My letter to Alex

For the week 9 challenge on edublogs one of our options was to leave a comment to a man named Alex. He is a blind coder. This is me letter to him.

Hi Alex,

My name is Olivia and I live in Ohio. My mom is a computer teacher and she also does coding . I think it is really cool that you are coding even though you are blind. At my school we have a student and she is blind as well. She is really good at playing the piano. I think it is really amazing that you can code even with your blindness.

Best of luck,



Oh Christmas Tree

Photo taken by Olivia

Every Year my family and I celebrate Christmas together. This is a picture that I took of my brother and our Christmas tree. Every year my family and I put our Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving, which is a holiday we have in America. We have a lot of ornaments that we hang up on our Christmas tree that makes it special to just our family. On the top of our tree we have a star that is golden. This star has been in our family for a long time. Even some of the ornaments were once my great grandma and grandpa’s. There are even a few from when my mom was a kid. In this picture you can also see that there are stockings hung by our fireplace and that is because on Christmas eve when Santa comes down our chimney he fills them with goodies like candy and crazy socks. My mom always makes the best Christmas dinners and my sister, brother, and I all make cookies that are Christmas shapes and then decorate them. I chose to take this picture because I think that it shows what Christmas is like at my home. Fun with the family, a festive tree, and many other decorations. I love Christmas and it is my favorite holiday of the year.