminds me of an easter tradition my family has. Every Easter my family wakes up early and goes to church. Afterwards we head home and sit around for about an hour.


Family Celebrations

                        Family Celebrations December 25th is my favorite holiday. It’s Christmas! My favorite thing about Christmas is the decorations. My mom always tries to decorate early, but my dad tries to hold her back at least until after Thanksgiving. Usually the day after Thanksgiving is when she starts to set up her decorations. The only bad thing about the decorations is that they stay up for a long while after Christmas.

Something else that my family and I do for Christmas is make cookies. On December 21st we make the cookies. The whole family comes over to my house. We usually make to cookie dough and cut them out with cookie cutters. My grandma buys sprinkle and my mom buys the icing. After we finish decorating the cookies everyone takes some home with them.

This year we are doing something new. My whole family and I are going to see fireworks and Christmas carolers at a college near by. I have never seen carolers before and I can’t wait! Carolers are people that go around singing Christmas songs for people. Sometimes carolers can go to people’s house and sing.I think it would be really cool to see them.

On Christmas eve my mom get my sister and me matching pajamas and we go see Christmas lights. We used to go to this house that’s really bug. The family would decorate the house and have people pay to go through to see the light. My mom told me that they donate the money.This year they aren’t doing the lights so we are just going to go around town and see them.

The next day which is Christmas day my brother sister and I open the presents from my mom and dad. A little bit later when we all get ready we go to my aunts house. We all open gifts from each other then we all go home. My family and I have great traditions for Christmas.

I got this image from www.pexels.com


Holiday Website Bling

For the week 8 blogging challenge I have decided to decorate my website, for the holiday season. I used a snow gif, because where I live we get snow on Christmas, I used one with snow just for the header image, because I didn’t want it to be difficult to read. It’s not much, but I had trouble getting other widgets to work properly and didn’t have enough time to find better ones. Happy holidays!