Mid State League Track Meet!

For the McDowell track team, all of our hard work builds up for the biggest meet of the year, which is Mid State League or MSL for short.  MSL is when all 9 teams in the area come together and compete for the title of MSL champion. This was the last meet of the year, so the team put forth their best effort last night and it all payed off.  The McDowell girls team placed 4th out of 9 teams and the boys places 9th.  A couple of highlights from MSL included some phenomenal performances including 8th grader Allyson Cotton placing 1st in ALL of her events and tieing the school record in the pole vault, 8th grader Emma Conley coming back from an injury and throwing the shot put and discus and she placed high in both events even after being hurt for a while, 8th grader Riley Shultz placing 1st in the high jump and 3rd in the 400 meter dash, myself, 7th grader Annie Karshner placed 1st in both of my events which is the shot put and discus and was only 5 inches away from breaking the school record in the shot put, and our 4×400 relay teams running their hearts out in the pouring rain last night.  We ended the season with a lot to be proud of! Go Braves!

For full results to the MSL track meet, visit http://www.baumspage.com/trackms/msl/buckeye//2017/2017%20Results.htm

Measuring in Newtons

At McDowell in Mrs. Ross’s science class we us these materials to measure in Newtons.  The Newtons measure the forces of items and in the class that is exactly what we do with these materials.  The Newtons are named after Sir Isaac Newton the famous scientist.  That is what we are doing in Mrs. Ross’s science class

7th Grade Boys Baseball

This the 7th grade boys baseball team has a double header at Crossroads Church this Saturday at 10:00. The boys have had a very successful season so far. There was a lot of rain the last few weeks and a lot of the games have gotten cancelled. The teams record is 4-3. Since most games have gotten cancelled they will have a lot of games in the weeks ahead. Last night they played Amanda Clearcreek and won 12-7. Pitchers for that game were Peyton Anderson and Landon Long both did a great job!


Awe-Inspiring Art!

Students at McDowell and Logan Elm high school are very talented in their art work!  These students have created unique and creative works of art.  The walls all throughout the Middle school are covered with many works of art.  They will be getting ready for an art show that will be coming up shortly. Congratulations to the students whose art was displayed on the walls of McDowell!

McDowell art

 McDowell is having an art show featuring student’s artwork. Some of the artwork is pencil drawn, watercolor, or marker. All of the art is detailed, creative and just fun to look at. So as you can tell there is a lot of artistic talent at McDowell!

A Little Throw Back Thursday

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Wow.  I was searching for an old PEMDAS video that I used to show my 5th grade Math students and I came across this little gem.  These students are JUNIORS now.  I wonder if they remember coming to school at 7:00 am and staying until 8:00 pm for TWO DAYS and competing in this challenge?

Oh.  And did I mention that they answered a total of 253,881 Math problems in just TWO DAYS?!





Things I like About Tech and Art.

Half way through the school year the students in technology go to art and vice versa. The reason we change is because are school day is not long enough to do both. I have things like about both.  So in this article I’m going to tell you what I miss about technology and what I like about art so far. I will also show you what other people thought about art and tech.

First I will tell you about technology because I have had that class longer than art. I enjoyed a lot of things about technology but some of my favorite things were the stations and the teacher. There were different stations like virtual reality and green screen and other stations that I enjoyed but I really liked that every week we would switch stations. This made it so you never got bored with what you were doing. I also liked my teacher (Mr.Barnes is his name.) because he was not mean and didn’t yell at people. Those are the reasons I like technology.

I am in art now and I enjoy it so far. I will not be able to tell you as many reasons why I like art as technology because I have only been in that class for a few days. I like my art teacher and I like to draw so I think I will enjoy that class a lot but right now I don’t know too much about it so I can’t really tell you for certain.

Now you get to see what other people think about these classes besides me. One person I asked said that their favorite thing about art was that it allowed you to be creative and draw anything you wanted. I asked someone else about technology and they said they liked how you got to do so many different things and got to use new technology.

So now you you know why we change classes and why me and other people enjoy art and technology. Why do you like art or technology. Leave your answer in the comments. I hoped you enjoyed my article.