Logan Elm softball for the 7th grade has been going great so far. The have won 3 games and have lost none . The team consists of 12 girls. All of the girls love the game and are very passionate about it.

I interviewed Callena Wiget, a player on the team:

How is this year going?

Callena said, it’s going pretty good.

What position do you play?

She said third

What do you want to see your team do more in the season?

Callena said, win and work better as a team.

Do you a have a lucky number?

She said, 17

What’s your favorite part about playing softball?

Callena said, being apart of the team.

The girls on the team are determined to win games and are trying their hardest. All 12 girls are very hard working and love the sport! Good luck to the 7th grade softball team this year!

You can go to to see their schedule.

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McDowell Baseball

The McDowell baseball season is now underway and the team is off to a nice start. They beat the Rangers of Hamilton Township and now have a battle with the Circleville Tigers. The Braves beat up on Hamilton 13-3. Trace S. started the game and pitched three innings while Isaac W. and David H. both had an inning a piece. The Braves run ruled Hamilton Township in the fifth inning. The Logan Elm bats were really on display as they put up 13 runs on a pretty good Hamilton defence.

The Braves travel to Circleville to do battle with the Tigers. The Braves hope to play a solid game and come out with another “W”. The game starts at 11:00am.

The 8th grade had a close game with Hamilton Township, and it just got away from them at the end. The 8th grade Braves play at Crossroads Church at 11:00am against Circleville.

Good luck to all spring sports this season.

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McDowell Baseball Season

The McDowell baseball season is starting soon. The team has already been picked, and the coaches. The coach is Coach Smith. This is his first time coaching the 7th Grade team. The players are Isaac Ward, Cole Westenbarger, Gabe Chalfin, JC Rowland, Tyler Knox, Ewan Seymour, Conner Robinson, BJ Reid, Xavier Kellough, David Harden, Kaden Garret- Lutz, Justin Rhoads and the Coaches’ son, Trace Smith.

The first game they have is on March 29th at the Logan Elm High School, at 7:00 PM. You can also see the whole list of games on The McDowell website here. I encourage you to go watch the games, especially at home; and the players on the team are some of the best I’ve seen.

Compatibility Results

The results are in!  Pay only one dollar during your lunch period to find out who you are most (and least) compatible with.  Pay two dollars to see who you are most compatible with in the opposite grade.

On the paper you receive it tells you the five people (of the opposite gender) you are most compatible with.  It also tells you who you are the three least compatible with.  It also tells you your three best friend matches.  And finally, it gives you three random matches.

So what are you waiting for? Who are you most compatible with? Go find out during your lunch period for only one to two dollars.

2015-2016 McDowell Middle School Basketball Seasons

This basketball season all the middle school teams have done well, the 7th grade boys had 16 wins and 0 losses.  The 7th grade girls finished with  7 wins and 9 losses.  The 8th grade girls ended their season with 11 wins 5 losses.  Finally the 8th grade boys completed their season with 3 wins and 13 losses  

Now that the regular season is over all the teams went to play for rankings.  McDowells 7th and 8th grade girls had the MSL play in game on the 28th of January, their MSL tournaments were on the 30th of January.  The 8th graders tournaments were at Logan Elm, 7th grade girls tournaments were at Liberty Union.   The 7th and 8th grade boys play in game was on the 4th of February, their MSL tournaments were on the 6th of February, 7th grade boys were at Teays Valley East, 8th grade boys were at Teays Valley West.

The 7th grade girls lost their first game in tournaments to Bloom Carroll.  The 8th grade girls defeated Teays Valley West in their first tournament game but lost to Bloom Carroll in their second game.  The 8th grade boys lost after they won their play in game.  The seventh grade boys won their mid state league tournaments.  Congratulations to all the teams and good luck next year.

McDowell Snow Days

     Here at the Logan Elm schools, we have recently experienced a large number of snow days in a row. Now, some of you may wonder what a snow day even is; a snow day is when it snows so much on your roads, around the school area, and basically the whole general area that you live in, to where it is not safe to travel and school is cancelled. Due to lots of recent snow, Logan Elm schools received a total of eight consecutive days off of school!

The schools were already scheduled to have a four day weekend (school wasn’t to be held on Monday or Friday, plus the regular weekend days), but on Tuesday, February 9th, we had our first snow day of this month. Many students and families were expecting for us Junior High and High School attendees to be back in school Tuesday this week, but guess what? We had more snow!

     Lots of people rejoiced at the eight day ‘weekend’, but there were also cons to this. Because we had previously had a couple of singular snow days, we have gotten closer to having to receive ‘Blizzard Bags’, which are basically school assignments assigned to you at your home. You only get Blizzard Bags after a certain number of snow days. These extra four days brought us closer to the maximum deadline of acquiring the Blizzard Bags, which many students appear to dislike. Anyhow, the majority of us students (and teachers, most likely) still look forward to these days where we get to enjoy some time off from school and spend more time outside.

