All About Me!


Name: Annie

Age: 12

Nicknames: Annie K, Swizzle, Annie Banannie

Favorite Sport: Track & Field.  I am a 7 time state champion, 6 time regional champion, 2 time national champion, and the 2016 Junior Olympic National Champion.  I also play volleyball and basketball.

Favorite Food: Pizza and white cheese.  Yes, I only eat white cheese.

Favorite Subject: Science

Favorite Word: Critter.  I just laugh hysterically whenever I hear that word.

Favorite College: Oregon University.  I want to go there because they are one of the best track & field schools in America.

Favorite Pro Football Team: Pittsburg Steelers

Favorite College Football Team: Ohio State Buckeyes

Favorite Pro Basketball Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite Artist: Justin Bieber.  I saw him in concert and cried tears of joy the whole time.

Favorite Animal: Giraffes

Favorite T.V. Show: Spongebob.  You are never too old for Spongebob.

Favorite Movie: Divergent

Favorite Store: Pink

Least Favorite Food: Bananas.  Just thinking about them makes me sick.

Least Favorite Word: Rural.  Seriously, why is that even a word? If 99.9% of the world probably can’t say it right, then what’s the point of making it a word?  

Biggest Fear:  Sharks.  But there aren’t very many of those where I live so I don’t have to worry about it much.

Hobbies: Listening to music, playing basketball, and shopping.

Favorite Season: Fall

My Future Goals: My goals for life is that when I get into high school, I want to win the state championships in track and field.  I want to keep my grades up, and get an athletic and academic scholarship to Oregon University.  Oregon is my “dream school”.  I want to compete well in track and field and college, and go to the Olympics in 2024, and of course, win the Olympics.

So, those were some things about me that I wanted to share.  I am glad I got to share some of my white cheese eating, Justin Bieber loving, banana hating life with you.


McDowell Student Council

student-council-(web)We are off to a GREAT start this year at McDowell and we are looking for a few good leaders for McDowell Student Council!

The goal of the McDowell Student Council is to represent the student body at McDowell and be leaders and role models throughout our school and community.  Student Council members work to promote school spirit at McDowell and assist with various events throughout the school year.

Student Council will meet 1-2 times a month BEFORE school at 7:30.

Any student interested in running for McDowell Student Council can pick up an application in the office.

Applications are due in the office by next Friday, August 26th.  No late applications will be accepted.


Are you ready?

agendaA new school year is about to begin!  Logan Elm’s first day of school is Wednesday, August 17th and McDowell’s Back to School Night is TONIGHT, August 11th from 5:30- 7:30pm. Students will report to the cafeteria area to get the name of their FIRST period teacher.  They will go to their first period classroom and receive their full schedule, agenda book, and lock for their locker.  THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS!

The staff of McDowell is ready and eager to meet our new students tonight!

Power of the Pen

Power of the Pen

Power of the Pen is a competitive, creative writing group for 7th and 8th graders in Ohio. Mcdowells group practices every Monday and Friday during our last period. “Power of the Pen is a group or team of amazing, creative writers that come together and write, and compete in competitions. Even if you don’t like writing, this opens up a new door to what writing is.” Said Carly Bowe (as quoted in the ‘Tribe Talk’) one of our team members.

Mcdowell’s Power of the Pen team has done amazing at the past Competitions. At the District competition at Zane Trace middle school, the seventh grade team was awarded second place, along with several individual awards for specific 8th and 7th grade team members. At the Regional competition at Chillicothe middle school the seventh grade team was awarded first place with some individual awards for certain 7th and 8th grade team members. At a county wide competition at Teays Valley West Middle school the Mcdowell Power of the Pen team along a few writers from Salt Creek (the Logan Elm 5th and 6th grade school) received  second place. Good job to the Power of the Pen team!

Currently the team is practicing for the State Competition coming up on May 26-27 at Wooster college in Wooster Ohio. Going to compete there will be Genevieve Carstensen, Kaylin Artrip, Grace Engel, Jensen Fissel, Carly Bowe and Sydney Whittington. Tatum Tatman, Eric Miller, Jared Payne,Josalyn Pierce, Peri white, Rachel Townsend, Kelci Hickey, Mackenna Patrick, Caroline Higgins, and Jackie White are other Mcdowell Power of the Pen team Members.The team has done great in the past and are sure to do excellent at the state Competition.

I encourage everyone to write for fun. The more you do it the better you get at it. Here’s some fun writing prompts not to different than the ones we use in Power of the Pen. Good luck to Power of the Pen State qualifiers!

The Big Move

It’s that time of year again where we visit the 8th grade and the sixth grade comes to see our classes. This will take place on May 16. It will only affect our afternoon schedule. I am excited to go to the 8th grade, and I bet the sixth feels the same way. Let’s do this.

I interviewed Isaac Ward about what he thinks of the big move to eighth grade.

Q: Are you excited for the move to eighth grade

A: He said, “NO”!

Q: What are you looking forward to next year.

A: He answered, “Gym, and no AR points.”

That’s all the time I had to ask him questions before the bell rang.

I hear many people are excited along with me. I think it will be very beneficial to us. We can learn a little about the teachers and see how things are going to roll next year. But I think it will be more beneficial to the sixth graders because they don’t know what McDowell is all about and we can be there to encourage them to be the best they can be as seventh graders. I always thought going to the next grade for a day, helped get to know the teachers and the details of the next grade. So don’t take this day for granted. Use it to be better next year. Also, let’s be great role models for the sixth graders and let them know that McDowell will be a great place for them. We were once in their shoes so we know what it’s like be an incoming seventh grader. Let’s help them out!

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Eighth Grade Interview

In this post, I will be interviewing the eighth graders Emma Lands, Natasha Phillips, Carrie Love, Abby McDonald, Tatum Tatman, and a partial interview with Gracieanne Gray about their thoughts and feelings on going into high school next school year.

What are you looking forward to in high school?

Natasha: Meeting new people and having fun

Carrie: All of the electives

Abby: College Credit Plus

Tatum: The clubs

Emma: The classes

Gracieanne: The new experiences. Also getting to make new friends, and possibly watching the football games.  

What are your feeling on going into highschool?

Natasha: Kind of scared, nervous, and a little excited

Carrie: Excited for new experiences, and kind of nervous

Abby: Nervous, but happy about the new classes, teachers, and people

Tatum: Scared, but I’m not totally sure

Emma: Excited, I can’t wait!

Gracieanne: Really nervous, but also excited. I guess you could call it ‘nervcited’, as my sister would call it

Any particular classes/teachers you’re looking foward to?

Natasha: Music History, especially since I love music!

Carrie: Advanced choir, and foundations

Abby: Web and introduction to photoshop

Tatum: English (which I really like), and Drama Club

Emma: Mr. Beavers, because I’ve heard good things about him. Also my siblings have had him and they say good things about him as well.

Gracieanne: Not exactly classes, but I’m excited for this one Social Studies teacher… I can’t exactly remember their name though

Do you have any older siblings, and if so, what are their perspectives/comments on high school?

Natasha: (no older siblings)

Carrie: (no older siblings)

Abby: I have two older brothers, and I’ve heard from them that the first year you should just go with the flow and don’t be too uptight. Also, take things seriously

Tatum: (no older siblings)

Emma: I have an older brother and sister. When my brother was in high school he, uh, hated it. But my older sister is in it now and she pretty much likes it.

How do you feel about leaving McDowell? Is there anything you’ll miss?

Natasha: I’m scared to leave, but also excited. I’ll miss Mrs. Ross, since she is a great science teacher, and also Mrs. Shaw’s room full of books!

Carrie: There’s not anything in particular

Abby: I have has good and bad memories here. I’ll miss the teachers and the environment. Mrs. Schaal, Mrs. Helsel, and Mrs. McGuire have helped me a lot.

Tatum: I’ll miss creative writing since there is none at the high school. I don’t really want to leave McDowell.

Emma: There is nothing I think I’ll miss, and I’m actually glad to leave. McDowell is better than intermediate school, but I can’t wait for high school.

