A Little Throw Back Thursday

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Wow.  I was searching for an old PEMDAS video that I used to show my 5th grade Math students and I came across this little gem.  These students are JUNIORS now.  I wonder if they remember coming to school at 7:00 am and staying until 8:00 pm for TWO DAYS and competing in this challenge?

Oh.  And did I mention that they answered a total of 253,881 Math problems in just TWO DAYS?!





Toys For Tots Foundation

This year, Logan Elm participated in the Toys For Tots Toy Drive.  Seventh and eighth graders collectively raised 1,176 dollars and over 100 toys. Circleville school also participated with their own fundraiser and raised over 1,200 dollars.  After all of the money was spent on toys for the drive, there were over 2,400 toys.

The Logan Elm seventh and eighth graders competed to see which W.I.N. period could collect the most money and toys.  The winning class was in seventh grade.  They saved 261 dollars and 11 toys.  The class won a pizza party for all their effort.  

You can donate to Toys For Tots any time of the year, but the most toys are wanted and donated around Christmas time.  If you watch the news, NBC 4, you will see that they have a huge fundraiser to collect toys for Christmas. This program is run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  It was founded in 1947 by reservist Major Bill Hendricks.  Some big celebrity endorsements include:  Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, and even the First Lady. All three of them helped boost the confidence of the organization.  Toys For Tots have many helpful sponsors as well, including Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Hasbro, Build-A-Bear, Hallmark, Hess, Disney, Macy’s, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, and The UPS Store.    

There are many ways you can donate to the Toys For Tots program.  You can donate in honor of a certain individual, by mail, through eBay, by starting your own fundraising team, or you can even donate your car or truck.  Some stores have a large drop off box for toys and many schools, like Logan Elm, have Toys For Tots fundraisers every December.

Over the lifespan of the organization, the Marine Toys for Tots Program has distributed over 512 million toys to over 237 million less fortunate children. You should go donate a toy and encourage your school or work to have a Toys For Tots fundraiser to help brighten Christmas, just as Logan Elm students have done this year!

What is Kabaddi?

My dad came to me a few weeks ago and told me the basics of the weirdest sport I’ve ever heard of- Kabaddi.  Kabaddi originated in ancient India, and it’s a popular sport in South Asia today. While it may seem a little complicated, the rules are quite simple.
There’s two teams of seven players, split off in a square arena. The game has two halves of twenty minutes each. The teams will flip a coin or use any other random method of deciding something to see who goes first. If your team goes first, you must send a “raider” across the center line. When the raider is in the other team’s territory, they must try to tag the other members of the team. Each player they touch equals one point for their team, but only if they make it back to their territory safely.
Here’s where the twist comes in, though: the raider must repeatedly yell “kabaddi” while in the other team’s territory. They cannot stop repeating the word until they cross the center line back into their own team’s territory. If they stop yelling or take a breath on the other team’s side of the court, no matter how small, they must return to their own side of the court, scoring no points. Plus, each member of the raiding team must raid in a sequence, and if they go out of order the opposing team gets one point.
But what if your team doesn’t go first? Well, your team has to defend. You are now “anti-raiders” or “stoppers”.  Your goal is to keep the raider from tagging you and crossing back to the center line. To do this, you can either run away from them until they run out of breath, or physically restrain them by tackling or grabbing them. The raider must not be grabbed by the hair or any body part other than the arms or torso.
Those are just the basics of the game. You’ll go back and fourth between raiding and defending for the two twenty minute halves, with a five minute break in between. I have never played it before, but it definitely seems like a lot of fun. To me, it seems like a game we would play in gym class or Phys Ed.

All About Deer Hunting

“Che-cha-che-cha!” That is one of a hunter’s favorite sounds, the sound of a deer trotting through the woods. In this article, you will learn all about some of the largest whitetail deer ever killed.

     The largest whitetail deer ever killed (shown below) was “slaughtered” on September, 29, 2003. This deer had a whopping score of 307 ⅝! The hunter was Tony Lovstuen, and, using a muzzleloader, shot this deer at 70 yards in the midsection, and he recovered it the next day. The buck had a 38 point rack!

