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Michael Jordan at Boston Garden

Michael Jordan at Boston Square Garden

Basketball and family are pretty much my life I see most of my family at least twice a week and basketball is a huge part of that. My family is super encouraging about me playing basketball and what I want to accomplish. I always have goals for the day either athletics or academic, like today before school I made one hundred shots before school so after school I can focus completely on academics instead of worrying about someone else practicing and getting better when i’m not. If you haven’t noticed already I am EXTREMELY competitive it doesn’t matter what it is I feel like I need to win it! My dad is a big part in competition I’m always either really happy or really mad after a game of basketball, most of my teammates have seen me at my worst, some have seen me at my best but usually i’m really mad about the end of the season.

I always apologize after the end of the season because I take all that out on them but they always understand because they know basketball is literally my life, everything I do revolves around it.  For example whenever I’m bored I zone out and pretend my team is playing a team like Teays Valley or Circleville. This year was kind of a rebuilding year for me my grades went up and I’ve gotten so much better at basketball than the previous year, I always focus on basketball, I feel like if I had a job right now it would be to win for those guys on the team. Some of them are friends other guys feel like brothers to me I always tell them to leave it all out on the court are last game we did that this year we failed but we did it and for probably the first time EVER I left the season happy! But it was the other team’s game the whole first and most of the second half until I went off the fourth quarter now I’ve had some pretty memorable games but this had to be the best game I’ve ever played. It was one of those WHOA we just did that moments and one that will stick with me for awhile.

I have to thank my parents and family a lot for what I’ve done in basketball. Most of the time when there’s a trainer or AAU team that calls us to let us know they want me to be on there team it’s exhilarating to hear that a team knows who I am, I guess it’s just because all my dreams are focused on some sport and people actually know me for that! But my parents are super supportive and would do anything for me. But basketball is my passion and it’s gonna stay that way for a while.



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All About me Rain


  This is a picture of my dog, Omar. He is one of our eleven dogs.


   1 Name: Rain 

   2 Nicknames: Ray Ray, Rainy Day,  Shorty, and Lapa

  3 Age: Twelve

  4 Grade: Seventh

5  Race: Welsh , German

  6 First Pet: My family has had many pets but my very first dog that was mine only is a Rat Terrier mix

  7  Pets: I have eleven dogs, three cats, four birds ( Cockatiels ), five Guinea Pigs, and two goats

 8 Siblings: I have one younger sister which means I’m her elder by two years

  9 Favorite Shows: Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers

10  Favorite Animal: Dogs! Why would I have eleven of them if I didn’t like them?

  11 Favorite Dog Breed: My favorite dog breed has got to be Dachshund . They are so cute and sweet ( I know this because I have one) and they are super playful. They also look like a hot dog!

  12 Best Friends: Kelsey, Emily, Maddie, Jerica, and Shannon

  13 Favorite Sport: Soccer (I can play goalie, midfielder, and striker)

  14 Favorite Movie: I have more favorites than I can list! (One of my favorites is The Boy)

  15 Favorite Singers: Fetty Wap, Drake, Meghan Trainor, and Soulja Boy

  16 Favorite Song: Wake Up by Fetty Wap

 17  Favorite Video Game: Minecraft because I love being able to design my own buildings

 18 Favorite School Subject: Language arts because I love to read and write

  19 Favorite Food: Pizza. Who doesn’t love a super cheesy slice?

  20 Biggest Fear: Drowning (creepy right?)

  21 Dream Vacation: Going to Alaska and skiing all winter

  22 Hobbies: Playing soccer, skiing (can’t do too much of that in Ohio!), drawing, hanging out with my friends, riding horses, and I used to do competitive cheer and I went to competitions across the midwest

 23  Dream Job: I am undecided with what I want to be but I do know I might want to be a real estate agent

24 Favorite City: I have never been but I would love to go to Paris, France because it seems like an amazing city with many places to explore

