Coding, Coding and More Coding

     I have, for this weeks challenge, decided to do an hour of code activity.  The one I chose was the Flappy Bird activity and let me say, it was pretty fun. In the Flappy bird activity, the name is a little misleading. It says ” Hour of Code” to me. What it should actually say to me is “Five Minutes of Some Block Coding”.

     What you do in this hour of code activity is you are given a set of block codes one at a time and you have to follow their instructions. It was very, very simple and didn’t get confused at all really. I will list the instructions here below.

1. Make the bird flap

2. Make it move horizontally

3. it score points

3. Give it obstacles

4. Make it lose when you hit the obstacle

etc., etc. you get the point

     Some good things about this coding activity is it was easy. Very easy. So easy that I got it done in less than five minuets. It also might be a good intro to more young children who like or are interested in or just want to try coding.

      I thought it was very easy to do that so I also did another challenge. Here is a list the things I did



I really hope you enjoyed my post on the Flappy bird creator activity. If you want a link, click here.


Awesome Blogs!

This week I was visiting other students blogs. I looked at about 10 blogs and these three stood out to me the most.

  1.  http://okozi.edublogs.org/45-2/
  2.   http://gvanp.edublogs.org/
  3.   http://eshipley2021.edublogs.org/

I liked the first blog because it had cool pictures. I liked the font and the topics Olivia writes about is interesting. There’s not many mistakes!

The second blog was written by George. His blog had cool pictures also. He knows a lot about the sport lacrosse so if you you want to learn about lacrosse I would recommend reading his blog. It is his post on the top.

The third blog was written by Emily. When I first got on it I liked it because the top is the color pink. Pink is my favorite color! She has a lots of writings that you can choose to read from. They are all the well written!

These three blogs had pictures, lots of writing to choose from and their were not many mistakes!


My comment to Alex

For the week 9 blogging challenge I commented on Alex’s blog. I thought his story was super cool! I thought it was interesting how he said he became blind when he was in 9th grade. I also thought it was awesome how Alex didn’t let anything come between him and his dreams!

This is my comment to Alex:

Hey Alex!
Your story is so cool! I think it’s awesome that you didn’t let your disability take over your life.
Your story kind of reminds me of a girl who I am best friends with and her name is Riley. She is blind as well, but she was blind from birth. Riley plays the piano and flute and she is amazing at it! It’s like your story because you don’t let anything come in the way of you and your dreams and that’s awesome.
Sincerely, McKinley
Also come check out my classrooms blog at http://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/ !


About Alex


For the student blogging challenge, we are learning about code and the director Kathleen Morris invited a blind young computer programmer onto the scene. Alex is visually impaired, and yet he is an accessibility developer along with a system administrator for Incsub, also known as the company behind Edublogs. He makes sure all the companies sites are up in running and that they are accessible to the visually impaired. Even though Alex was officially confirmed with this condition he didn’t stop. He moved on and continued to do the thing he loved, coding. First he was hired at Incsub, his job there was for live chat support. As he continued to work at coding he was later asked to be a computer developer, and he accepted. Even though Alex is blind, that doesn’t stop him, he now has the responsibility to make sure all the Incsub sites are up and running along with easy access to anyone. He learned the basic HTML code in 7th grade and continued coding from there! It wasn’t until he got hired at Incsub that he started teaching himself the more detailed code like JavaScript and CSS to name a few, along with several more. One thing that stood out to me about Alex was how much passion he has for coding. It seems as though he absolutely loves coding and wants everyone worldwide to know what code is and how to do it, especially younger generations. In the end, Alex just is an incredible person who found something he loved and didn’t even let the adversity that is blindness, in this case, stop him. So far Alex has not responded, I’m sure he is very busy and has a lot on his plate with school work and his job but I’m sure he will answer my questions soon! 


Comment to Alex:

Hi Alex! My name is Lynsay. I just finished reading your story and it is so interesting. I find it awesome that even though you were faced with this condition of blindness you were able to push through and continue what you love to do! I have a question, is coding hard? I have never actually coded before but it looks really fun and from reading your story I might have to give it a go. Another question, how many times do you code a day? I bet you do a lot of it since it seems you’re wonderful at it!

Happy Holidays




Letter To Alex

As part of the student blogging challenge for week 9, it is all about coding. I chose to write a letter to Alex who is a 17-year-old blind coder. It was so interesting to me that he is an accessibility developer and system administrator!

Hi Alex!
My name is Sophie and I live in Ohio located in the United States. I am a 7th grader at McDowell Middle School. I have a few questions for you. For one do you have to use a special keyboard to type? Does being blind get in the way of what you do, or does it not affect you? Lastly, how did you start doing coding for a living? So those are all my questions and I think you are such an inspiration to viewers of all ages! Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you again in the future! As an addition, our advanced language arts class has a blog. I encourage you to check it out if you get the time. Our blog is at http://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/



Week 9 Blogging Challenge

This post is for the Week 9 Blogging Challenge. I did not do one of the tasks, but I did do something my teacher asked of me. In this post, I wrote about three different blogs. I gave a 1-2 sentence summary and wrote what I thought was appealing on their blog.

My (Christmas) Blog   

I thought that the person writing this post did a great job writing how to make it snow, creating a Christmas countdown and creating an image on their blog.

Christmas Traditions       

I thought the person writing this blog post did an outstanding job explaining what are some Christmas traditions some people do. I thought it was appealing that he talked about what he did every year for Christmas.


Week 8 Blog Challenge

The person who wrote this did a good job explaining why they enjoy Christmas. I thought it was appealing that they talked about why they didn’t like Christmas just for the presents, but they like Christmas because they get to see their family.



Letter To Alex

Alex is a blind coder that codes for edu blogs.

Learn more about Alex here 

Hello Alex, I’m Durke I live in Ohio and I thought it was very cool that you could code. I attempted coding for this weeks challenge and I could not understand it at all. Its amazing that your an advanced coder that codes for a large company. If I could choose a teacher to teach me about coding it would be you. I truly think that you are very good at coding with your blindness.

Sincerely, Durke



Week 9 Coding Challenge

Hi, My name is Carson and I’m really enjoying the Student Blogging Challenge. My google site, carsonle2024 is full of good posts about random stuff and all the blogging challenges that I’ve done. This weeks challenge was coding and I wrote this entire post in the “text” tab in the blog dashboard. I have never coded before but there’s coding for every computer that people use. Some codes are simple like what I typed this in, but others can be complex like Java, and I don’t even know enough about it to tell you but go find out yourself. Coding absolutely boggles my mind most of the time but I’m beginning to understand it better. Be sure to Comment and Ask Questions and if you have tips and are interested in coding, give me some ideas of how to learn better in the comments here and on my site. I also took a screen shot of my code that made this post so you can see the things I used liked italics and bold that can be expressed and you can learn how to code on task three on the Student Blogging Challenge. Happy Blogging!


My letter to Alex

For the week 9 challenge on edublogs one of our options was to leave a comment to a man named Alex. He is a blind coder. This is me letter to him.

Hi Alex,

My name is Olivia and I live in Ohio. My mom is a computer teacher and she also does coding . I think it is really cool that you are coding even though you are blind. At my school we have a student and she is blind as well. She is really good at playing the piano. I think it is really amazing that you can code even with your blindness.

Best of luck,