Holiday Shopping Event

Merry Christmas everyone. Friday is McDowell’s Holiday Shopping Event. At this spectacular event, there will be many items to choose from. Oh yeah, did I mention that everything is just a dollar? There will be lots of different kinds of items including Notebooks, Mom gifts, Dad gifts, Toddler gifts, Pet gifts and lots of other things. Here is a PowToon that I made explaining it a bit more. Come to the Holiday Shopping Event!




Hour Of Code Challenge

For my Blogging Challenge I did the Hour of Code Challenge. The name of the project I did was called CodeCraft. It was sort of like Minecraft, but there were no monsters, you could not fly and you could not dig. To see my world, mess around with it, make buildings and more, click here. Once you do, first click the book button to start seeing the world and then click the play button. In this, I learned about JavaScript and how I can change my computer. I would definitely recommend it and I would give it 5 stars .Have fun and enjoy this coding! To change what you put down, go to the bottom of the code, see what you want to place and put two slashes in front of the ones you don’t want to place. (P.S. If you want to try some coding of your own in this go on to where it says //Fancy Stuff For Fun, click that and hit new file. Then if you hit the book again it gives you information for how to code.)

A video on how to play: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Vdsd350eU_crebpc39yV7ieXNhKtDGU/view


Christmas GIF

This GIF represents holiday cheer. It starts with a dark tree, then the tree progressively gets lighter. At the end is a snowman, which we make in America. It has a top hat, two buttons and a carrot nose. For the Week 6 challenge I chose to do the ‘Spice It Up’ and I did the GIF task. This is my GIF and I hope you enjoy. In order to see it click on the picture.