What do you think about your upcoming years being your last years of school (except for possibly college)?

Natasha: It’s kind of sad, because I probably won’t see my friends nearly as much. They have become part of my life.

Carrie: It’s exciting, getting prepared for the “outside life”. My endgoal is to be a teacher or counselor  

Abby: I’m going to miss all of this, but it is also exciting. I’m excited to move away from all of these cornfields

Tatum: It’s sad, because when you think about it, it’s just like Wait, there are only four more years?!

Emma: It’s upsetting, because I don’t really want to go out on my own. It’s kind of crazy because I’m pretty young, but in four years I’ll be off to college!

Is this transition a milestone, or just another school year for you?

Natasha: A little in the middle

Carrie: It’s a milestone. Things are starting to get more serious

Abby: A milestone. We’re leaving the smaller things behind

Tatum: Pretty much in between

Emma: Definitely a milestone

Any advice for the seventh graders going into eighth grade?

Natasha: Always have your homework ready, and put effort into everything. It’ll pay off

Carrie: Be nice to your teachers

Abby: Don’t procrastinate things, make sure to do your homework, and study for your tests. Keep your close friends with you

Tatum: Not really, just make sure to do your work and you’ll get better grades

Emma: Eighth grade is a lot better, for me at least
Thank you so much, eighth graders, for putting forth your effort to make it this far and be successful in school. The people of McDowell will miss you guys, and we wish you the best of luck in high school!

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Logan Elm softball for the 7th grade has been going great so far. The have won 3 games and have lost none . The team consists of 12 girls. All of the girls love the game and are very passionate about it.

I interviewed Callena Wiget, a player on the team:

How is this year going?

Callena said, it’s going pretty good.

What position do you play?

She said third

What do you want to see your team do more in the season?

Callena said, win and work better as a team.

Do you a have a lucky number?

She said, 17

What’s your favorite part about playing softball?

Callena said, being apart of the team.

The girls on the team are determined to win games and are trying their hardest. All 12 girls are very hard working and love the sport! Good luck to the 7th grade softball team this year!

You can go to to see their schedule.

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McDowell Baseball

The McDowell baseball season is now underway and the team is off to a nice start. They beat the Rangers of Hamilton Township and now have a battle with the Circleville Tigers. The Braves beat up on Hamilton 13-3. Trace S. started the game and pitched three innings while Isaac W. and David H. both had an inning a piece. The Braves run ruled Hamilton Township in the fifth inning. The Logan Elm bats were really on display as they put up 13 runs on a pretty good Hamilton defence.

The Braves travel to Circleville to do battle with the Tigers. The Braves hope to play a solid game and come out with another “W”. The game starts at 11:00am.

The 8th grade had a close game with Hamilton Township, and it just got away from them at the end. The 8th grade Braves play at Crossroads Church at 11:00am against Circleville.

Good luck to all spring sports this season.

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McDowell Baseball Season

The McDowell baseball season is starting soon. The team has already been picked, and the coaches. The coach is Coach Smith. This is his first time coaching the 7th Grade team. The players are Isaac Ward, Cole Westenbarger, Gabe Chalfin, JC Rowland, Tyler Knox, Ewan Seymour, Conner Robinson, BJ Reid, Xavier Kellough, David Harden, Kaden Garret- Lutz, Justin Rhoads and the Coaches’ son, Trace Smith.

The first game they have is on March 29th at the Logan Elm High School, at 7:00 PM. You can also see the whole list of games on The McDowell website here. I encourage you to go watch the games, especially at home; and the players on the team are some of the best I’ve seen.

Compatibility Results

The results are in!  Pay only one dollar during your lunch period to find out who you are most (and least) compatible with.  Pay two dollars to see who you are most compatible with in the opposite grade.

On the paper you receive it tells you the five people (of the opposite gender) you are most compatible with.  It also tells you who you are the three least compatible with.  It also tells you your three best friend matches.  And finally, it gives you three random matches.

So what are you waiting for? Who are you most compatible with? Go find out during your lunch period for only one to two dollars.