Toys For Tots Foundation

This year, Logan Elm participated in the Toys For Tots Toy Drive.  Seventh and eighth graders collectively raised 1,176 dollars and over 100 toys. Circleville school also participated with their own fundraiser and raised over 1,200 dollars.  After all of the money was spent on toys for the drive, there were over 2,400 toys.

The Logan Elm seventh and eighth graders competed to see which W.I.N. period could collect the most money and toys.  The winning class was in seventh grade.  They saved 261 dollars and 11 toys.  The class won a pizza party for all their effort.  

You can donate to Toys For Tots any time of the year, but the most toys are wanted and donated around Christmas time.  If you watch the news, NBC 4, you will see that they have a huge fundraiser to collect toys for Christmas. This program is run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  It was founded in 1947 by reservist Major Bill Hendricks.  Some big celebrity endorsements include:  Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, and even the First Lady. All three of them helped boost the confidence of the organization.  Toys For Tots have many helpful sponsors as well, including Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Hasbro, Build-A-Bear, Hallmark, Hess, Disney, Macy’s, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, and The UPS Store.    

There are many ways you can donate to the Toys For Tots program.  You can donate in honor of a certain individual, by mail, through eBay, by starting your own fundraising team, or you can even donate your car or truck.  Some stores have a large drop off box for toys and many schools, like Logan Elm, have Toys For Tots fundraisers every December.

Over the lifespan of the organization, the Marine Toys for Tots Program has distributed over 512 million toys to over 237 million less fortunate children. You should go donate a toy and encourage your school or work to have a Toys For Tots fundraiser to help brighten Christmas, just as Logan Elm students have done this year!

Mannequin Challenge

mannequinThe Mannequin Challenge.  This latest craze is sweeping across America with lightning speed.  Kids, adults, actors, athletes, performers, PETS, even the First Lady of the United States-have had their “pose” captured  with the Black Beatles (by Rae Sremmurd) playing in the background.

If you haven’t heard of this in the US, then you haven’t watched ANY news lately nor have you been on any social media.  After watching many versions of this challenge,  we decided that we just had to get in on the fun!  

So here are the McDowell versions of the Mannequin Challenge!

(If you’re outside of the United States, have you heard of this challenge?  If you have, we’d love to see your version!)


All About The McDowell Band!

img_2468The McDowell band marched in the Circleville Pumpkin Show a few weeks ago! The Pumpkin Show is a festival in Circleville, Ohio. There’s a ton of things to do, fun rides, delicious pumpkin flavored foods, carnival games, and, of course, the humongous pumpkins people grow!
I interviewed two of my friends at school in the band named Hallie and Annabelle. In the Pumpkin Show, the McDowell band played a song called Land Of A Thousand Dances. The song is around three minutes long, and when Annabelle listens to it, she thinks of it as a traditional song.
Annabelle plays the snare drum in the school band. She plays the drums to express herself, as she told me. She wants to play band in high school so she can go places like band contests, and she like to go to band camp. Despite Annabelle’s sarcastic sense of humor, (which is good, of course,) Annabelle seems to really enjoy doing band. Hallie plays the trumpet. Hallie finds it hard to hit the high notes on her trumpet. “It makes a weird noise when I try to make the high notes,” Hallie says. “I keep practicing to make it sound right, though.” She told me that she got her foot stuck in a pothole on the ground and almost fell over while marching once, typical Hallie.
Not only did our band march in The Pumpkin Show, the high school band is also going to a national band competition! They are all really looking forward to it, and we’re all really hoping they do well. I know a lot of people in band, choir, and flag twirling. Everyone is really happy for the band for making it so far in the competition! I like to watch all of the band march outside and play their instruments and twirl the flags after school. I can’t wait to hear how they did.

In School Ministries


davidsHi! My name is David Williamson and I have now started my own youth group here at McDowell Middle school called In School Ministries. 

This summer me and my friends were working hard to pull this all together. I would work out a lot of the details as I live the closest to a library and we all made the group decisions whenever we could all be in the same place. Then once I got to school, we worked the final details out. We started a little over five weeks ago. So that’s how this whole thing got started.

