Give Thanks for Thanksgiving!

There is one day every year where many American people get together with their family, friends, and maybe even someone that they just met.  They make a big turkey (or a ham for some families) and many other food items.  After the food is all made they sit together at the table and enjoy their feast.  This special day is called Thanksgiving.  Today, families still eat many of those various types of food that have been enjoyed for many years. The average American person eats 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day!  On a regular day people eat much less, 2,000-2,500 calories a day which is only half of what people eat on Thanksgiving Day.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. That was 396 years ago!  The first Thanksgiving consisted of ham, lobster, clams, berries, etc. Considering the time when they made those things, it sounds like it would take a while to make. To prepare that food you couldn’t just go to the store and buy what you wanted.  Instead, they had to go hunting, gathering, and have a fire to be able to cook their food. There was so much work that was put into that day. In the end, I bet they had no regret for starting a tradition that has lasted for such a long time.

Have you ever thought what life would be like if we did not have Thanksgiving Day?  I think it would be bad. First of all, we would not have a day off school or work.  I would still be sitting in a chair rather than being at home with my family.  I also wouldn’t get together with my family near the beginning of winter to make a lot of food.  Finally, I wouldn’t be allowed to be lazy all day and instead would be yelled at to get up or go outside.  I am  very thankful for Thanksgiving Day.

Let’s Talk McDowell!

Our class is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge, and this week’s theme is all about SCHOOL! Personally, I believe that our school, and our students, are the absolute best and there is no other place I would rather be. To give you some insight to our school, my students have written a variety of posts to give you a glimpse of McDowell.

We have used Flipboard to compile their individual posts. Please check them out. How does our school compare to yours? Leave us a comment!

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If I Could Make My School Better

If I Could Make My School Better 

What would you do to make your school better? If I could make my school better I would have half days Monday and Friday. I would also have a class to teach the German language.  I would also have the bell ring later in the mornings. I would also have gym for seventh grade.

The reason for for half day Mondays and Fridays is people do not want a full day on these days. On Monday people do not want to go so, have a half that starts in the afternoon. On Fridays people want out early so they start the weekend off earlier.  

The reason I want the German language to be taught is because I know a lot of people who want to learn it. I also want to learn the German language. I think it is a very fun language because words like noodle in produced noodlen.  

The school needs to have the morning class bell ring later because when I get off the bus I have to run to make it to class on time. And if you think I am not the one that has this problem because there are a lot of people on my bus. There are also buses near my bus. There are also a lot of late buses at my school. Every morning there are at least two buses late every morning. If the bell is later they might get to class on time.

I think the seventh grade should have gym because we need to be active. We sit all day and need a time to run and have fun. If I could have a break like that in a day I might not be so impatient.  Which mean I might be a little nicer.  I would also pay more attention. I think that would go for more than one person.

This is what I would improve at my school and why.  


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s  Rainbow Six Siege

Do you play games?  If you do what is your favorite game? Mine is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.


Rainbow Six Siege is a fast paced first person shooting game. It  is an online based game where you play with a team to beat the other team. There are five different game modes like bomb, hostage, secure area, terrorist hunt , and situations. There are also different operators like the one above. This operator is named Fuze he is a Russian attack operator. There are two things you can do in a match attack and defend. If you like to see some game play by me of click here  or here.  


I will start off telling you about the game mode bomb. There are two bombs in two rooms close to each other. The goal is to take out the enemy team. If your are on defence you want to take out the team or stop them from defusing a bomb. If you are attacking  you want to take out the enemy team or defuse the bomb.  


Now I am going to tell  you about hostage. The point of this game mode is to take out the enemy team or defend the  hostage is you are on defence. If you are on attacking you  want to extract the hostage or take out the enemy team.


There is also secure area. What you want to do here is stop the enemy team from capturing the biohazard container or take out the enemy team. On attacking you want to take out the enemy team or capture the biohazard container.  


Next comes terrorist hunt which can have all of the operations before this. The point of terrorist is to take out all of the terrorist. Simple you would think but it can get hard sometimes. There is one last operation and thats is situations. Situations is a quick way to get renown. In situations there are also terrorist.


There are two last thing I need to talk about. It is renown and operators which is a big part of the game.  First I will start with renown, this is used for buy operators, so it is like the money in the game. You can earn renown in operations. Now I will talk about operators. These are like the class sets you can buy. Each one its own special ability like Fuze he has a Fuze Charge. He can put these on doors,windows, and some walls.  My favorite operator is Ash, she has a breaching round.  Here is a picture of Ash.

After all of this the main goal of the game is take the enemy out and  to  have fun. I think it is a very fun game. If you haven’t played it you should.

