Tech In Technology


In the second semester of the school year 7th graders will either have Art or Technology. For the students in Technology this semester they will be looking forward to using Green Screens, Virtual Reality, Coding, Sphero, and 3-D printing.


When you are using the green screen, you take an image off of the internet and make it as you background over the green screen hanging on the wall. After that you can make a news report, or take a cool picture.


When using the virtual reality you download an app, and when you open the app and put your phone inside of the goggles it will take you to anywhere so that you can look around and see lots of exotic places.


Coding can be very difficult if you have never done it before, you have to measure things very carefully. Say that you have a robot and you need to get the robot to go down a hallway, turn right, and turn left into a room. The first thing that you will have to do is count how long it would take it to go down the hallway, once you know that you test it to make sure the timing is right. You will have to do that with all the steps or you can make a hypothesis instead.


Another thing that you can do in technology is called Sphero. Sphero is a ball shaped robot that you can code and tell it what to do. If you don’t want to code Sphero you can simply tell it where you are at in the classroom and then you can use a joystick on your phone to move it around.


One other thing that you can do is 3-D printing. It is a machine that will print things that are actual shapes and you can put your hand around it. When you are trying to make an object, you will have to design what you

Cinnamon Rolls for Good Grades…Yum!

It is always nice to get a reward for hard work, right? On January 19th, students who made the honor roll were rewarded with a special breakfast.  The honor roll breakfast is given to anyone who got only A’s or B’s on their report cards. The breakfast served was a cinnamon roll with chocolate or white milk and orange juice. 132 students attended the breakfast during our first or second class of the day. The students on the honor roll also get a star with their name on it presented on the wall next to the entrance of the school so everyone could see their achievement. McDowell hosts this breakfast once every quarter and there always seems to be even more students than last time. It helps to give students something to earn for their grades, because who doesn’t want to take a break from school to have fun with friends?

Lady Braves started out good…

         On Monday, January 22 at 5:00 the 7th grade Logan Elm Lady Braves basketball team played against Fairfield Union at the Logan Elm High School . The Braves came out with a great start with the score of  2 to 1 in the first quarter and stayed that way most of the second quarter. Towards the end of the game is when Logan Elm started to fall apart with the final score of 7 to 35.  Many people on Logan Elm had more fouls than usual just by the first half of the game. If we made better passes and had less turnovers I think that we could have won the game because our team played good defense and we ran our plays right other than the passes. If we didn’t make all of the simple mistakes that we did then I think we could have won the game.

        The person with the most fouls was number 22 with 4 fouls only in the first half but didn’t get anymore for the rest of the game. Our top shooter was  number 14 With a total of 4 points and the rest were foul shots made. Although our plays worked the first couple of times, the other team caught on to us which is why we got so many turnovers after so long. The other team was the best at stealing the ball and making a lay-up. They weren’t very good at defense other than stealing the ball when we passed it. Another thing they were good at is shooting 3’s.  That is what made their score go up faster. Now that we are a little more than halfway through the season, we know what can make us better and win a game.

Boy’s Basketball Teams Win Again!

Boy’s Basketball

The boy’s basketball teams have made it halfway through the basketball season. The 7th grade basketball teams record is 9-1. The 7th grade team is currently in 1st  place. The 8th grade teams record is 7-3, and they are in 4th place. They next games are January 25th, January 27th, and January 29th. All of those games are home, and will be played in the high school gym. The schedule for the rest of the games is on the Mcdowell website. Click here to go to the website.

Last night the boy’s teams played Fairfield Union. Both teams won their games. The 7th grade team won in overtime 28-30. The 8th grade team won 46-27 . The next team the boy’s play is Amanda. Come out and support the boy’s basketball teams! The 7th grade team starts at 5 and 8th grade game follows.

McDowell Winter Sports Pep-Rally!

Recently here at McDowell, there was  a very interesting and fun winter sports pep-rally! At this pep-rally, the winter sport teams and all of the players were announced, and then there were a few different competitions which included prizes. Firstly, the teams were announced. When the teams and players were getting announced, the teams would go on the middle of the floor in the gymnasium and then wave to everyone when their names were announced. The winter sport teams that were announced at the pep-rally were boys basketball, girls basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling.