Every Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. we meet in Mr. Svetek’s room. Our adult supervisor is Mr. Forte from the high school, who also happens to be the FCA adviser for the high school. We like to start out and end with prayer. For our lessons, we are using a Francis Chan youth series on Right Now Media followed by a discussion on what we learned. My friend Logan Seymour and I lead the discussion, but anyone can add their own thoughts into the conversation.

Our lesson plan at the moment is the eternity series for another 1-2 meetings, then we are moving on to prayer. What comes next is still to be decided. Our main goal is to get as many people to find God and find their salvation through Him. There is no rule on who can come and who can’t and you do NOT have to be Christian to come, either. When we get asked questions by someone in or outside of the group we always answer them to the best of our ability. Sometimes, if we have extra time, we watch Christian comedy videos. Hopefully soon we will get into singing worship songs.

Well, that’s a quick overview of what it’s like at In School Ministries. If you have any questions contact David Williamson, Logan Seymour, Brayden Smith, Joey Vaginer, or Ewan Seymour.

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Diabetes Spirit Week


Did you know that as many as three million Americans have type 1 diabetes and about 15,000 children and 15,000 adults are diagnosed each year with type 1 diabetes?

JDRF is an organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and Student Council would like for McDowell School to raise money to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes.  

Next week from Monday to Thursday, the Student Council will be selling JDRF paper sneakers for a donation of $3 during lunch.  Those students who purchase a sneaker will be able to participate in a JDRF awareness walk on Friday, October 7th during WIN period.

To “kick off” our fundraiser, we will be having Spirit Week next week:

Monday: True Blue Day (wear blue, the official color of JDRF)

Tuesday: Twin Tuesday

Wednesday:  Wacky Sock Wednesday

Thursday:  Decade Day (dress from your favorite decade)

Friday:  Brave Spirit Day (wear your Braves’ colors)

We hope all of you will participate!

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The Awesome Eighth Grade Egg Drop

20160926-075846.jpgFor the first few weeks of school the eighth graders McDowell Middle School did a science experiment. During the project they had a set of items they were allowed to use, and only allowed to use a certain amount of those items. The items were 50 straws, 20 popsicle sticks, 5 sheets of paper, 10 paper clips, 300 centimeters of string, 20 rubber bands, 50 centimeters of tape, 1 pair of scissors and 1 raw egg per group. So they came up with shells, wraps, parachutes, and on and on. They dropped their eggs from the top of the high school football stadiums bleachers. This is called an egg drop.

The science teacher Mrs. Ross, winners were Shelby Black, Elysia Campbell, Mikaela Fridley, Tara Trachsel, Emma Conley and Ceara Azbell. Some of these people are not here because of absences.  Two people from Mrs. McGuire, Jeremy Weitleman and Caiden Mack.

Here are some questions I asked Emma and Mrs. Ross about the project.

Q: Was this project fun or boring, what was fun or boring about it?

Mrs. Ross: She thought the project was fun because she likes to see the designs and fails “It’s really funny when there’s epic fails.”

Emma: “It was fun, because you got to work with and use mental thinking to make it work.”

Q: What made your project different than the others?

Emma: “We wrapped our egg in a whole bunch of straws.”

Q: Did you work as a group well, if not what made it hard? This question was different for Mrs. Ross, I asked her if she would have changed anything about the format of the project.

Mrs. Ross: “Nope, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.”

Emma: “We did work well together, it wouldn’t have worked if we didn’t.”

Q: If you did it again would you do anything differently?

Emma: “I would have used more tape and used it smarter to hold the structure in place.”

Q: As a bonus question I asked what condition was it in when you were done?

Emma: “The shape was pristine when we were done.”

I would like to give a huge thanks to the eighth graders that came to get their pictures and Emma for answering my questions. But the biggest thanks goes to Mrs. Ross who provided me with all the information I needed to complete this post about the Awesome Eighth Grade Egg Drop!

