McDowell Spring Sports

McDowell Middle School has recently finished up Winter sports and is springing forward into the season of Spring sports (See what I did there?). McDowell offers baseball, softball, and track and field to students in the spring sport season. The baseball and softball teams will each have separate grade level teams, (7th and 8th) and track combines both grades. Spring sports are a great opportunity to get involved and have fun at the end of the year.

Baseball and softball tryouts began on February 25th for both sports. The rosters for baseball and softball are at the bottom of this page. Their first games will be at the end of March. Schedules and rosters for all sports are on McDowell’s website under each sport link located on the sidebar.  If you are interested in track and field, there were no cuts made, athletes just had to show up at the first few practices to be on the team. Track and field offers multiple events that athletes can participate in such as pole vault, long jump, shot put, discus, and obviously sprints and long distance races. McDowell’s Spring sports are all fun to participate in and so let’s hope it’s a dry Spring That’s a preview of McDowell’s spring sports.



😡Blizzard bags😡

I don’t even know what happened. First we had no snow at all for the longest time. It seemed like fall weather outside. Then all of the sudden on a weekend in January,  it hit us. A huge snow storm just piled in. It just seemed like Mother Nature opened the floodgates on us. If you don’t know, Logan Elm’s school district is just south of Columbus, OH (Ohio is in the north  east part of the United States of America in case you didn’t know). And if you know Columbus, we get a lot of snow one year, the next year it could feel like summer out. But when when a lot of snow comes, we know what that means. Blizzard bags.

Blizzard bags are designed to help out when we might miss a lot of school. Here we have a rule about snow days. For the first five days that we miss, we do not have to do blizzard bags, but when those five days are up, we have three days worth of blizzard bags. Once those three blizzard bags are out, we resort to make-up days(we make up however many days of school we missed). Usually we make up our days in the summer or on “long weekends” (weekends where we have Monday or Friday off).So yes they are supposed help limit  make up days. I guess that’s a plus(it may be the only plus).

When we have blizzard bag we are supposed to do work like a normal day (which is eight hours for our school day) , but when we have a blizzard bag it usually takes somewhere from six to eight hours. For some unfortunate people who don’t have internet-access (or have no wifi) you can’t do them as easy as they are supposed to be.

When you have no internet-access you can’t access the blizzard bag at home. That means you have to do them at school. You only get two weeks to do your blizzard bag during guided study (a 45 minute work period). I did the math. Six to eight hours of work for two weeks (ten school days). That’s 4-5.5 guided studies. That’s around half of a week for one blizzard bag. That doesn’t even count extra credit or any other homework!

To sum it all up, blizzard bags are a long list of assignments that are supposed to make for one school day. They are very difficult to do with no internet access and they are more annoying to do than regular school. I would rather just make up days than doing stupid, annoying, and hard blizzard bags.


McDowell Media’s Skype Call to Australia

Between the months of August and December, McDowell Media participated in the Student Blogging Challenge.  The Student Blogging challenge led us to a lot of fun activities and awesome opportunities.  One of those awesome opportunities included a Skype call to Kathleen Morris!  If you didn’t know, Kathleen Morris is the leader of the Student Blogging Challenge.  Kathleen is also a tech coach in a new Australian school.  McDowell Media’s writers were given an opportunity to Skype with Kathleen and her 1st grade class in Australia.  During that Skype call, we asked questions back and forth.  We learned that Australian students, during our winter break, would be on their summer break.  We also learned that the government in Australia allows them to play educational Mine craft during the school day.  While we were learning new things about each other we were also having an amazing time.  McDowell Media would be delighted to have another opportunity like this one.

Down below are some pictures of McDowell Media during the Skype call.





Holiday Shopping Event

Merry Christmas everyone. Friday is McDowell’s Holiday Shopping Event. At this spectacular event, there will be many items to choose from. Oh yeah, did I mention that everything is just a dollar? There will be lots of different kinds of items including Notebooks, Mom gifts, Dad gifts, Toddler gifts, Pet gifts and lots of other things. Here is a PowToon that I made explaining it a bit more. Come to the Holiday Shopping Event!