25 Favorite Type of Music: Hip Hop and Contemporary


About me-Micheal

  1. My name is Michealasun-msoccer-fgcu-hero-2016                  
  2. I have two dogs their names are Bella and Purdy. We also have 11 cats but they don’t have names. They are just strays that wandered in and we started feeding.
  3. I have two brothers and one sister
  4. I play soccer, my favorite positions are mid-fielder and mid-defense.  
  5. One of my favorite things to do is read, my favorite book series is the Inheritance series. Its main characters are Eragon and Sapphire.
  6. I like to play to play video games.
  7. Math is my favorite subject because their is less memorization then in most subjects.
  8. Summer is my favorite season because school is out and it’s hot.
  9. I have been to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and to other places like that. One of the favorite places I have been to is the big dusty, it was an giant evacuator, one link on the chain that moved the digger was big enough for me to lay down in.
  10. My favorite foods are Salmon Spaghetti and Watermelon. Pizza might be one but only if it’s cold. I also really like bread sticks.
  11. My favorite color is orange because I like how bright it is.
  12. I live in the middle of an cornfield, But if you cross the road there is a wooded area. There is a creek in the woods I like to go to. If you go far enough there is water falls. There’s a trash pile I go through to look for old glass bottles.
  13. I like nature and I like Old Man’s Cave. Conkle’s hollow is one of my favorite places to go. I like to climb trees too.

Thank you for reading some stuff about me. I hope you read some of my posts in the future and I look forward to writing them for you.


About Hallie



  • My name is Hallie
  • I’m currently 12, turning 13 this October (October is a very nice month to be born, I must say)
  • My favorite book series is Harry Potter
  • My favorite non-series book is The Mark Of The Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson
  • I have a lot of favorite movies but a few I can recall are Grease and Titanic
  • My biggest hobby would probably be reading
  • I love a good trip to Barnes and Noble
  • I have 3 rabbits, 2 cats, and 5 ducks
  • I am an only child
  • I collect license plates, I have about 70 of them in my closet
  • My favorite license plate is my Hawaii one, it has a pretty little rainbow on it
  • I LOVE roller coasters. Especially the ones that spin you until you can’t decipher your surroundings  
  • Out of the 4 seasons I have to chose from, Fall would probably be my favorite. Mostly because it has Halloween and my birthday
  • I am a participant in band. Trumpet is the instrument I play
  • My favorite color is green, because it’s the color of plants, which resembles life.
  • Macaroni and cheese is a scrumptious food, and it is my favorite food that is not a pastry.
  • My favorite pastry would be cake pops, just because it’s so portable. Much easier to eat than a cake or cupcake, not that I don’t like those pastries.
  • I live in Ohio
  • My favorite songs right now are Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay and Make Me by Britney Spears
  • I can guarantee that all of the things that are my favorites WILL change by the time schools over.
  • I am a part of the Cross Country team
  • I have endured the long process of braces for almost 2 years, but I am free from their burden now
  • I like retro things
  • My favorite animal is a cat. They’re just always so fluffy and cute with their playing
  • My allergy with cats is very unconventional because I get all sneezy when I’m near them. Since I’m allergic to them and their my favorite animal it’s quite the elephant in the room



About The Author

Nicknames: Wy, Little, Coyote, Squirrel
Age: 12, almost 13
Favorite Bands: Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Halsey, and Imagine Dragons.
Favorite Color: Either gold, red, or blue, I can’t pick.
Favorite Food: Shrimp, I used to hate it, now I love it. I love most kinds of seafood, though.
Favorite Sport: Definitely soccer. I’ve played it since I was 4 years old. My favorite position is defense, but I can play anywhere on the field.
Favorite Movie: The Shining, it’s so suspenseful, and the music and the heartbeat in the background of the movie is so creepy, I love it.
Favorite Animal: Cats, both house-cats and big cats.
Favorite Book Series: The Hunger Games, I’ve read the series and seen all the movies countless times.
Favorite Hunger Games Character: Definitely Finnick. I just love his sense of humor.
Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead, even though I do like cartoons like Adventure Time and Regular Show on Cartoon Network.
Favorite Subject: Language Arts, it always has been and it always will be.
Favorite Restaurant: I really like Olive Garden, but nothing can beat Spaghetti Warehouse.
Favorite Drink: Either sweet tea or fresh squeezed lemonade, the kind you would get at the fair.
Favorite Hobby: I love drawing, soccer, animating my drawings, and listening to music.
Favorite Thing To Draw: I like to draw song lyrics from my favorite bands. I take the lyrics and draw them, like once I drew the lyric: “Some see a pen, I see a harpoon.” What I drew was a combination of a harpoon and a pen. I draw the lyrics very literally and creatively, it’s a lot of fun.
Favorite Candy: Snickers Bars. I get them every chance I get, a concession stand or a gas station.
Favorite Number: 11. It’s my lucky number and normally the number on my soccer jersey.