The great Lovstuen buck


Another great buck is one that is the most majestic, and dreamy whitetail ever, as considered by most people. Occurring on the morning of November 23, 1993, Saskatchewan hunter, Milo Hanson, made history. This Canadian hunt was extraordinary, as so is the deer. During a “bush push”, or the term Saskatchewan hunters used in place as a deer drive, this deer was shot as he was running. He was almost shot in the antler the first time, and if were to be shot in the antler, it would have discluded the deer from the record books. The deer was shot a second time, killing it, at about 100 yards away! This deer would go down in history.

The monster Hanson buck


I hope that you learned a lot about these great bucks! Have a good day, and, good luck in the woods!

Zoom Out

tiny-turtle-on-a-skateboardThis week for the blogging challenge, I chose to complete the ninth activity, the zoom out challenge.  In this challenge, you are supposed to post a picture, then have your viewers comment what they think the zoomed out version of the picture looks like.  For example, if I had a picture of a computer, I would comment and say, ¨ The computer is on a desk in a purple room¨.  The next comment say what building the room is in, then what town the building is in or whats around it, and so on.  This could continue all the way to space.  Enjoy this cute picture of a tiny turtle on a tiny skateboard!

Have fun and remember to be creative!

Image from: Pintrest

Week 3 Blogging Challenge

This is a post for the week three blogging challenge. I chose to do a comic. If you click on the link you will go to a comic that is made fully by me. I think that you will find it funny, yet, realistic.

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump stands during the Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate at the North Charleston Coliseum, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016, in North Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)


Photo from: http://static.politico.com/a2/01/4fa959254c2f9216910f47649004/160114-donald-trump-2-ap-1160.jpg

guess the sentence.


This is a blog post for the student blogging challenge. I have made a sentence using only pictures. Look at my pictures and see if you can guess what I am trying to say. At the bottom of the post there is the real sentence. Leave a comment to say if you guessed right.




This photo is from :http://cliparts.co/cartoon-eye-clip-art







This image is from :https://garminoregon6xx.wikispaces.com/Trip+Odometer+vs+Track+Distance



This image is from :https://www.pinterest.com/explore/peace-sign-symbol/




This picture is from :http://www.allaccessdisney.com/grocery-delivery-at-wdw.html




This image is from :https://dribbble.com/shots/728210-App-Store-Icon


The real sentence is I went to the grocery store.


Mr. Jones

This is from an interview with our choir teacher, Mr. Jones.

Q: How long have you been teaching choir?

A: I have been teaching choir for 23 years.

Q: Have you had other teaching/ any jobs in the past?

A: I own a house painting business and have been painting houses since high school. I also worked in a grocery store for a year.

Q: Do you enjoy teaching?

A: Teaching has it’s challenges, but I do enjoy what I do.

Q: Where did you go to school?

A: I went to high school in northeast Ohio at Massillon and then I attended college at Bowling Green State University.

Q: Did you always want a job singing- related?

A: When I was in 6th grade, I had a strong feeling that I would do something in the music field. I didn’t think about teaching until high school.

The, we got into some serious business.

Q: Would you say that your life is good?

A: I would say that my life is good! I have a good job making enough money to support my family and that, to me, equals a great life.



Around Me (Home)


I see a work of art

Composed of grasses and leaves

Showing me vibrant greens

God’s work of art


I hear the sweet voices of my friends

My ears eager to hear the soft voices

I join along with them

My friends


I smell the best smell in the world

-My parents cooking-

My hunger is almost satisfied

My parents


I taste the warm, spicy sweetness

Drinking out of a mug

Taking in a sweet, scented breath

My comfort


I touch the hard, smooth keys of my piano

Trilling and adding accents

Eventually singing along

My music

I feel warm and content

Running my fingers through my puppy’s soft fur

Snuggling up, falling asleep

My pup


I wonder, what will I create next?

A masterpiece? A fluke?

I grip my pencil and begin drawing



I wish I could go home

Finally feel warm and content once more

I wish I could go home and see, hear, smell, taste, touch, feel, and wonder

Just like I used to



I hope for my future

I hope for my life

Hope is my future

Hope is my life



I know these things are embedded deep within me

I know what makes me who I am

I love who I am