If you would like to see more game play click

Here  and Here

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The Snowman, Movie Review

        Earlier this month I went and saw the new thriller  The Snowman  in theaters. The movie is based off of the novel by Jo Nesbo and is about Detective Harry hole (the movie’s protagonist) who teams up with a brilliant recruit to help him with hunting down a killer known as the snowman killer, who leaves snowmen at the crime scenes where he murders his victims.  Now i’ll try not to spoil too much before I start my review but in the beginning of the movie a woman goes missing and a snowman is left at the scene. This causes Harry to remember a note he received a little while back that reads “mister police, you could’ve saved her i gave you all the clues” this causes him to remember the serial killer cases that he has solved and how some of them give you clues on how and when they take their victims. After this part in the film the rest of the film is of Harry tracking down the killer. in my personal opinion I thought the movie was pretty good but it just didn’t do very good on the delivery, but before I dig too deep on my own opinion I will give you some things that professional critics have said about The Snowman. Jonathan Pile from EMPIRE says “A case of missed opportunity. It references all the right films, but The Snowman comes off as a pale imitation.” while I would not be so harsh on the movie, I do halfway agree with what Jonathan says here. Christopher Orr from The Atlantic says, “For a while, it sinks into your bones. And then it just sinks.” this review is probably what would come closest to how I felt about the film. Now let us get into my opinion, the best way I could describe my feeling toward the movie is this, while I liked the premise and story of the movie, I felt it just failed to deliver correctly what could’ve been a great film that people would talk about for a good while. The thing that i most disliked about this movie was how it ended. It spent so much time trying to get you to know everything, it had no time to deliver a thrilling climax like I expected it to. It ended very abruptly with almost no explanation to how the climax of the movie began. There was more conflict in the first 30 minutes of the movie than in the climax where, I feel should be the most conflict to make a great drama/thriller like this movie was supposed to be. Now remember these are just opinions so do not think of them as how you should view the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie and aren’t planning on seeing it, I highly think you should, it is a very good movie it just has a few weak points. To wrap it all up The snowman had potential but, to me, did not live up to the expectations I thought it would.

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Jr. High Cross Country

No timeouts, No halftimes, No benches.  Welcome to my world, in my world we run fast, we push ourselves to the limit, we run until we are gasping for air,  until our muscles are aching, until we push ourselves to the max, because thats who we are…  This is Cross Country.  

Cross-Country-Symbol.gif (350×230)


                                 In meets, Jr. High runs 2 miles. Our goal is to get higher places and to get personal records, also know as a P.R. The Jr. High Girls Team consisted of Allison, Tayla, Chloe, Kaleigh, and Hallie.  Jr. High Boys had Jude. S (me), Jude. B, Drew, Logan, Mason, Vash, and Jaden.  Our practices range from, “I can do this” to, “I might die from this.”  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have intervals where we run harder so we can get used to meets so we don’t have to take breaks.   On Mondays and Wednesdays we either run 40 min or 4-5 laps around the school perimeter which is 0.9 miles. We do all of that training to run at the meets where we run 2 miles with no water and we have to run against SO MANY other Cross Country runners.At meets, we line up in our box at the starting line and when the official shoots the fake gun, we start running and the games begin… Yay. We usually run at school grounds but we always go through the woods on the school grounds at least once a meet such as Backwoods which was really in the woods there.  The Backwoods 2 Miler was a race in the woods, but it was also  like a festival with lots of stands where people can buy things like the Pumpkin Show. The only time we don’t run at a meet is if there is thunder outside or as you are wondering, a natural disaster.  We run in the rain, in the fog, when it’s hot and when it’s cold. I have really enjoyed Cross Country because it pushes your mental state where you are blocking tons of pain away. I’ve learned that I just like running and although I am really sad that the season is gone, there is always next year!

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Decades Day

At Mcdowell this week,we are doing Spirit Week.  Today, Thursday, just happened to be Decades Day, where you could dress up from any decade that you want.  Some students around the school dressed up in different times like the 60’s,70’s,and 80’s, while the art teacher Mrs. Helsel went above and beyond, and pictured also (left to right) are Maris, Jerica, and Andrew “Harambe”.


ISM was a group started this year by David Williamson and Logan Seymour. Every Wednesday we meet in Mr. Sveteks room and Mr. Forte is our adult supervisor. AIn this after school group we learn about God and his word through reading the Bible, watching videos and playing on quizizz.

Hat Day!

This week at McDowell is spirit week. We are celebrating the last week of school filled with fun creative ways to show our spirit. This Tuesday was “Hat day” and students got to show their personalities with their creative hats. It was a very fun way to show the students to be creative with their style and to try something new. I think this is a great way to end the school year.