About Alex


For the student blogging challenge, we are learning about code and the director Kathleen Morris invited a blind young computer programmer onto the scene. Alex is visually impaired, and yet he is an accessibility developer along with a system administrator for Incsub, also known as the company behind Edublogs. He makes sure all the companies sites are up in running and that they are accessible to the visually impaired. Even though Alex was officially confirmed with this condition he didn’t stop. He moved on and continued to do the thing he loved, coding. First he was hired at Incsub, his job there was for live chat support. As he continued to work at coding he was later asked to be a computer developer, and he accepted. Even though Alex is blind, that doesn’t stop him, he now has the responsibility to make sure all the Incsub sites are up and running along with easy access to anyone. He learned the basic HTML code in 7th grade and continued coding from there! It wasn’t until he got hired at Incsub that he started teaching himself the more detailed code like JavaScript and CSS to name a few, along with several more. One thing that stood out to me about Alex was how much passion he has for coding. It seems as though he absolutely loves coding and wants everyone worldwide to know what code is and how to do it, especially younger generations. In the end, Alex just is an incredible person who found something he loved and didn’t even let the adversity that is blindness, in this case, stop him. So far Alex has not responded, I’m sure he is very busy and has a lot on his plate with school work and his job but I’m sure he will answer my questions soon! 


Comment to Alex:

Hi Alex! My name is Lynsay. I just finished reading your story and it is so interesting. I find it awesome that even though you were faced with this condition of blindness you were able to push through and continue what you love to do! I have a question, is coding hard? I have never actually coded before but it looks really fun and from reading your story I might have to give it a go. Another question, how many times do you code a day? I bet you do a lot of it since it seems you’re wonderful at it!

Happy Holidays




The Wonderful Snow effects

Hello, you might have noticed some changes around McDowell Media. Well, the changes were made by me and my fellow students to spruce the blog up for winter. This is also for the student blogging challenge with option number three Spice Up Your Blog With Mrs. Vazquez. I myself added the snowing. Snow is a common thing in Ohio during the winter. I got the HTML code for the widget from https://www.kirupa.com/html5/the_falling_snow_effect.htm.

Thank you for reading and please comment, what do you think of the new changes?




Upcoming Choir Concerts at McDowell

This years McDowell’s choir concert is coming up fast! We will be holding a holiday concert on December 12th. The songs we are doing for the holiday concert are: Christmas Time is Here by Lee Mendelson, Winter Wonderland by Michael Buble, My Favorite Things by Oscar Hammerstein III, Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms and Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burnsto to end the concert. My favorite song that we are singing for the Holiday concert is Jingle Bell Rock. What is your favorite Christmas song?
The 2nd concert we are doing is in February for our Winter concert. We haven’t decided all the songs for the Winter concert, but we do know we are singing Wade in da Water by Ramsey Lewis and Sam Cooke and J. W. Alexander. Both of these songs have a smooth flow. Right after the Winter concert is in the Spring. It is our end of the year concert. We don’t know any songs we are doing for the Spring concert, but we have decided it will contain some fun pop music to wrap up the wonderful year!
As I said before, It’s Mcdowell’s choir concert, so that means 7th and 8th grade choir students are both doing the concert together. Both grades learned the same song, but 7th grades way of singing it may not be exactly the same as the 8th grades way of singing the songs. We do this so it sounds more complicated and it twists things up to make it sound graceful at the same time. Ms. Barbieri, our talented choir teacher has also given the students with lower voices the option to sing the harmony and students with higher voices the choice to sing with the melody. I usually sing with the harmony. Tell me in the comments if you sing with the harmony or the melody!
Also, a special thanks to Ms. Barbieri for teaching us so much. She has been so helpful and patient with our class. She has made class educational, but keeps it fun. Plus to all the choir students that make the songs sound so beautiful and committing to the class. I am so excited for the upcoming concerts here at McDowell!


Winter Sports

Ball on Hoop

      McDowell Middle School is headed into Winter sports! McDowell’s Winter sports are basketball, (girls and boys) wrestling and cheerleading. The following has made the 7th-grade boys basketball team. Colton Eplin, Lance Haupt, Talan Jenkins, Blake Kanniard, Kyle Rine, Ian Roese, Brody Sabine, Cameron Smith, Carson Summers, and Alden Williams. The boys first basketball game is at Liberty Union. The game is on December 6th and starts at 5:00 PM. These are the 8th-grade boys’ basketball players. Braylen Baker, Tanner Holbert, Drew Tomlinson, Gavin Griffey, Carter Weitelmann, