Have you heard of the Paralympics?

As the Olympics came to an end about a week ago, the Paralympics will soon start. The Paralympics are just like the Olympics but are for people with disabilities. Most of the events are the same but some are altered due to their disabilities.

On July 29th of  1948, the day of the Opening Ceremony of the London 1948 Olympic Games, Dr. Guttmann organised the first competition for wheelchair athletes which he named the Stoke Mandeville Games, a milestone in Paralympics history. They involved 16 injured servicemen and women who took part in archery. These games later became the Paralympic Games which first took place in Rome, Italy in 1960 featuring 400 athletes from 23 countries. Since then they have taken place every four years. In 1976, the first Winter Games in Paralympics history were held in Sweden, and as with the Summer Games, have taken place every four years, and include a Paralympics Opening Ceremony and Paralympics Closing Ceremony. Sounds just like the Olympics right?

The word “Paralympic” derives from the Greek preposition “para” (beside or alongside) and the word “Olympic”. Its meaning is that Paralympics are the parallel games to the Olympics and illustrates how the two movements exist side-by-side. Some events are wheelchair rugby, boccia, wheelchair tennis, powerlifting, wheelchair fencing, goalball, and wheelchair basketball.  

Paralympics sound pretty cool right? The Paralympics were kind of like to let people with disabilities dream or let them do what they want to do. Jody Cundy, a cycler, has already been and competed in the Paralympics and wrote this ”It is just a bike race, but it is probably the most important bike race I have ever raced in. No one’s died, it just feels like they have.”  I normally don’t watch the Paralympics but I think I will this year.

Let The Olympic Games Begin

Every 2 years country’s all around the world come together and play games called the Olympic Games. There are the Winter Olympic Games and the Summer Olympic Games. They both have different sports to play and have different people to play the games. The Olympic’s take place at a different country every time. The Olympic’s take place in Pyeongchang ,and that is in South Korea. There are 43 Summer Olympic Games and 15 Winter Olympic Games. There are always records being set and athletes being pushed to limits. The Olympic’s are fun and exciting to watch, there might be a huge crash or a really close race, but one thing is for sure, athletes will show their skills to the world. All the world will see what kind of athletes are all around the world.

NBA Review

The NBA season is just getting underway and there has been a lot of changes to the teams this year. That is what I am going to be writing about and I will also be writing about the NBA summer league and as well as the NBA draft.

The offseason started off with the NBA Draft. The Draft was on June 22ed at 7:00.  In my opinion, the draft was a great success. The teams who had the top picks in the draft were, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the third pick in the draft was made by the Boston Celtics. The 76ers took Markelle Fultz in the 1st pick in the draft. Markelle was a guard from the University of Washington. The second pick of the draft the LA Lakers picked Lonzo Ball. Lonzo was also a guard, he played for UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). I will talk more about him later on in the reading. Then with the third pick in the draft, the Boston Celtics pick Jayson Tatum. Jayson was a forward out of the University of Duke.

The second thing that happened in the offseason was the NBA Summer League. The NBA Summer League is for players who are rookies or for second-year players. There are three leagues in this. There is the Orlando, Utah, and Las Vegas league. The Orlando league is for NBA teams from the east coast team. The Utah league is for teams for the Midwest teams. Then finally the Las Vegas league is for the teams on the west coast.

The summer league ran from July 1st to July 17th. There are a total of 13 games spread throughout these dates. The points leader for this year was Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. The rebound leader is Matt Costello from the Minnesota Timberwolves. And finally, the assist leader is Lonzo Ball from the Los Ange Lakers. Then there is named an MVP (most valuable player) who was the best players out of all the players in the league, and that player was Lonzo Ball.

There has been a lot of changes this offseason to this year’s teams. From the NBA draft to the NBA summer league. Also, don’t forget there’s still a lot of time to go this NBA season.

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Natural Disasters

    Over the past few months, weeks, days, there have been many natural disasters. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires have caused massive destruction in North America. You are probably wondering what has caused these disasters and different scientists have different theories.Related image   One of the first of the many natural disasters of this year were hurricanes. The first hurricane was Hurricane Harvey. Harvey made landfall on the evening of August 25th as a category 4 hurricane on the United States. It was the first category 4 hurricane since Hurricane Charley in 2004. The storm brought raging winds, heavy rainfall, and a powerful storm surge while hitting the Gulf Coast of Mexico, Texas, and its surrounding states. Experts were estimating up to $180 billion in damages. The second hurricane was a category 5 hurricane also known as Hurricane Irma. It hit Florida the morning of September 10th ripping off roofs, flooding coastal cities, and knocking out power to more than 6.8 million people. The damage estimate was up to $100 billion. The last hurricane I’m going to talk about is Hurricane Maria. Maria hit Puerto Rico on September 20th as a category 4 storm. As of October 2nd, the island was still without power as food and water supplies decrease, flights in and out are extremely limited, and hospitals are damaged. Maria was the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in more than 80 years and the damage estimated from $40 billion to $80 billion in debt. Scientists believe that the hurricanes were caused by human-caused climate change.                                                                                                                               The last two natural disasters that have happened recently are earthquakes and wildfires. In Mexico City, on September 19th a 7.1 magnitude earthquake toppled dozens of buildings. At least 60 buildings collapsed or were greatly damaged, according to officials. Before the earthquake, the residents requested inspections of their homes but did not receive them. Now after the earthquake, officials have recruited engineers and architects to inspect structures around the city. Some buildings were massively destroyed and others had only problems of broken windows or walls with holes and cracks. In Northern California, on October 8th wildfires broke out destroying many homes, towns, and people. According to the California Department of Forestry this wildfire is one of the deadliest in state history and they are doing everything they can to stop it. One method they used was controlled fire. The firefighters created a line of controlled fire to try to control the wildfire which makes it easier on the fighters to stop it. Another method they used was hotshots and water. Hotshots or smoke jumpers are used to clear a large path or big circle so the blaze is contained in a ring of dirt to starve the fire. These were the most major disasters in 2017, some people have even set up donation websites like American Red Cross , Brother’s Brother Foundation and Global Giving.         

Image from protect-your-home.org  

Super Bowl 51

The country of America has many things it’s known for, but there is one thing that plays a big part in the American culture.  Football is an American sport that plays a part in American culture.  The season starts with 32 teams battling for a spot in the playoffs.  Every team has a shot to get into the playoffs, but only a few rise up to part of an amazing championship game called the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl first started in the year of 1967 on the day of January 15 and took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  Two teams of the teams that they had back then had fought in this epic competition.  The Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs were the two teams that had defeated the other teams.  The Packers ended up destroying the Chiefs with a score of 35, while the Chiefs only had a score of 10.

Now you may think that American football is just like any other normal sport with competitions that are random teams going up against each other, but it’s not.  The National Football League (NFL) is what we call pro football.  It consists of many different leagues inside of it.  So, American football is planned and not just random teams going up against each other.  The Super Bowl is a battle between the AFC and the NFC.  During a seasons teams that are part of the NFC can’t play teams that are part of the AFC in the playoffs.  Inside of these two leagues are four smaller leagues that consist of four teams.  For example, the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are part of the NFC South and those teams will play each other until time for the playoffs.  NFC South is just on league in the NFC.

It takes a lot of hard work to get into the playoffs.  To get into the playoffs your team has to have more wins than the other teams but even if you don’t have more wins a team can still get into the playoffs if another team does worse than them.  Six teams from the AFC and six teams from the NFC get into the playoffs each year.  Imagine how hard it would be to get into the Super Bowl, but each year two teams get into the battle for the NFL championship game.

This year of 2017 it is the fifty first Super Bowl.  Super Bowl 51 (LI) is a battle between the AFC East’s New England Patriots and the NFC South’s Atlanta Falcons.  This amazing game is going to be at the Houston, Texans  Astrodome stadium and it is called the Reliant Stadium.  There is an estimated 71, 795 people going to show up and watch the game live at the stadium.

The famous quarterback, Matt Ryan, of the Falcons is going for Most Valuable Player in the whole NFL.  The New England, Patriots have a very great offense as well as a great a great defense, but the Falcons are considered to have the best offense.  The Atlanta Falcons are looking for their first Super Bowl win of all time, while the Patriots are looking for their fifth Super Bowl win.  The best offense versus the best defense as some people would put it.

The Good, the Bad, and the Black Friday

Image result for Black Friday fightsLet’s start by saying Black Friday is ridiculous. Black Friday is a mostly America ritual. It’s the day after Thanksgiving when all the stores mark down prices for Christmas. There have been 10 deaths and 105 very serious injuries. It’s quite strange how we go from giving thanks to brutally beating and hurting another human. These are the top three Black Friday stories.