Then at the pep-rally we had competitions. The first competition was to build a human snowman. A few players were randomly chosen from each of the sports team to build the human snowman. So there was a team with people from girls basketball, and team with the boys basketball players, a team with cheerleaders, and a team with the wrestlers. One person from each team would be the “snowman” and the rest of the people would help build them. The materials they had to build a human snowman from where toilet paper, paper buttons and a paper nose, a few pieces of tape, and a hat with a matching scarf. All of the teams wrapped toilet paper around the person who was supposed to be their “snowman”, which made a lot of people laugh. After everyone finished their snowman, people would cheer for the snowman they liked best, and the team who had the most cheers would win. At the end, the girls basketball team had the best snowman, but the boys basketball team, the cheerleaders, and the wrestlers all had good snowmans to. Since the girls basketball team won, they got Logan Elm t-shirts!

The final competition that was held at the McDowell winter sports pep-rally was a 3-point shooting contest. To start the competition, the people that wanted to participate lined up on the court (winter athletes could not participate, though) and the first six people to make a 3-pointer would win and get a prize. It got intense when the first five people made it, and there would only be one more winner. After the sixth person made the shot, they all got Logan Elm t-shirts as their prize! So, that was the McDowell winter sports pep-rally!

Watch the video below with all of the photos and videos from the pep-rally!


Haven House Donations


At McDowell, we are collecting donations for a group called Haven House.  Haven House is a place for woman to go if they have been abused and need to leave.  They take their children and the clothes on their backs.  They need your typical everyday things such as toilet paper, tissues, cough drops, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face wash, and chap-stick.  They also need hats and gloves for winter along with cleaning supplies.  

Haven House has moved their location.  They have some supplies but not enough for all the women that are their. They ran out of room at their old location which is why they have moved.  They need those supplies that I listed in my first paragraph.  McDowell cares about our community, that is why this Christmas season we are not forgetting the meaning of the season, which is to give.  To motivate us the teachers have decided that our lunch monitors will dress up as Santa and his helper.  The students here at the McDowell have to collect 500 different donations in order to have Santa and his elf show up to school.

As you can tell Haven House needs some donations.  Hopefully we can collect 500 donations to make Santa and his elf show up to school. We can give by donating an item on the list or by donating money.  Anything helps and Haven House will be grateful for everything.  Organize a donation for someone or someplace in your community to help out.  This Christmas make sure you give as much as you get.

Local Heroes of McDowell!

Local Heroes! 

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day so I’m going to base this post on this honoring day. Veteran’s Day is a day in America to honor people that had been through war, to honor the deceased and living Americans who sacrificed their lives for the citizens and children. To give us the rights we have and to protect us from harm. Anyone could be a veteran, most likely grandparents. But, from the research I dug up, every year, more than 180,000 people join the Army.

180,000 American citizens fighting alongside our allies for the U.S.A. But only one day a year is dedicated to veterans all over America.

That’s where this idea popped into my head. Appreciation of Local Heroes! A weekly contest where students can gain a ‘Tomahawk Ticket.’ A red slip of paper with our Logan Elm mascot on the side. With places to put the date, name of student, and what they did to earn this opportunity to get some appreciation. Each Friday, we will have a drawing over the speakers in WIN period, if the student’s name is called, the student can choose a piece of Logan Elm merchandise. If they don’t want merchandise they can choose some candy(or something else permitted by the school.) Logan Elm is a school of kindness and smarts. Every single student in the Logan Elm district has a chance to be called out for being a good person. Tomahawk Tickets aren’t supposed to be popularity statuses, they’re to show that everyone can be good for their community.

Like soldiers, they’re GREAT for our community. Soldiers don’t just have to be in the army, anyone can be a hero. Your mom, dad, sister or brother, aunt and uncle, anyone! Your mother can be a hero by helping you with work. Your hero can be anyone, my hero is my dad because he gets rid of the spiders in the house. Heroes are everywhere. Veterans, parents, even other students. That’s why I want to introduce this idea. To expand acts of kindness through McDowell and all through the states. In conclusion, Tomahawk Tickets are a way to present students and Veterans alike. This author is signing off! Bye!

