Student Spotlight

Every few months teachers at McDowell will change out the Student Spotlight.  The Student Spotlight is a piece of black paper with two yellow spotlights on it, in each spotlight is a picture of a student and a paragraph or two about them and what they do.  The current students are Timothy (Tim) Miller and Tayla Tootle.   Tim is a wrestler for Logan Elm.  He won 2nd place in the Mid-State League Buckeye Division Wrestling Tournament.  Tim also plays soccer.  Tayla is a gymnast.  She has been in gymnastics for nine years now and is a level six gymnast.  She competes on vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor.  She has made it to nationals a few times before.  They were in Tampa Bay, Florida  and Savannah Georgia.  Tayla said that gymnastics has taught her many things, one of them being how to manage her time.  Now the question is, who will be the next Student Spotlight?

New Year Resolutions?

        A lot of people make new year resolution.  At McDowell all of the students made some.  We cut out and colored a piece of paper with 2018 written in bold on it.  In the number 2 it said, “Two things I will accomplish in 2018:”.  There was a wide variation in answers but some are “getting good grades”, “being able to do a back flip full twist”, and “Being a straight ‘A’ student”.  Inside the  0 said, ”If you could zero in on one thing to improve on this year, what would it be?  Why?” One person said, “…doing a handstand because I always fall” while other said, “ I hope to improve my trumpet playing so I will have more fun” or even “.  The number 1 was a hard one for some people, it said ”Write about one thing you want to learn this year.” I said “Spanish because Then it will be easier for high school.”  others said, “Ice skating”, “More about technology”, “How to draw” and many more. Finally we had to fill in the 8.  The question was “ What are eight things that you look forward to this year.”  Some people said “summer vacation”, “Spring sports” and a lot of other things.  The point of this was to to make goals for yourself that you WILL complete.  Everybody had different goals for themselves, as you can see.  No ones 2018 paper was the same.  This project also let us express our inner creativity.  I you had to make a New Year resolution what would it be?  Leave a comment to let us know.


Activity 3-Poem From Picture

 As night begins to rise and the Sun says good night               564760869                                                 The man leaves his room to go out and sit

And staring at the sunset that always does right

He just can’t comprehend the beauty of it

As he pulls up his hands to prevent the cold

He squeezes as tight as he can

And he stares at the stars, unbelievably old

That have always towered over the land

As he sits on the hill, tired is he,

For he’s no longer a young man

He sits with the stars, just them and he

And stays there as long as he can

He has no regrets, just him and his hill

He feels no sadness up there

And he sits on the ground, content and still

And time takes his life with that stare

So remember this man, content and patient

That stayed there, with the stars and the hill

With the amazing sunset, beautiful and ancient

And the sadness he never did feel




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Finish My Story!

My safe place.  My favorite run away spot.  My swing, I’ve gone here since I was just a little kid.  This is where I go to find some peace once in a while.  if you wanted to know, which not many people do, but my name is Scarlet.  Sometimes I even sneak out to just sit on this little swing to just, you known, think. screenshot-2016-10-25-at-12-42-58-pm Trying to think with three other people living in the house was just not working out, so I come out here to clear my head.  Today has been rough because my friend and I got in a huge fight about silly little things, but she still refuses to talk to me.  This swing was the last place my mom took me before “it” happened.  Only here is where I still feel like she isn’t gone, that she didn’t leave me.  It’s just something about that place that makes everything alright.  You probably wonder what happened to my mom, so I might as well tell you.  She…..

Please finish my story!  I need the ending to this story for it to be great.  Please do not use any short cuts to words.  Comment down below and invite others please!

All Alone


On a snowy morning in Anchorage, Alaska I was walking through the forest to gather some pictures for a project at  school when I heard something move in the trees. Usually I’m not very curious but when I heard this I was hoping to see some kind of unique animal. I slowly glided through the snow hoping to be pleasantly surprised, when I stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there behind that tree was a person, I was paralyzed! I live very far away from civilization, actually I don’t even have neighbors, so you can imagine what I felt like. I quickly started running to where I thought was the direction of my house when that person started running after me. The person that was running after me caught up to me and tried stopping me but I tripped. When I got up there was a hand offering to help me up. He introduced himself as Zach and asked me my name.

“My name is Ellie” I replied. When I got up I brushed the snow off my clothes and started to ask Zach a question when he immediately cut me off.

