Bring It Back

  From 2nd to 6th grade I had PE (Physical Education). It was a fun class where we got exercise and learned new games. Now that I’m in 7th grade, I don’t have PE anymore, but McDowell 7th graders used to have it  Physical education should be brought back to give 7th grade students exercise, to have fun, and teach us to be a good sport.                                               

PE really helps us burn fat when we are sitting all day in class and at home. When people sit they are slowly decreasing their amount of LPL (lipoprotein lipase) that helps burn fat. Being active burns more fat and helps maintain a higher amount LPL. PE keeps kids in shape. In this era, there is an obesity epidemic, not many kids are getting exercise and isn’t getting up and moving around. That is a reason why I would want PE in 7th grade.                                             

PE is really fun. Most of the time when I was in PE, we played dodge ball or kickball sometimes.  No matter how many times somebody got out or tagged they always looked like they were having a good time during the game. It’s good to have a good time playing fun games so we can appreciate life and our friends because we couldn’t play the game without that, right? It would be very sad if you played dodge ball by yourself. Fun is actually good for the body. It gives you more energy and really decreases your stress levels. This is, of course, another reason why I would bring PE into 7th grade.                                                                             

Being a sore loser is no fun, it embarrasses you and makes your friends not want to play with you anymore and it’s the same when you are a gloating winner. I want PE because it teaches kids not to be a sore loser or a smug winner.  Kids will lose or win a game almost every day so you get used to it so you don’t get mad or smug about it. Even if they are still sore or smug, I’m sure someone will call it out.  That is my last reason why I want PE in my 7th grade.                 

Physical education needs to be in 7th grade at McDowell. 7th graders need this so kids can get exercise and live longer. This is what 7th grade needs.

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7th and 8th Grade Football

At the Logan Elm Middle School there is a 7th and a 8th grade football team. Both teams had a good season, and both teams had 15 players. Having 15 players is pretty good at our school, because we usually don’t have very many people that play football. If there weren’t enough people to play on the 7th grade team they would just move them up to play with the 8th graders. It is the same way if there wasn’t enough people to play for 8th grade.

The 7th grade coaches are coach Holbert and and coach Hart. On Monday 7th grade played the championship game against Bloom Carroll. Sence Logan Elm won there is a three way tie between, Hamilton, Bloom Carroll and Logan Elm. The score was 34-6. The 7th grades record for the season was 5-1, they lost to Hamilton. Logan Elm’s QB Tanner scored 3 touchdowns, and the tailback Blayton had 23. Their fullback Gavin had 1 touchdown, and their tight end Zack scored 1.

8th grade did not make it to the championship. There season record was 3-4. It’s not the best record but they beat Circleville 40-0. (Logan Elm does not like Circleville.) Their quarterback is Garret, their tail back is Matthew had about 4 touchdowns, and their fullback is Tristan. The 8th grade coaches were coach Barnes and coach Shepard.

Overall both teams had a good season. I had a fun time playing for the 7th grade team, and Practicing with the 8th graders. I am looking forward to playing next year. I am also looking forward to practicing with the 7th graders next year. The 8th graders will be freshman and play for high school if they decide to play next year. That is a recap on the 8th and 7th grade football seasons.

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Spirit Week at McDowell

Hi, everyone! Rachel again. This is my second post for McDowell Media, and I am very excited. So, how about we get started!

Every so often here at McDowell, we have a “Spirit Week.” This is when the student council comes up with fun clothing ideas for students to wear. For example, Monday this Spirit Week was “Pajama Day.” The other days were “Twin Day,” “Wacky Wednesday,” and “Neon Day.” The final day on Friday was “Show Your Braves Spirit Day.”

My point is, this Spirit Week was a big success! Though few did not participate, the majority did, and it brought out school spirit through all of McDowell! As I looked around, probably most people took part in Friday’s theme, “Show Your Braves Spirit Day.” That day, many people wore school colors or a shirt with our mascot on it.

For those who took part in all five days (which were quite a few), their names were put into a prize drawing. Three names were chosen to win McDonalds, Amazon, or Walmart gift cards.

During each lunch period throughout Spirit Week, Student Council took pictures of everyone who was wearing the theme for that day. Kinley was the one taking the pictures for my lunch period. Since I sit beside her, I got to see the pictures taken. I liked looking at them because a lot of people were acting goofy, and I enjoyed seeing them having a good time.

Not only the students were participating in Spirit Week. Some of the teachers and staff were too! It was fun seeing my teachers dress up silly during school. Probably the least amount of staff dressed up for either “Pajama Day” or “Wacky Wednesday.” The majority of them, like the students, wore school colors for “Show Your Braves Spirit Day.” So, as you can tell, everyone in the school had a fantastic Spirit Week from everyone spreading their Braves spirit throughout the school!

This was my post about Spirit Week at McDowell Middle School. Did you enjoy it? Leave me a comment down below, so you can tell me what you think. Until next time!

And so it begins…

We are off to a new school year!  Logan Elm School District started a new school year on August 21, so we have actually been in session for a couple of weeks now.  Seventh graders have tackled that daunting task of memorizing a new schedule and figuring out their way around a new building.   And as always, it’s been exciting for me to get to know a new group of students.

The Advanced Language Arts class will soon be updating McDowell Media.  Stay tuned!

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Power of the Pen State?!

Yep, you heard right!  Emily, Genevieve, and Kelsey are the three lucky students that are going to state for their amazing skills in writing and creative minds.  If you are wondering about Power of the Pen(POP) then I’d be happy to explain.  POP is a club where kids join to write short stories and let their creative mind wander far and have a chance to be awarded for it!   At competitions tons of teams show up for a chance at winning.  An interesting fact is that the 7th grade team placed 4th at District and then continued on to place 3rd at Regionals!   A run-off from that is that POP goes to three competitions, District, Regional, and State.  For state only a few kids are picked to go based on their writing skills and the competition will be held at the College of Wooster.  State will be held on Friday, May 26th.  This is to the McDowell kids, show some encouragement to your classmates by wishing them luck! Plus a huge thanks to our writing coaches Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Ross for being the best coaches we could ask for an always pushing us to work hard and really think about what we are going to write.   Another reason to why #mcdowellstudentsarethebest!

Decades Day

At Mcdowell this week,we are doing Spirit Week.  Today, Thursday, just happened to be Decades Day, where you could dress up from any decade that you want.  Some students around the school dressed up in different times like the 60’s,70’s,and 80’s, while the art teacher Mrs. Helsel went above and beyond, and pictured also (left to right) are Maris, Jerica, and Andrew “Harambe”.


ISM was a group started this year by David Williamson and Logan Seymour. Every Wednesday we meet in Mr. Sveteks room and Mr. Forte is our adult supervisor. AIn this after school group we learn about God and his word through reading the Bible, watching videos and playing on quizizz.

Softball for Gym

Gym is always fun at Mcdowell, but today it was especially nice. The eighth grade here at McDowell got the chance to play softball and had a really good time. It was a lovely day outside and the kids had lots of fun. Unfortunately, the seventh graders are stuck inside until next year. Too bad!

The Giver

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the language arts classes at Mcdowell were watching the movie, The Giver.  For the past few months, we have been reading the book The Giver.  We finished the book a couple of weeks ago, that is why we were watching the movie.