Useful Extensions!

Useful Extensions

1. Quick Shortcuts

The extension “Quick Shortcuts” allows you to access pretty much anything at the click of your cursor including the extension’s manager, downloads manager, bookmarks manager, settings, and more. This extension makes everything easy to access from your history to being able to enable experimental features. Download Now

2. Flash Player

The extension “Flash Player” allows you to load sites and games that can’t be loaded through the Google search engine. The “Flash Player” also allows you to download the games, music and sites to your own personal “Flash”. Download Now

3. Click&Clean

The extension “Click&Clean” allows you to access literally everything at the click of your cursor. This includes accessing your history, cache, downloads, extensions, cookies, incognito, memory, privacy tests, plug-ins, experiments, network stacks, DNS, crashes, password generator, and even options so you can customize your chrome experience. Download Now

4. Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts)

The extension “Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts)” allows you to set your own custom shortcuts that can access every site and/or extension that you set it to. This extension also allows you to update chrome to its latest version so you can experience the best of chrome. Download Now

5. HackNotice

The extension “HackNotice” allows you to watch over your sites and make sure that no viruses or bugs are being linked to your sites. This extension also lets you know when someone is trying to hack your site and gives you their current location and IP address so you may report them or you could completely shut down their computer and take all of their data. Download Now

6. Encoder/Decoder

The extension “Encoder/Decoder” allows you to encode or decode web addresses, URLs, or any other site link. This shows you if there is anything wrong with the link or any bugs or viruses were linked to that website/link. Download Now

7. Pop Up Blocker For Chrome

The extension “Pop Up Blocker For Chrome” blocks any and all advertisements from showing up on the websites you visit except YouTube. It also allows you to bring back the advertisements if you would like to. Download Now

8. Adblock For YouTube

The extension “Adblock For YouTube” blocks all advertisements on YouTube and saves you a lot of time as well. Download Now

9. Google Dictionary

The extension “Google Dictionary” allows you to find the definition of any word at any time on any website you are on. Download Now


McDowell Media’s Skype Call to Australia

Between the months of August and December, McDowell Media participated in the Student Blogging Challenge.  The Student Blogging challenge led us to a lot of fun activities and awesome opportunities.  One of those awesome opportunities included a Skype call to Kathleen Morris!  If you didn’t know, Kathleen Morris is the leader of the Student Blogging Challenge.  Kathleen is also a tech coach in a new Australian school.  McDowell Media’s writers were given an opportunity to Skype with Kathleen and her 1st grade class in Australia.  During that Skype call, we asked questions back and forth.  We learned that Australian students, during our winter break, would be on their summer break.  We also learned that the government in Australia allows them to play educational Mine craft during the school day.  While we were learning new things about each other we were also having an amazing time.  McDowell Media would be delighted to have another opportunity like this one.

Down below are some pictures of McDowell Media during the Skype call.





Holiday Shopping Event

Merry Christmas everyone. Friday is McDowell’s Holiday Shopping Event. At this spectacular event, there will be many items to choose from. Oh yeah, did I mention that everything is just a dollar? There will be lots of different kinds of items including Notebooks, Mom gifts, Dad gifts, Toddler gifts, Pet gifts and lots of other things. Here is a PowToon that I made explaining it a bit more. Come to the Holiday Shopping Event!




Letter To Alex

As part of the student blogging challenge for week 9, it is all about coding. I chose to write a letter to Alex who is a 17-year-old blind coder. It was so interesting to me that he is an accessibility developer and system administrator!

Hi Alex!
My name is Sophie and I live in Ohio located in the United States. I am a 7th grader at McDowell Middle School. I have a few questions for you. For one do you have to use a special keyboard to type? Does being blind get in the way of what you do, or does it not affect you? Lastly, how did you start doing coding for a living? So those are all my questions and I think you are such an inspiration to viewers of all ages! Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you again in the future! As an addition, our advanced language arts class has a blog. I encourage you to check it out if you get the time. Our blog is at http://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/



Letter To Alex

Alex is a blind coder that codes for edu blogs.

Learn more about Alex here 

Hello Alex, I’m Durke I live in Ohio and I thought it was very cool that you could code. I attempted coding for this weeks challenge and I could not understand it at all. Its amazing that your an advanced coder that codes for a large company. If I could choose a teacher to teach me about coding it would be you. I truly think that you are very good at coding with your blindness.

Sincerely, Durke



Sawyer’s week 8 task

Why the new look?

Happy holidays! You are probably wondering why my website looks so festive, well, my site looks like this because of the week 8 blogging challenge. The challenge was to talk about our favorite celebration. Mine, as you can see is Christmas and I decided to do task 3, spice up my website. Some people from other countries may think this is weird but, in the United States of America we get snow around Christmas time (in some places). You also my have noticed that my avatar has changed, I changed it to make it look more festive. Happy holidays!