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Fox 28 News Visits McDowell!

McDowell got an amazing opportunity to have Fox 28 News come and present at their school. Fox 28 News came on Friday, February 5th and talked about meteorology. Mrs. Wilson, our 7th and 8th grade math teacher, put together this assembly. A permission slip went out for students, that allowed students to be filmed for Fox 28 News!

Erin Carroll, a meteorologist at Fox 28 News, came and talked to us about meteorology. Erin taught McDowell what a hot and cold front is. She also explained how she became a meteorologist. Erin also showed us a picture of the News Team’s green screen and told us what a green screen is and does.

McDowell students were filmed during this assembly and even got to say, “ABC 6 is on your side!” Which was a lot of fun! Students and teachers can see themselves on the February 5th News at 5 P.M. The assembly was so interesting and fun to see! McDowell thanks, Erin Carroll and the news crew that came to McDowell on February 5th!

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Power of the Pen

Most of you have heard of Power of the Pen but don’t really know what it is.  So read on and your curiosity will be satisfied.

Power of the Pen is a competitive writing group.  The way it works is: You go to a tournament and get a writing prompt.  You have 40 minutes to write a short story(don’t want to get writer’s block then!).  The judges will judge based upon the Power of the Pen rubric.  Giving you point s based on “creativity, voice/unity, structure/ideas, figurative/descriptive language, paragraph/sentence structure, and mechanics/spelling.”As the rubric says.You get a certain amount of points and depending on your score you move onto the next tournament.  An example of a prompt would be, “A smile can hide something horrible, write about one of these things.”

McDowell’s team consisted of:8th grade, Josalyn Pierce, Jared Payne, Caroline Higgins, Sydney Washington, Tatum Tatman and Eric Miller.  7th grade  Grace Engel, Jensen Fissel, Kaylin Artrip, Genevieve Carstensen (me) and Rachel Townsend.The team is coached by Miss Smith, the 8th grade language arts teacher.

Our team meets up to practice every Monday and every other Friday last period to practice writing. The District tournament is at Zane Trace Middle School on February 20th. The Regional tournament is at Chillicothe Middle School on March 19th.

The official Power of the Pen site is here

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Interview with Mrs. Borland

borlandMrs. Borland is McDowell’s librarian. She has helped nearly all of the students at McDowell whether it was help finding a book, or taking an AR Test, so I figured that she definitely deserves to have a post written about her here on McDowell Media. I have sat down with Mrs. Borland and asked her a few questions. Here are her answers:

 Q-How long have you been at McDowell?

A- 19 years

Q- What other jobs have you had other than being a librarian?

A- I have worked as a substitute and and at the National Parks Service.

Q- Have you ever worked at other schools ?

A- Just as a substitute teacher

Q- What is your favorite thing about your job here?

A- Working with the kids. There is always something new and exciting with them. They always have insightful and stimulating ideas and thoughts on things.

Q- What is probably your least favorite thing about this job?

A- Waking up at 5 o’clock AM almost every morning

Q- If you could go back in time, when would you go and why?

A- I would go back to my childhood. I had great times with my grandparents.

Q- What is your favorite color?

A- Blue

Q- What is your favorite book or book series?

A- The Bible

Q- What genre of book is your favorite?

A- Either historical fiction, biographies or autobiographies.

Q- What about your family?

A- I have been married 41 years to my husband. I have a daughter who is a nurse for labor and delivery, and she is married to a Logan Elm graduate. She is also a Logan Elm graduate as well, and her husband is a Civil Engineer. They have three children together. Also, my daughter’s mother-in-law taught at Salt Creek. Also, I have a son who works at Pickerington, and is married and his wife works as a nurse.

Sweet T’s Fundraiser

McDowell is partnering with Sweet T’s to have a fundraiser!  To help raise money, they are selling Logan Elm spirit wear!  On Tuesday, you received a packet with t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys and socks for sale.  You can add a name or number on the back for an additional $5.00.  Adult sizes come in: S, M, L, XL, and 2XL; children sizes come in: YS, YM, YL, and YXL in t-shirts, hoodies and jerseys.  Socks come in adult sizes 6-13.

To get an item, first, choose your item, then a logo and a size.  Then, fill out a line on the order form, once again, you can add designs on the back.  Make checks payable to “Sweet T’s.”  Return your order form by November 16th in the office.  These items will come in early December.  If you would like to order items as a gift, check the box as indicated at the top of the order form.  Sweet T’s will donate a portion of the proceeds from this sale to the McDowell Principal’s Fund.

Please support our school by participating in this fundraiser.  All of this information can also be found on the packet about the fundraiser.  The orders are due no later than Monday, November 16th.  Get to ordering!