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All About Me


Name: Erin

Nickname: E, Ernin(air-nin), Timmy, Timothy

Age: 12

Best Friends: Olivia, Keri, Trynity, Arowynn, Hailey, Adrianna, Avree, and Karly.

Favorite Band: I don’t have one.

Favorite Song: I don’t have a favorite song. I do like a lot of songs, but I haven’t decided which one is my favorite.

Favorite Singer: Melanie Martinez

Hobbies: Playing softball, reading, drawing, and listening to music.

Favorite Sport: Softball

Softball Position: Second base. I also play shortstop, third, and center field.

Favorite Food: I don’t really have one, but I do have many. Like pizza, tacos, quesadilla and more.

Favorite Color: Red. To be more specific candy apple red(it’s a color that goes on a car).

Favorite Movie: Suicide Squad

Favorite Animal: Owls. I just think that their really cool animals.

Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

What I Want To Be: I either want to be a surgeon or an archaeologist.

Biggest Fear: BUGS. I hate them so much! Even though I kill them all the time, I always freak out whenever one flies past me.

Type of Car I Want: Most people would want something like a lamborghini, but I have always wanted a red jeep.

Favorite Book Series: It’s a tie between Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus. They are basically the same though.

Book or Movie: Most definitely the books. I think the books are always better than the movies.

10 Things About Me

When I grow up
: When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist. I’ve always loved the ocean, and I’ve been very fascinated with aquariums. The fish inside are the best part. There are so many unique fish, shellfish and reptiles that dwell in the water.

My favorite food is sushi: I have always been really interested in how sushi is made and the flavor profiles it has. There are so many different combinations and endless possibilities of what you can create with sushi. To me it’s more of an art than a food. The best part is the taste. It can taste cold, hot, spicy, milky or salty.

My type of music: My type of music is really strange. I like music from 1980’s to the late 1990’s. Maybe a little bit from the 1970. My favorite band is Queen. Although my favorite song is Insane in the Membrane.

My favorite things to do after school: I play football. After school, almost every day, I go to football practice. But after football I got home and play video games. My favorite games to play are either Fallout 4 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with my friend Carter.

My personality: How I am is really funky. I am the biggest joker. Even when I’m not saying a joke or a funny comment, I’m thinking it in my head. But that’s not all, I also can go a little bit crazy sometimes. That is how I get my best idea’s.

My dream: My dream is to take a tour of all of Europe. I have wanted to go there since I was eight years old. If I would have to choose, I would go to London. I want  to see Big Ben, the London Bridge and the London Eye.

My favorite color: My favorite color is green. Green is all around and there are so many different shades of it. If I had to choose I would go with neon green.

My favorite book series: My favorite book series is the Rot & Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry. It has so many plot twist and turns, I could go on and on. My close second is definitely The Enemy series. If you can’t tell, I’m really into zombie action books.

skydivingThe thing I’m most scared to do: The thing I’m most scared to do is skydive. I am not really scared of heights but, jumping out of an airplane doesn’t sound too good to me. But still, I really want to do it just for the thrill of it.

My family: My family is everything to me. I have a mom, a dad, a brother and two dogs, Josie and Murphy. My dad is the reason I get up every morning and come to school. My mom is there for me when I’m down. But they both make me laugh. I do love my brother, but boy, does he make my blood boil. I don’t know where I’d be without my dog, Murphy. He is the cutest King Charles Cavalier. My other dog is a Cocker Spaniel, she’s my ol’ girl. We’ve had her for 9 years now. My family holds me together and I wouldn’t be the same without them.

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About Me Post

    img_0022  Simon’s life and goals

I am describing me today, here I go then.

Best Friends: Braden, Theron and Rider

Age: 12Dream job: Surgeon- I want to save lives!

Favorite sport: Soccer- I am a pure Englishman!