Christmas traditions

Christmas Celebrations

     At McDowell we get about 2 weeks off of school for Christmas.  During this break I spend time with my family and friends. At my house we have a lot of Christmas traditions.  These include going to see the Zoo Lights, driving around neighborhoods looking at the lights, decorating the house, making Christmas cookies, watching our favorite Christmas movies, playing in the snow, and opening presents with my whole family.
     In addition to all of these wonderful traditions all the kids in my family have a very sneaky and special tradition.  On Christmas morning my brother wakes all the kids up very early. Once he gets us woken up we run downstairs and look at all the presents we got.  After that, we wake up all of the adults and open up our presents together. What time do you wake up on Christmas morning?
      Another tradition we have involves ornaments for the Christmas tree.  Every year my mom lets my sister and I pick out (or make) a special ornament.  Last year during Christmas we made ornaments for my uncle and brother that have passed away.  The ornaments were a great addition to our tree and I hope that we never lose them. Do you have any special ornaments?
     As I said before every Christmas my family and I watch Christmas movies.  One of my family’s favorite movies is “A Christmas Story”. Another one of our favorites are all of the “Home Alone” movies.  Does your family have a favorite Christmas movie?
     Something else that we do around Christmas is go see the zoo lights.  The zoo lights go on for almost the whole month of December and end in the beginning of January.  Last year we were in an exhibit and I got lost.  My mom couldn’t find me and it was really scary.  After a few phone calls we found each other and continued with the zoo lights.
     These are some of the wonderful Christmas traditions that my family and I have.  These have been happening for a couple of years now and I hope that they can keep going.  What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


My Favorite Family Celebration

Image provided by Pixabay

For the week eight student blogging challenge I am writing about my favorite holiday along with its traditions and why this particular holiday is special to me. So to start off my favorite family celebration is Christmas.   Before Christmas day on the 25th, my whole family covers my house in decorations. We put up our two Christmas trees. We put our main Christmas tree in the living room where we keep all the presents. Our other Christmas tree is in the basement, we call it the kids Christmas tree because my sisters and I  put all our childhood or handmade ornaments on it.
Every year my grandma gets all my 13 cousins and I an ornament from the Hallmark store.  If you don’t know what the Hallmark store is, it’s basically a store based off of the Hallmark channel that has a bunch of Christmas stories whether its mysteries or love stories.  My mom and I are pretty much the only ones in my family that love Hallmark. We try our best to watch a Hallmark movie every night during their countdown to Christmas movies.
The night before Christmas my mom always gives us an early Christmas present.  Every year she gets my sisters and I matching pajamas to wear that night. We watch a Christmas movie or read The Night Before Christmas in our new pajamas.
On Christmas Day my sisters and I wake up my parents around 7:00 to open presents.  First, my mom has to have her coffee or else she will be grouchy all day. Then we go and open stockings. After we open stockings we open our actual presents.  My mom gets us something we want, need, to wear and to read along with some other presents.
After we are done opening presents we have a small lunch and head over to my grandma’s house.  All my 13 cousins, aunts and uncles are there to open stockings that my grandma gets us. It’s usually filled with small items such as gift cards, fuzzy socks, and candy.
At the end of the day, we have a huge Christmas meal.  It’s a good bonding time to talk with my cousins and catch up.  Some of my cousins live in Dayton, Ohio about 2 hours away from where we live and don’t see them very often.
It’s all fun and games until we have to head back home after a long day.  My sisters and I usually fall asleep on the way home from my grandmas because we live an hour away. When we get home we crash into bed in a snap.  We wake up the next day realizing that we have to wait 365 days until Christmas Day comes back around.




My Favorite Holiday Tradition🎄

This image was found on Pixel Free Images

For the student blogging challenge we were given different tasks and the one I chose was to write about my favorite family tradition! Christmas is a time when hot cocoa, snowflakes and the many traditions of families come about and are waiting to be celebrated although, we have many traditions in my family I will tell you about my overall favorite. That special tradition is decorating my Mamaws and Papaws tree. Even though it may seem not so special it’s really just the chance to spend time with my grandparents and family all together. That is my favorite part along with my Mamaw’s corn flake candy! We do this tradition usually around late November.
The tradition all got started like this, my family and I were going up to my grandparents house to celebrate my Papaw’s birthday which is close to the last day of November. We got up, ate cake give him our presents and while we were doing all this we realized how hard it was raining, along with the temperature dropping. Now of course I was little, so I don’t really remember it but I do remember going out to the car and almost falling because of how icy it was. We ended up staying the night up there because there was no possible way my Mamaw or Papaw was letting my Mom drive home. So we were watching old Christmas movies when my Mamaw disappeared for a minute then came back out with all her ornaments and said well since you’re stuck here might as well help me decorate for Christmas, so that is how are tradition got started!
So now every year my Mom, Sister and I go up to my Mamaw Sharon and Papaw Chuck’s house around late December, and we get all of their decorations out. My Mom and Papaw bring the tree up from the basement and into the sun room where my Mamaw already has the fire going with a Hallmark movie on in the background, and Christmas music playing too! My Sister and Papaw start putting on the lights and every year my Papaw of course always comments on how amazing his lights look. By the time those two are done commenting on how great it looks and attempting not to get the dogs tangled with the lights. My Mom and I have gotten all the ornaments out and ready for decorating.
My Mamaw has ancient ornaments that were her Mom’s, so we always put those on first then we decorate by family and homemade ornaments then we put up the ornaments my Mamaw liked and bought. Cause you can never have to many ornaments right! Finally, when we are done decorating, my Mamaw has hot chocolate and corn flake candy on the stand table waiting for us to get our Hallmark movie marathon started!
By this time my Papaw is going to bed because he always says all u need is the first and last five minutes of one Hallmark movie and you’ve got a 2-hour movie and you’ve got it summarized. So he doesn’t watch them with us. Which is ok because we have girl time, and we usually only watch a few then end up falling asleep anyways but it’s still really fun. My family has done this tradition since I was really little and it is most definitely favorite, it’s really fun and I love getting time to spend with my family close to Christmas!