Jr. High Cross Country

No timeouts, No halftimes, No benches.  Welcome to my world, in my world we run fast, we push ourselves to the limit, we run until we are gasping for air,  until our muscles are aching, until we push ourselves to the max, because thats who we are…  This is Cross Country.  

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                                 In meets, Jr. High runs 2 miles. Our goal is to get higher places and to get personal records, also know as a P.R. The Jr. High Girls Team consisted of Allison, Tayla, Chloe, Kaleigh, and Hallie.  Jr. High Boys had Jude. S (me), Jude. B, Drew, Logan, Mason, Vash, and Jaden.  Our practices range from, “I can do this” to, “I might die from this.”  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have intervals where we run harder so we can get used to meets so we don’t have to take breaks.   On Mondays and Wednesdays we either run 40 min or 4-5 laps around the school perimeter which is 0.9 miles. We do all of that training to run at the meets where we run 2 miles with no water and we have to run against SO MANY other Cross Country runners.At meets, we line up in our box at the starting line and when the official shoots the fake gun, we start running and the games begin… Yay. We usually run at school grounds but we always go through the woods on the school grounds at least once a meet such as Backwoods which was really in the woods there.  The Backwoods 2 Miler was a race in the woods, but it was also  like a festival with lots of stands where people can buy things like the Pumpkin Show. The only time we don’t run at a meet is if there is thunder outside or as you are wondering, a natural disaster.  We run in the rain, in the fog, when it’s hot and when it’s cold. I have really enjoyed Cross Country because it pushes your mental state where you are blocking tons of pain away. I’ve learned that I just like running and although I am really sad that the season is gone, there is always next year!

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Decades Day

At Mcdowell this week,we are doing Spirit Week.  Today, Thursday, just happened to be Decades Day, where you could dress up from any decade that you want.  Some students around the school dressed up in different times like the 60’s,70’s,and 80’s, while the art teacher Mrs. Helsel went above and beyond, and pictured also (left to right) are Maris, Jerica, and Andrew “Harambe”.


ISM was a group started this year by David Williamson and Logan Seymour. Every Wednesday we meet in Mr. Sveteks room and Mr. Forte is our adult supervisor. AIn this after school group we learn about God and his word through reading the Bible, watching videos and playing on quizizz.

Hat Day!

This week at McDowell is spirit week. We are celebrating the last week of school filled with fun creative ways to show our spirit. This Tuesday was “Hat day” and students got to show their personalities with their creative hats. It was a very fun way to show the students to be creative with their style and to try something new. I think this is a great way to end the school year.

Mid State League Track Meet!

For the McDowell track team, all of our hard work builds up for the biggest meet of the year, which is Mid State League or MSL for short.  MSL is when all 9 teams in the area come together and compete for the title of MSL champion. This was the last meet of the year, so the team put forth their best effort last night and it all payed off.  The McDowell girls team placed 4th out of 9 teams and the boys places 9th.  A couple of highlights from MSL included some phenomenal performances including 8th grader Allyson Cotton placing 1st in ALL of her events and tieing the school record in the pole vault, 8th grader Emma Conley coming back from an injury and throwing the shot put and discus and she placed high in both events even after being hurt for a while, 8th grader Riley Shultz placing 1st in the high jump and 3rd in the 400 meter dash, myself, 7th grader Annie Karshner placed 1st in both of my events which is the shot put and discus and was only 5 inches away from breaking the school record in the shot put, and our 4×400 relay teams running their hearts out in the pouring rain last night.  We ended the season with a lot to be proud of! Go Braves!

For full results to the MSL track meet, visit http://www.baumspage.com/trackms/msl/buckeye//2017/2017%20Results.htm

“Orphan Boy”

One day I get news that he has to move to a different school from my orphanage. I don’t even want to go to school. I’m lost. The only thing I had at my other school was basketball and my friend Jacob that I played basketball with and no one else liked me. If you were even wondering my name is Luke…

This new school I have to go to is called Evert’s High. I’ll never be able to play basketball there all those kids are good and they killed us when we played them. Everyone is going to think I’m the “new kid” and no one will talk to me just like my last school.

The next day I wake up and was so tired. I spent my night last night thinking about what I would do today and if I would even tryout for the basketball team this year for my new school. I finally decided that I would tryout and work my hardest before then.

I spent days, weeks and hours practicing, watching NBA highlights and especially working on my shot. I was pretty good with both hands and could dribble pretty well. My defense was not that good but practice that with everything else. I was finally within a week of tryouts and ready to go my hardest.

