Social Media Bad?

I do think that our connected devices have a negative impact on us and here’s why. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) teen suicide rates jumped up between 2010 and 2015. According to the article I read  “Why the rates went up isn’t known.” and while the cause isn’t known for certain it is believed that rising social media use is the cause. So why is this happening? Well according to researchers “Social media posts showing ‘perfect’ lives is taking a toll on teens mental health.” Now that’s a scary thought isn’t that showing a good part of your life could take its toll on somebody else. So what can happen if somebody’s mental health is damaged? It can lead to mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and sometimes eating disorders. You may be thinking “Well what’s the difference between depression and sadness?” Well I’ll tell you. Sadness is a feeling you eventually stop feeling and feel something else. While depression is a damaging chemical imbalance in the brain that causes mental illness. The cause is feeling sad about yourself or being angry at yourself. While this can be cured it’s hard for people to ask for help especially when the person is heavily addicted to social media which is basically the easiest way to compare your life to someone else’s who seems better and put yourself down more. Still think social media is harmless listen to this, a study conducted between 2009 and 2015 showed that in 2009 58% of 12th grade girls used social media nearly or every day and in 2015 87% of 12th grade girls used social media nearly or every day. These girls were reported to be 14% more likely to be depressed than those who didn’t use social media as much. So stop thinking your kid is just talking to their friends and start really paying attention to them and what their doing because in doing so you may prevent something bad happening to your child that was caused by social media. There is a reason I wrote this I was assigned this in class but I thought it would be best to let more than just a few people see what I believe to be something every should see. Please take this all into consideration. I got all my research from Newsela the title of the article is: Teen suicide rates rising,study says social media maybe a factor.


😡Blizzard bags😡

I don’t even know what happened. First we had no snow at all for the longest time. It seemed like fall weather outside. Then all of the sudden on a weekend in January,  it hit us. A huge snow storm just piled in. It just seemed like Mother Nature opened the floodgates on us. If you don’t know, Logan Elm’s school district is just south of Columbus, OH (Ohio is in the north  east part of the United States of America in case you didn’t know). And if you know Columbus, we get a lot of snow one year, the next year it could feel like summer out. But when when a lot of snow comes, we know what that means. Blizzard bags.

Blizzard bags are designed to help out when we might miss a lot of school. Here we have a rule about snow days. For the first five days that we miss, we do not have to do blizzard bags, but when those five days are up, we have three days worth of blizzard bags. Once those three blizzard bags are out, we resort to make-up days(we make up however many days of school we missed). Usually we make up our days in the summer or on “long weekends” (weekends where we have Monday or Friday off).So yes they are supposed help limit  make up days. I guess that’s a plus(it may be the only plus).

When we have blizzard bag we are supposed to do work like a normal day (which is eight hours for our school day) , but when we have a blizzard bag it usually takes somewhere from six to eight hours. For some unfortunate people who don’t have internet-access (or have no wifi) you can’t do them as easy as they are supposed to be.

When you have no internet-access you can’t access the blizzard bag at home. That means you have to do them at school. You only get two weeks to do your blizzard bag during guided study (a 45 minute work period). I did the math. Six to eight hours of work for two weeks (ten school days). That’s 4-5.5 guided studies. That’s around half of a week for one blizzard bag. That doesn’t even count extra credit or any other homework!

To sum it all up, blizzard bags are a long list of assignments that are supposed to make for one school day. They are very difficult to do with no internet access and they are more annoying to do than regular school. I would rather just make up days than doing stupid, annoying, and hard blizzard bags.


Super Bowl LIII

This year’s contenders for the Super Bowl are the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. Both teams had to play there very best in their Conference Championship games to get to the Super Bowl. Both teams had to go into overtime to get the win. The upcoming game should be good. This is how the Conference games went down. First, the

NFC Conference game was between the Rams and the Saints. The Saints had home field advantage. The Saints got off to a hot first quarter scoring 13 points. Then, the momentum switched with the Rams kicking a field goal and Todd Gurley scoring a touchdown. Both teams went into halftime looking for the momentum. The Saints score the first touchdown, but the Rams answer with another. Heading into the fourth quarter the Saints are up 20-17.  With 5 minutes to go the Rams kick a field goal to tie the game up. The next possession the Saints are driving down the field. The Saints are inside the red zone and it is third down. Drew Brees throws right and it looks like the defender can intercept it and take it the other way, but instead, the defender hits the receiver before the ball got there and there was no penalty.(Saints fans are still complaining) The Saints ended up having to kick a field goal. The Rams drove down the field and kicked a field goal with 9 seconds left on the clock. The clock runs out and the game is heading into overtime, with the score tied at 23-23. The Saints won the coin toss and want the ball. The Rams are getting good pressure on Drew Brees and tip one of his passes and one of the other defenders intercepts the ball. All the Rams have to do is kick a field goal and they will win and that’s exactly what they did. Greg Zuerlein kicked a 57-yard field goal to win the game.

The AFC game was on after the NFC game. The Chiefs have home field advantage. The Patriots also got off to a hot start scoring 7 points in the first quarter and 7 points in the second quarter. The Chiefs offense isn’t doing as well as they were during the regular season, they averaged 35 points in the regular season and have zero right now. Although, in the second half the Chiefs come out scoring, putting them down by 7. The Patriots come back kicking a field goal making the score 17-7. In the fourth quarter, the Chiefs come out hot scoring 2 touchdowns. The Patriots are on the 10-yard line and it is fourth and two with 3 minutes to go, everyone thinks it is going to be a pass, but the Patriots surprise the defense with a run to Sony Michel and score making the score 24-21. The Chiefs drive down the field and score a touchdown with 2 minutes to go. Tom Brady has an answer of his own, converting on three, third and longs and scoring a touchdown. There are 39 seconds for Patrick Mahomes to drive down the field and kick a field goal. Patrick Mahomes puts his team in position and they make the field goal. The game is headed into overtime. The Patriots won the coin toss and are getting the ball. The Patriots have no problem driving down the field and have it on the Chiefs 2 yard line. The Patriots run the ball and score a touchdown, winning the game 37-31.

Both teams played very well. Here are some stats from the Rams game. Jared Goff was 25-40 with one touchdown passing and an interception. CJ Anderson had 44 yards on 16 carries and Todd Gurley had 10 yards on 4 carries and a touchdown. The leading receiver was Brandin Cooks with 7 receptions for 107 yards. Here are the stats from the Patriots game. Tom Brady was 30-46 with 348 passing yards a touchdown and two interceptions. Sony Michel had 113 yards and two touchdowns and Rex Burkhead had 41 yards and two touchdowns. The leading receiver was Julian Edelman with 7 receptions for 96 yards.

Going into the Super Bowl the Rams are predicted to win. They have a 52.4% chance of winning and the Patriots have a 47.6% chance of winning. This will be the third straight time the Patriots have gone to the Super Bowl and the Rams first in Los Angeles. Tom Brady is 5-3 in the Super Bowl and that’s why a lot of people think the Patriots are going to win. The Rams players are young and inexperienced, but very talented. Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Click here to take me poll to predict who will win.


McDowell Media’s Skype Call to Australia

Between the months of August and December, McDowell Media participated in the Student Blogging Challenge.  The Student Blogging challenge led us to a lot of fun activities and awesome opportunities.  One of those awesome opportunities included a Skype call to Kathleen Morris!  If you didn’t know, Kathleen Morris is the leader of the Student Blogging Challenge.  Kathleen is also a tech coach in a new Australian school.  McDowell Media’s writers were given an opportunity to Skype with Kathleen and her 1st grade class in Australia.  During that Skype call, we asked questions back and forth.  We learned that Australian students, during our winter break, would be on their summer break.  We also learned that the government in Australia allows them to play educational Mine craft during the school day.  While we were learning new things about each other we were also having an amazing time.  McDowell Media would be delighted to have another opportunity like this one.

Down below are some pictures of McDowell Media during the Skype call.





Word of the Year

As we are only a few weeks into the new year, everyone is making a new year’s resolution. Not in Mrs. Caudill’s class, though! This year we are doing something a little different. Instead of making a resolution for the new year, we came up with having a word of the year. The word of the year is something like a new year’s resolution, but unlike a resolution, the word of the year is only one word that will describe your goal this upcoming new year. For example: if your word of the year was happy, instead of making the new year’s resolution to be happier everyday, you could just have the word “happy” as your word of the year. My word of the year was thankful. You can see my word of the year in the slideshow Mrs. Caudill’s class made along with many other students who also have a word of the year!


Holiday Shopping Event

Merry Christmas everyone. Friday is McDowell’s Holiday Shopping Event. At this spectacular event, there will be many items to choose from. Oh yeah, did I mention that everything is just a dollar? There will be lots of different kinds of items including Notebooks, Mom gifts, Dad gifts, Toddler gifts, Pet gifts and lots of other things. Here is a PowToon that I made explaining it a bit more. Come to the Holiday Shopping Event!