“So I’m going to go now, I….uh need to get back home to my family.” Zach stuttered.

Well I guess I will never have a friend after all. Once I gathered all the things I dropped, I headed back home hoping some how someway I would see Zach again.

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Hey, here’s a twist I want you guys to finish my story!  Just go to the comments and give me an ending. Make sure you post your URL so I can check out some of your blogs! PLEASE make sure the ending is appropriate and don’t use ABRVS ( abbreviations ) Thanks for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it!

Zoom Out Challenge !

For the 3rd week of the student blogging challenge I decided to do activity 9, Zoom Out.  What is Zoom Out you might ask? Well, buckle up and get ready for a story, because that’s what we’re creating here! I select an image and you readers “Zoom Out” so to speak. You imagine a story revolving around the image I chose. Since I selected a Computer you could say something like “A notification dinged on the laptop.” Or something like that! Happy Story-Telling everyone!`


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Feel free to comment, but keep it PG!

2011 Japan Tsunami (Activity #4)

japan_tsunami-07-beforeShane and Marek did not expect their regular walk to the store to end in disaster. Both boys knew tsunamis were not very rare in the coasts of Japan and were tuned in the weather station. But the tsunami they were about to witness was the worst tsunami in the world.

Marek went up to the market and bought two vegetable bean cans. Then the tsunami came. Buildings were destroyed, people were stuck in cars. Marek suddenly bolted out of the store and jumped on a ladder that took him to the top of a skyscraper. But where was Shane?

Shane was stuck inside the store, when he laid his eyes on Marek. The glass building that Marek was hiding  in was shattering. Shane needed to get to his friend, but he was on the other side of the massive tsunami. But the question was: how?

Shane didn’t know what to do.  How could he get to Marek in time?  He was all the way over in that building!  But Shane did know one thing; he was going to save his friend.  He looked at the oncoming tsunami.  It may have been scary, but so was the idea of losing Marek. It was going to be almost impossible to save his best friends life.

You decide: how should the story end? Comment below!


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5 of The Best Halloween Haunted House in America

Around this time of year many people are headed to the haunted houses around them for some fun!  Sometimes though you just can’t find any place scary enough so this post might be what you’ve been looking for.  I wanted to blog about this because many peoples favorite holiday is Halloween.  Here are some of the best haunted houses here in America.  Get ready for a fright!  Warning: this post may be too much for some viewers!

  So we begin with the Basement of the Dead, even the name creeps me out, but wait till you read what comes next!  The Basement of the Dead is one of the best rated haunted houses in America, it is located in Chicago, Illinois.  This haunted house is possibly the best and scariest in America.  It’s said that a clown named Shattered, they say that his famous sledgehammer trick had gone wrong which caused his wife and partner to be killed.  He believed that it was the crowds fault for making him do one more trick.  The pain and anger from the accident ate at his soul leaving him with only evil left inside.  He finally broke and rampaged through the crowd with a swinging hammer.  After the horror was over, Shattered had killed 30 of the crowd members and 15 of his workers.  That was the very last time anyone had seen Shattered as he disappeared into the basement where rumors started that he took up praying to demons and practicing to spread his evil across the dimensions.  It’s also said that the many souls he took that night, followed him down into the dark depths. headerimage-md-bb8bd5Image found at

Next up we have Fear Factory, this place is found in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It wasn’t anything huge or important because it was just a old cement factory, but one day that changed when one of the workers stayed later for work, to oil the crusher.  His long sleeve shirt had gotten caught in the gears and he was pulled into the machiimagesne to be crushed and killed.  Many more deaths happened after this and the civilians and workers believed that the cement factory was determined to keep its gears oiled in blood.  Later on the factory claimed one more life before going silent, the man was found in a kneeling position only a few feet from the factory doors with his head missing.  The haunted house is widely known among the Utah area because of its cruel history to becoming a haunted house.  Some believe the lost souls still wander the area.

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Now we move on to the Hall of Horrors, which is located at Palmerton, Pennsylvania.  This place is extremely hardcore, this is one of the places where the actors are allowed to touch you and there’s a thing called The Blood Experience, where fake blood will splash you.  The Hall of Horrors is not the best place for easily scared people.  The actors drag themselves across floors and grab ankles! Cree037cb9f250017e918f80c5eb08a073e8py right?  Sadly, unlike the other houses, this one does not have a back story or why they started this amazingly, terrifying place.  You are guaranteed to scream your head off.




