The Decline of Fortnite, Maybe?

     In September of 2017 Fortnite Battle Royale was introduced, and since then it has been dominating the video game industry. Very recently, a new game came out of nowhere. This game is called Apex Legends. If you didn’t know what Apex Legends is, you’re about to find out. Apex is free to play battle royale game, similar to Fortnite, it was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA (Electronic Arts). Could Apex dethrone Fortnite, well let’s  look at the evidence.


     Like I said earlier, Fortnite has been around since September of 2017, and to many people it is getting boring. Turner Tenney, also known as Tfue and to many the best Fortnite player, claims “This game is so boring, I haven’t had much fun playing Fortnite for the past month.” Tfue is very famous, as I already stated, and when he said that you may think, “Yeah Fortnite is dead.” Although Tfue may have a great influence on some players, he is not the Fortnite community as a whole. Apex may have had a burst of players gaining 25 million players in the week of its launch. That’s a pretty big number comparing to the 40 million people that log onto Fortnite monthly.


     Very recently, Fortnite’s revenue nearly dropped 50% in one month. This may sound very negative to you, and I assure you it is, but Epic Games is still making millions of dollars so it is not the end of the world.


     Fortnite has to deal several lawsuits including Alfonso Ribeiro suing Fortnite for his dance known as the “Carlton”, Russell Horning, also known as Backpack Kid is suing Fortnite for his dance the “Floss”. Orange Shirt Kid also joins the battle of Dances for credit for his dance known as “Orange Justice”. It is unlikely that any of these cases will stand up in court. Especially Orange Shirt Kid’s case because he entered the Boogie Down Contest knowing if he won his dance would be featured in the game. Although, he didn’t win, fans were so outraged about it, Fortnite put the dance in the season four Battle Pass at tier 26. Not just Orange Justice, The Floss is technically not Russell Horning’s creation! The first time we ever saw the Floss was in 2011 in a video titled “The Mashed Potato Man”.


     You may feel all of my evidence points to the decline of Fortnite. I say no because Fortnite is a very creative game, it has the graphics that many kids enjoy with the battle royale style teenagers and young adults like. I’m not saying that Fortnite doesn’t need to make changes, it does, but the issue with “The Floss” illustrates how impossible it is to track down the original creators of the dance, so on that front Fortnite will not make any changes. Fortnite is getting better, they released “Overtime challenges” so if you complete thirteen of them you get the season eight Battle Pass completely free. Also, it has been confirmed by Epic games that the X-4 Stormwings are being vaulted at the beginning of season eight. The X-4 stormwings have been an issue since the beginning of season seven due to how unbalanced the game was. Another smart move on Fortnite’s behalf was bringing back the Tommy gun in the Unvaulted gamemode. The Tommy gun, in most opinions was the best SMG or weapon in general ever in the game so fans were very excited. So, the big question, is Fortnite dead? I say, no.


Sawyer’s Email to Alex

This is my week 9 blogging task where we were supposed to email Alex, a coder who is blind! I chose this task and here is my email…

Hi Alex,

    My name is Sawyer, I am 13 years old and I live in the USA. I am commenting to you in regards to the week 9 blogging challenge, one of the tasks is to leave a comment to you. I chose that task because I think your story is really cool. A question I have is how do you you work on a computer being blind? Also, I was was wondering what it is like to navigate everyday life being blind? That’s is it for now talk to you later.