Mrs. Schaal’s Class Presentations


20160921-084154.jpg 20160921-084446.jpg

During the fourth week of school, Mrs. Schaal’s language arts class has started working on presentations about national parks in the United States.  I interviewed Jacob and he told me a little about his presentation.  The national park that Jacob did was the Sequoia National Park.  He said that he chose this national park because of the save the trees campaign.

In his presentation, he talked about things he would want to do there, what his teacher might like to do there and some facts about the Sequoia National Park.  He told me that at the national park, he would like to visit the picnic area which is found inside the park.  He also said that since there was a lot of snow at Sequoia, he would like to have a snowball fight there.  The last question I asked him was why they were doing their presentations on national parks.  Jacob told me it was because it was the 100th anniversary of the national parks and because Mrs. Schaal loves to visit national parks.  Mrs. Schaal told me that she had been to many national parks before.  She has been to some of the national parks that the students did presentations on today.

After interviewing Jacob, I watched some of the class’s presentations.  Each slide had a picture of different places through out the park including neat landmarks and the beautiful scenery through out the park . Every presentation was very descriptive and provided lots of information about their national park that they had chosen.  They included things like trails to hike on, places to eat at the park, and places to spend the night inside the national park.  Finally, as Jacob had said earlier, they talked about different places they would like to visit in the national parks and places that Mrs. Schaal would probably like to visit in that national park.  That is all for this blog post about Mrs. Schaal’s class presentations.

About Me ABC’s



  1. I’m the Athlete in the family and the Artist
  2. Apparently I’ve got the Brains to be in advanced classes
  3. Most people call me by the nickname my friend gave me, Coleslaw
  4. I have four Dogs, two in the house and two outside
  5. This will be my first post on Edublogs
  6. I live on a Farm
  7. I hit Grand-slams in softball
  8. I have two mini-Horses named Shawnee and Juliet
  9. I get Irritated easily
  10. I’m not a fan of Jelly-beans
  11. My name is Kelsey
  12. My friends say I’m too Loud
  13. I have too Many books
  14. We’re trying to visit every National Park in the USA
  15. At the Atlantic Ocean I held an Octopus
  16. There’s many sports I Play at once
  17. Sometimes I’m Quiet or extremely loud
  18. Reading is one of my hobbies
  19. In Softball I’m the catcher
  20. Traveling is my thing
  21. I’m an Unpredictable person
  22. Going to Goblin Valley is a yearly trip, so is the Grand canyon
  23. Walked 14 miles in Ding and Dang (yes it’s a real place in Utah)
  24. I’ve had three X-rays
  25. I am 12 Years-old
  26. I’ve been to Zalinsky National Park

Things to know about me-Kaiya

Image result for volleyball  1. Unfortunately my name does not start with an A so I guess I will have to start with something different.  I am considered an athlete.  My favorite sport is probably softball but volleyball is high up there.  All sports keep me in shape and gives me the advantage to meet new friends.

  2. More words to describe me is what my friends call my which is brainy.  Now I honestly think that in Language Arts I am not the brainy one.  I have always thought that Language Arts wasn’t my thing, but I guess after being put in advance that I did something right in Language Arts.

  3. I am going to answer the most common question people get asked which is “What is your favorite animal?”  Well I’m here to answer that.  Chimpanzee is my favorite.  The animal is so curious and awesome and they are very intelligent animals.   

  4. Daring is definitely not a word to describe me.  I have very little excitement for big roller coasters or heights.  Now don’t even get me started on heights.  Looking down off a high building or any thing that is above the ground over ten feet will make me feel like I’m gonna fall off and puke.

  5. Let me tell you about my best friend, Emma Conley.  Emma never fails to put a smile on any ones face.  I have gone to her house so many times that I have my own dresser of clothes and my own toothbrush.  She is super funny and she always makes my day and everyone else’s.

  6. People call me the furious one.  Not really but it sounded cool.  I do get furious during sports.  Like seriously, if you hit me in some shape or form I will not be a happy one. Like for instance.  When playing basketball if you take the ball from me I will take right back furiously.

  7. Grateful is what I am.  I have a loving family and I have the nicest friends.  People always have that one time where they feel ungrateful for a lot of things, but just being on this earth is something to be grateful for.