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Then we have the Nightmare New England, it is located in Litchfield, New Hampshire.  This place was first opened in 1991, soon later it was named the most terrifying horror scream park in the U.S.


They joined up with many other haunted houses and created the most terrifying park you could imagine.  They have a haunted walk, where you walk through the house then into the woods, then you hop onto the haunted hayride.  It may not seem very interesting, but I assure you, this is the worth the trip!  Unlike the one above, these actors are not allowed to touch you because their haunted house is terrifying enough without you being touched.

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Lastly we have Terror Behind Walls, this is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This is my personal favorite!  In here you have to pick before you enter the cellblock: no touch or touch?  They send you into the prison and you have to find your way to freedom.   terror-behind-the-wallsIf you chose the interactive passage then beware because some of the actors will pry the chosen one from the group and force them down passages leading to nowhere!  They may be a little rough, but it was your choice if they touched you or not.  Sometimes you may have to claw your way to freedom.  On certain nights they have a “Break Out” where ‘prisoners’ are let lose in the building and they will do anything it takes to get free.

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A Shoe for Me

school-assignment-pictureMy name is Sasha, and I’m a shoe designer. Life hasn’t been very interesting, until recently when I started receiving random shoes. I got a new shoe everyday in the mail, and each time there was a letter hastily scribbled on the bottom. At first I though it was just a joke, the local teens trying to get a kick out of messing with a shoe designer. Then I got really curious about the letters on the bottom of the shoes. I tried arranging the shoes in different ways, eager to get something out of the footwear. When I would get a new shoe I would spend hours trying to figure out the riddle of the shoes. To my disappointment, I never figured anything out. One day the shoes stopped coming.

Once I had realized that they had stopped coming I knew immediately that I had all the shoes I needed. I called off from work and sat down on the soft carpet, staring at the mountain of shoes. I started grabbing the shoes and writing down all the letters on a pad of paper. I looked at the letters, and something in my brain clicked. I sat down at my computer and booted it up.  I googled a word unscrambling program and clicked on the first one I saw. Tearing my eyes away from the glowing screen, I glanced at the dog bed by the door. My dog Soda had loved that bed and it broke my heart that she most likely wouldn’t be able to lay on it again. A few weeks back I had gone on a business trip and dropped Soda off at a friends house. Apparently that friend had a party and someone at the party had taken my dog. I talked to her as little as possible, mostly just  the occasional text asking if she had heard anything about Soda. Putting my eyes back on the screen, I punched the letters into the program and hit Unscramble.  

Dozens of phrases popped up on the page. While there were many words, only one phrase used all the letters I found your dog-Marty. I knew only one Marty, and that was Marty Moofer. I called Marty and he answered immediately. After the conversation I put all the shoes in a trash bag, Marty was going to get his shoes back. I went into my kitchen to make some lunch when I heard the door bell. I opened the door to find no one there. I didn’t see Marty, but I did see Soda. She zoomed towards me and started nosing her way back inside. I looked around more for Marty but didn’t see him. With a shrug I stepped back inside to where Soda was looking at me, begging for food. I smiled and closed the door, thankful that I got Soda back.


School Lunches in America

I love having lunch at school, because you get to eat and talk to your friends. My favorite thing about eating at school is if you don’t like something in your lunch you can trade with other people to get what you want. For example, if I have an apple in my lunch and I can’t eat it because I have braces you can barter with someone to get something you can eat like cookies.

In my school, must school lunches include, cold pizza, different types of sandwiches. Gold Fish, and other unhealthy stuff. Every once in a while, somebody will bring in Subway, or McDonald’s. That is when everybody at the table is begging the person to trade with them. Some people will even give up all their lunch for a Subway cookie. I think that is a little extreme but then again you are working hard all day at school and you do want something yummy in your tummy for all that hard work. I always thought of lunch as a reward for working hard at school. You get a break and finally talk to your friends after a long morning. When you get older, lunch becomes your recess.

So as you can see school lunches in America can be very interesting, so what I’m trying to say is, you never know what is going to come out of any lunch box. Lunches can have low trade value or high trade value. I try to pack staff in my lunch that my friends like so maybe a could trade for something that I love. You just never with American lunches.

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