#1. A story was told about a woman in Walmart who had a bad temper and a can of mace. CNN reported this on live television on November 26, 2011. It turned into a race to get the newest Xbox  games, people were doing literally anything to get to the rack of games. When suddenly a woman who was to far in the back started fighting her way up, with mace. The worst part about this scenario was that everyone was so packed together that people couldn’t get out to wash their eyes. In the video, a woman was sprayed in the eyes. She literally had to start screaming her head off to get through the crowd. The woman with the can of mace later turned herself in the day after.

#2. In 2008, probably one of the most famous but horrible things happened during Black Friday. A worker that they had only hired for the Black Friday event, named Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death. The group of shoppers had sat and waited all day to come in the store. When it was time they all rushed in and tramped Jdimytai and an a woman that was eight months pregnant. Fortunately the woman survived, sadly Jdimytai was pronounced dead after 4 hours of being hospitalized.  

#3. This Black Friday story is the saddest in my opinion. This happened at a Toys R Us in California. Two men were fighting over the new best toy for their children. After a little bit of a brawl one of the men pulled a gun, so the other did as well. What eventually happened was they had shootout. The shootout ended up with both men dead. Right in front of their kids. It really shows how low the human race can become.

I know these can kind of be bumming but just keep these stories in mind. You don’t want to be any of these people. And it’s sad to think that any of this happened over the “Best deals” when things are marked down 5%. I do believe that you should be aggressive at Black Friday but do you really want to kill someone for a toaster?  You can be a good shopper by being the bigger guy or gal. Let me know in the comments if you guys have any insane, weird or downright crazy Black Friday stories!

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The Presidential Election

The Presidential Election
american-flag-images-12.jpg (4096×2304)

   “We will make America great again!” This is a quote from presidential candidate Donald Trump. The presidential candidates have a very interesting background (some of them might need background checks) and here I will tell you all about the candidates, even though almost 50% of citizens don’t like either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

   Republican Donald Trump is the one candidate that no one expected to be in competition for the next president of the United States. Mr. Trump plans to lower the taxes and will be more aggressive to other countries. (As you might have heard, he is supposedly building a wall on Mexico’s border.)  He is a very successful businessman. He lives in a 58 story tower located in Manhattan, New York. (Which is the same building as his companies.) His companies are called “The Trump Organization” and “Trump Entertainment Resorts.” He was the host of hit T.V. show “The Celebrity Apprentice”.  According to CNN, Donald Trump has been famous for over 40 years (now age 70), starting with directing a broadway play, which only lasted about ten weeks before going out of business. He did not give up. He went on to be one of the most famous and successful people in American history.

   Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 in Park Ridge, Illinois. She plans to raise the taxes and she is a liberal (anti-gun). Hillary went to Yale University.  She has been part of a political family, including herself. Her husband Bill Clinton was the president from 1993-2001. Meanwhile, Hillary was the Secretary of State from 2009-2013. Most put her over Donald Trump.

   Now, onto the third party candidates. I’ll start with Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson. Gary Earl Johnson was born on January 1st, 1953 in North Dakota. He went to the University of New Mexico and later went on to be the two- term governor of New Mexico. But before that he started a construction company, which later became a multi- million enterprise. He is a conservative and supports nuclear power. Although he is only getting an average of about 6% of the American vote in the polls, he is considered the right choice for some people.

   The last, and last-for-a-reason candidate, Jill Stein. Jill Stein was born May 14, 1960, which makes her 66 years old. She is a Green Party candidate and in the past she was a medical doctor.  Her opinion is that guns are more likely to cause injury than to defend people and others.” Mrs. Stein also supports abortion and the legalization of drugs. She is put last because she is getting under 5% in the polls, though some people think that she would fit perfect in the top spot.    

   To conclude this article, the presidential election will be a tight race. If you know me then you already know who I like better (It was extremely hard for me to not voice my opinion). Dean Koontz once said: “Somebody asked me about the current choice we were given in the presidential election. I said, well, it’s like the two of the scariest movies I can imagine.”  That explains this election perfectly.

The Election!

      Ah, the election. I am not here to convince you to vote for Trump or Clinton. I will try not to be bias, but if I am being bias please comment and tell me.  Many people stand in a awkward position. Many people want to not vote. I have seen that Trump many of us know that our economy is biased in many aspects. But before I get into that, let us talk about policies.