Favorite game series: Fallout- best game in the world hands down.

Favorite movie: The Hunger games series- for some reason, my favorite character is the boy from district 6.

Grades: straight A’s and B’s

Worst injury: broken arm- I do not like the pain!

Favorite subject: Social studies- I love history but it is not my greatest subject.

Least favorite subject: Math- It is no fun.

Favorite song: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots.

Favorite animal- Angora rabbit- that speaks for itself

Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons

Favorite Position in soccer: Goalkeeper- I love to be the heart of the team!

Least favorite book: Eleventh Plague- it is too sad for me

Favorite Book- The Enemy

Boy Scout rank: Second Class

Religion: Catholic

Favorite thing to do: work with the community

Favorite thing to cook: My Famous tortilla soup- it is amazing- 10 out of 10!

Favorite Baseball team: Toronto Blue Jays- I just love them.

Favorite football team- Bengals- I love their jerseys and helmets!

All About Me






My name is Maraya and I am writing for the McDowell Media blog this year. I am very excited to be writing for the blog!  I would like to tell you a little about myself before you read our blog.

One of the first things that I would like to tell you is that language arts is one of my favorite subjects.  A few of the reasons why it is my favorite subject is because I love to read and write.  I love to read because it’s so fun to get caught up in a good book.  I love writing blog posts as well as stories.

Another thing that I would like to share with you are my different interests and hobbies.  I play many different sports including volleyball, basketball and softball.  I have been playing softball for a while and it has been my favorite sport even since I started playing.  My favorite position in softball would be pitcher, but I also play 1st baseman and 3rd baseman. I have been playing basketball for five years and this is my first year in volleyball.  Another hobby that I enjoy would be 4-H.  In 4-H I took market rabbits and next year I am planning to take breeding rabbits and market rabbits.

Finally I would like to tell you about some of my favorite things. As I already mentioned, language arts is one of my favorite subjects and I love to write. But another one of my favorite subjects would be science.  I also love pizza, it is my all-time favorite food, but my favorite dessert would have to be cake.  My favorite sport is definitely softball, which I have already told you, but my favorite sport to watch would have to be football.

I hope that you learned a little about me in this blog post.  With it being my favorite subject, I am really looking forward to language arts this year and writing for McDowell Media!

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About Me

Name: Brooke
Favorite colors: Blue, green, and white
Favorite food: Potato soup
Biggest fear: Being alone
Favorite book series: Obviously Harry Potter (my favorite is The Goblet Of Fire)
Favorite Harry Potter character: Luna Lovegood
Sports: Dance, Cheer, and softball
Softball positions: Second base, and right field
Favorite singer: Taylor Swift
Favorite album: Taylor Swift’s Red album
Favorite TV shows: Boy Meets World and Full House
Favorite band: Twenty One Pilots
Favorite restaurant: P.F Chang’s
Favorite drink: Cherry Dr. Pepper
Least favorite subject in school: Social Studies
Favorite subject in school: Language Arts
Hobbies: Dance, cheer, softball, and reading
My family: Mom, Dad, older sister, younger sister and dog
My favorite animal: frog
My favorite breed of dog: Bloodhound
Favorite place: Disney World (In Florida)
A book series I want to read: Divergent
My nicknames: Brookie and Brookiebug
My favorite type of flower: Daisies
Best recent achievement: Getting up on pointe in dance without the bar and dancing across the floor
Other books I like: Sarafina and the Black Cloak, All Fall Down, and Rain Reign
Something I am looking forward to: Going to Disney world over Christmas
Something I am bad at: working with computers
Something I am good at: is baking
My favorite thing to bake: cupcakes or brownies
My favorite movie: I don’t have one
Favorite fruit: Strawberries
Favorite veggie: Carrots (With ranch)
My favorite thing to do outside: Ride my bike
My favorite channel on TV is the food network
My favorite thing to do in my free time is read a good book.
My least favorite Harry Potter character is Voldemort.
My favorite movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (The same as my favorite book)
My favorite song is Lights Shine Bright by Tobymac
My favorite candy bar is a KitKat

I got this image from http://www.londonbookfair.co.uk/ARCHIVE/LBF-2016/Whats-On/interest-area/authors-self-publishing/