Logan Elm Mascot

Bell Schedule






     There are many subjects with different bell times at George McDowell Exchange School. This is my bell schedule. There is first period, which every class has a different first period. Then there is second period, where classes branch off. It branches off three ways: you can go to band if you are in band, you go to choir if you are in choir, and if you are not in those two, you have guided study. Next is third period, being followed by another fork. If you have Lunch A, you go straight to lunch, then fourth period. If you have Lunch B, then you go to lunch when the bell in fourth period goes off during fourth period, then head back to fourth period. If you have Lunch C, then you stay in fourth period all the way, with an added ten minutes, until the bell rings. After lunch is fifth period. Yet again the classes branch off into art and technology. If you have art for first semester, then you have technology for second semester. Same goes for the other way around: if you have technology for first semester, then you have art for second semester. Afterwards is sixth period. Personally, this is my second favorite period, as it is the last period of endless onslaught of pain (I mean, yeah, knowledge is great, but it’s too much for me each day!). Then there is WIN period. WIN stands for What I Need, as it is sort of like a second guided study. It is my favorite period, as we leave as soon as the bell rings, signaling the end of the school day.


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The McDowell Band

     Here at McDowell Exchange School, second period is an interesting one.  This is because we have a choice of what class to take during that period.  We can choose from band, choir, or just guided study.  All of these classes are a great thing to do, but today we are just going to talk about one particular class: Band.

     The junior high band is, in my opinion (I might be a tad bit biased), is a great class to take and a fun and rewarding one as well.  We are given songs which we practice everyday on our instruments, and all of that practice leads up to a big concert or parade.  Band is also a great place to make friends that we wouldn’t of made if we had not taken the class.  The band, like all school bands, is divided into three groups of instruments:  The woodwind, percussion, and brass.

     The brass family includes some notable instruments like the trumpet, trombone, and tuba.  I play the trumpet. The woodwind family includes instruments like the flute, clarinet, and the saxophone.  Finally, we have the percussion family:  The backbone of the band.  This family of instruments provide the beat of the song.  Some instruments in this family include the snare drum, bass drum, tenor drums (only in marching band), cymbals, xylophones, triangles, and…  woodblocks?  Yeah…  Anyway, in the end, it all comes down to how we sound as a group, rather than how we sound individually.

   The McDowell band is actually two bands.  One for eighth grade, and one for seventh grade.  We practice separately, but perform together.  Our seventh grade band consists of fourteen kids.  Five trumpets, one flute, one clarinet, one tuba, four drums, and two xylophones.  For concerts, we rely on the eighth grade band for trombones and saxophones, since the seventh grade band doesn’t have anyone who plays those instruments.  We have a winter and spring concert, and we marched in some parades at the local Pumpkin Show just recently.

     So, there you have it.  The McDowell band is a great class that this school offers and there are many benefits that you people gain from this class.  Anyways, thank you for reading my blog.  Comment if any of you are in band and what instrument you play.  Bye!



Subjects At McDowell!



Some of the teachers here at McDowell.


     Education and going to school is a very important thing for students. The things that you learn in school now can affect you for all of your life. Education will help you graduate high school, then go to college, then after that you get a job to help support your family. So that comes back to my point, which is students education is important. But  what exactly do students learn and what subjects do students take here at McDowell Exchange Jr. High School?

     At McDowell every student has Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Technology or Art, and WIN. Each class is about 50 minutes long and each student has 3 minutes in between classes to get the items they need for the next class. During Language Arts class, students would probably be reading, working on vocab, or working on a writing assignment. In Math, you’ll find students working on a new math lesson, taking a quiz, working on IXL, or doing homework. Next is Social Studies. In Social Studies, students are learning about Ancient Greece and Rome. In Science, we have been learning a lot about animals, food chains, ecosystems, adaptations, and so on. The next subject is Technology or Art. Students will either have Technology for the first semester of the year and Art for the second semester, or they will have Art first and then technology. So, you will not have either of these classes for the whole school year. In Art, we are currently making walking sticks. In Technology, I don’t know what students are doing since I have Technology for the second semester, not the first. Finally the last class is WIN. WIN is a class that every student has at the end of the day. During WIN period, students can work on homework or any assignments, read, or ask teachers for help.

     Every students takes the subjects I just mentioned, but there are subjects that students get to chose if they want to take them or not. The classes that you get to chose from are Guided Study, Choir, Band, or both Choir+Band. In Guided Study, you get extra time to work on homework/assignments and study for tests. In Choir, you sing. In band, you get to pick an instrument that you want to play and then you practice playing songs and getting ready for parades. If you take Choir and Band, you will switch from singing to playing an instrument. These are all of the classes that McDowell offers to each student. McDowell is a great place for students to learn everything they need to know to succeed.