The debate nowadays is just two people that are bad politicians digging up bad things about each other. Trump, according to Channel One News, will raise minimum wage to 10$/hour, but Hillary will raise the minimum wage to 12$/hour. But hold your horses people, I am not on Clinton’s side, nor Trump. If we raise the minimum wage, prices will just raise drastically. 

One thing that people feel is a real danger is ISIS. They kill people and need to be dealt with. Both candidates agree with exterminating ISIS. Donald Trump will deal with them by taking there riches and oil, (according to deadline.com). Clinton will destroy ISIS by working with the rebels, according to herself.

But let me talk about the biased economy. This is a compliant between republicans. At the debate, news reporters are the people asking the questions. A study shows that every White House reporter is democrat. So the debate may be unfair in many peoples eyes. The other complaint republicans have is that when politicians say something is free for someone, it is paid for by someone else. That statement is true, both sides can agree.

Democrat complaints are as far as racism, which is thought to be a huge problem between everyone, and right that single women get more medicare for free. That is a good idea in democrat’s mind because the single mom cannot afford healthcare for her children.

  Who do you think would be a better president and why? comment below!

Professional Soccer Highlights-Scores-Results

download298059ca723b94f8e1ac564b611a48bcHey reader today I will be talking about Professional Soccer.  In this I will tell you scores, highlights, and results of Professional Soccer. Some of the teams I will tell you about are The Columbus Crew and LA Galaxy. Those teams are in a league called MLS. I will also talk about teams that are not in that league. The league these teams are in is called Barclays Premier League. For example Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United.  You will hear me talk about more of the teams not in MLS because the teams that are not in that league are from out of the country and are more skilled at soccer.

First off I will tell you some of the teams that are in the Barclays Premier League. Real Madrid: finished 6-0-4, Barcelona: finished 10-2-1, Mancester United: finished 4-3-1. Now I will tell you about some of the main highlights of this season. Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo does bicycle kick in to the goal against Levante.ronaldo9

Next is Barcelona. Neymar Jr. rainbows over opponent to get a goal. This goal was against Real Madrid.


Finally I will show you a highlight from Machester United. Pogba goes for a goal against Stoke city and bends the ball from behind the 18 yard line in to the goal.


Now I will talk about the teams in the MSL. For example The Columbus Crew, and LA Galaxy. First off is there records… The Columbus Crews finished 6-0-5 and they didn’t have as good as a season as last year. Now is LA Galaxy. They also didn’t do so good this year but their record was 2-7-3. One more teams record I want to talk about that I didn’t monition is The New York Red Bulls. This team had surprisingly no losses! Their record was 6-7-0.

Finally I will show you some highlights of these teams season just like I did with the teams that were not in the MSL league.

The Columbus Crew is first.

Tony Tchani shot a very impressive goal from above the 18 yard line and knocked it in. This goal was almost a bicycle kick.

Columbus Crew midfielder Tony Tchani (6) kicks the ball away from Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Chara (21) in the first half of their game at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio on September 26, 2015. (Columbus Dispatch photo by Brooke LaValley)



From the LA Galaxy Landon Donovan takes a corner against Real Salt Lake and bends it in… Truthfully I think this is one of the best highlights of this season I have seen yet…




Overall all these teams I have talked about and more have been successful this season. Now we will have to wait until the Fifa World Cup to see who will win it all and bring home the big trophy…




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Jose Fernandez

  29e9830d-b31a-4246-998c-6ca6f5a73ee8-20150417Recently, on Sunday, September 25,  Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident.  The news was shocking, and his club‘s game with the Atlanta Braves was cancelled.  Along with that, there was a league-wide moment of silence for the young hurler.  At age 24, Fernandez was showing promise in his young career.  In the last game he pitched, he went 8 innings giving up only three hits, no walks, no runs, and struck out twelve batters.  For the young Cuban, his path to the Major Leagues was like a Cinderella story.  He was not rich in Cuba, but came to pitch in major league baseball making 2.8 million dollars as his salary.  He made his Major League debut in the same year he got his citizenship.  That´s coincidental!  Luckily (at least to me), when he died, he did not drown, but rather died on the impact of the crash.  I personally liked Fernandez, as did major league baseball.  May he always live in our hearts.