  8. A lot of my friends call me hysterical.  I try to be happy all the times because when you are sad I guarantee someone else is sad too.  I guess funniest just comes naturally to me because I say one thing and all of my friends just start dying laughing and I don’t even know what was so funny.

  9. The cold bothers me but I have always wanted to live in an Igloo.  They are just the coolest things from what I have seen in pictures and in videos.  So cool how they make them and how their lifestyle is, in those Igloos.

  10. Jelly is an awful substance in my opinion.  I honestly think jelly is so gross. Just like the texture and the flavors make me want to gag.  Highly not a fan of any type or flavor of jelly or jams.

  11. Finally I can tell you my name. Obviously you probably already know my name from my username but I am going to tell you it anyways.  Kaiya is the name.  Kaiya is from the Japanese origin meaning forgiveness.  I am not a big fan of the name just because I get called all different sounds of the name.

  12. Lions are my least favorite animal.  They are so creepy creatures.  I mean they are vicious and not very nice to humans.  But they are very majestic animals.  Lions colors are very pretty from faded yellow to deep orange and red.

  13. Candy is my life. M&M’s are the greatest candy of all time in my opinion.  I love all the different colors and the nice hard chocolate in the middle.  On Halloween I always get so excited  to get M&M’s in my candy basket and yes I still do Halloween for the candy.

  14. This place from what I’ve seen on the internet is a beautiful, breath taking place.  That would be the Niagara Falls.  I’ve always wanted to go there and for some people that don’t know what it is, it’s big and beautiful waterfalls.

  15. Let’s talk about my home state.  All about corn.  Ohio.  Ohio is a great place not usually for the rich and famous but it will do for all.  Right on the edge of Lake Erie, so I guess that is a bonus for some.  Now it isn’t the state for, once again the rich and famous but it is the state I call home.

  16. Pink is like my close second favorite color.  Now my favorite color is blue but I already used letter B up there so I will just talk about my close second.  Pink is such a vibrant and happy color.  When I see pink I think of spring and Easter and all those good times.

  17. Quibble.  Yes quibble.  Now honestly I have no idea if quibble is even a word but I couldn’t think of any other “word.”  Quibble is well I think a word to describe me.  It sounds like it means like funny and the dancing type and that is what I’m surely like.

  18. If you live on Ohio and you have music class in school, you are most likely to have heard of this instrument.  The recorder.  The recorder is the my least favorite instrument.  It has the most high pitch sound I have ever heard and it hurts my ears so bad. No offense to anyone who plays the recorder.

  19. All time favorite sport is Softball.  I play 2nd base, first base and or pitcher.  Softball just makes me happy and I just love the sport.

  20. Here’s one word that definitely describes me and that is talkative.  I could talk for hours and hours about just one subject.  Now I don’t use my talkative side during school because during class talking is not the way to go.

  21. Unicorns are not my thing but I sure do like a good fairytale.  If I ever like, in a million years see a unicorn it better be puking rainbows.  Well I know that is kind of disgusting but you have to admit it.  That would be pretty cool to see that.

  22. You know what I think the greatest invention is. Vending Machines. I mean who doesn’t like a good snack on wheels.  Yes, I know sometimes they are expensive for one snack but they still are the best invention in my books.

  23. Patience is definitely not my thing.  I’m not a waiter of any subject.  Waiting in line for more than fifteen minutes makes me want to pull my hair out.  Or when I went to the hospital with a broken finger and I waited in pain for 2 hours.  Waiting is just not my specialty.

  24. X-Ray’s scare the death out of me.  I honestly think it’s like aliens eyes scanning you limbs and for whatever reason you are there for an x-ray it is usually not a good thing.

  25. YouTube solves a lot of my problems.  Mostly boredom.  I could watch you tube for days because there is a whole lot of everything on YouTube and that is what I love about it.

  26.  I seriously have no clue what to write for Z.  Honestly all I came up with was Zig-Zag.  Zig-Zag is a cool design and when I think of Zig-Zag I think of mazes and I love mazes.

Image from: http://www.longbeachny_gov