The days pasted and I keep working but today was the day that I had been working for for weeks. I was every confident now that I would make the team. School had been going pretty good and especially better than I had thought it would. The kids there actually did talk to me and I wished I’d gone here in the first place, but then I wouldn’t have met Jacob. This was the first time I had thought about him since I had left my other school. I had new friends and I could talk with Jacob sometime else in the future.

I came into the gym and was ready to get a spot on the team. There were 15 kids there. We started tryouts and did lots of drills until the end. At the end we played 5 on 5 and had 5 subs while the coaches talked about who was going to make the team. We played for about 10 minutes and then coach called us in and pulled us into the locker room 3 by 3 to tell us if we made the team. All the sudden I herd my name being called… I was the first one to be called. My stomach dropped as I walked to the locker room. Coach gave us a little speech about hard work and then told us. I came out of that locker room with the best feeling I have ever had in the last few months. All the hard work had officially payed off, I had made the team.

4 months latter… We ended the season not how we wanted to but you can’t win everyone. I got plenty of playing time and made friends on the team. I had gone to bed one night and thought about how lucky I was to make the team and that this school was actually not that bad. I was still at the orphanage and one day a very nice couple came to the orphanage and adopted me! They brought me to their house and over a few years I fit in perfect. These years will be the years I remember for the rest of my life and tell my kids about when I get older. Everything had ended up ok…



Friday the 13th!

Hello everyone, notice anything spooky about today? No I’m not talking about how close we are to the Presidential Inauguration. I’m talking about Friday the 13th! Many believe this day is cursed, for instance, in British tradition, Friday was the conventional day for public hangings, and there were supposedly 13 steps leading up to the noose! Also, did you know there is actually a word for the fear of Friday the 13th? It’s called paraskevidekatriaphobia, from Παρασκευή Paraskevi, Greek for Friday! Anyway, today I am going to tell you about some freaky movies that are actually based on true events!

1. The Exorcist (1973)
The exorcist is actually based on a book that is based on the real life events of a boy named Ronald Doe who was possessed by demons in 1949. The exorcism was so horrifying that books were written about people who just witnessed it!

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2. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
The makers of A Nightmare on Elm Street were inspired by Laotian refugees who died in throes of a nightmare. The medical report say there was nothing physically wrong with them, spooky!

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3. Child’s Play (1988)
The script of Child’s play was based on a nurse who put a voodoo curse on author Robert Eugene Otto which transformed one of his childhood dolls into a nighttime menace! We’ve all seen scary movies based on dolls, but knowing this one existed is extra creepy (As I’m writing this in my bedroom I am looking over my shoulder because I feel someone is watching me, yikes!)

This is the actual doll Chucky is based off of!

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4. Amityville Horror (2005)
Amityville Horror is based on the real life events of the Lutz family in Amityville who moved into a house where a mass murder had been committed the year before. If you haven’t watched the movie I recommend it to you, it’s pretty scary but a good movie!

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New Years Resolutions

Its a new year of 2017 and that means New Year’s Resolutions. In this blog post I will be writing about my new years resolution. I will also be writing some facts about the tradition.

I’ve never made new years resolutions before in the past, but I decided to make some this year. One of my new years resolutions is to be more confident in myself. Last year my confidence level was really low, including when I was playing sports. I just hope that this year I would be more confident. The last new years resolution I have to complete this year is to be more of myself around people. When people first meet me they might think that I’m a quiet girl that doesn’t take a lot, but in reality I’m the complete opposite. When you get to know me you would know that I am not a quiet person and I’m very talkative.

There isn’t very many people who make new years resolutions. Only 45% of Americans usually make new years resolutions, 17% of  Americans infrequently make new years resolutions, and 38% of Americans absolutely never make new years resolutions. 8% of Americans are successful in achieving their resolutions, 49% of Americans have infrequent success, and 24% of Americans never succeed and fail on achieving their new years resolutions. The top ten most used  new years resolutions is lose weight, getting organized, send less and save more money, enjoy life to the fullest, stay fit and healthy, learn something exciting, quit smoking, help others in their dreams, fall in love, and spend more time with family.

That was my new year’s resolutions and facts about the New Year’s Eve and New year’s Day tradition. I am really hoping that 2017 will be a good year and I want this year to be even better than last year.

Image from https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/new-year-2017-celebration-background-confetti.html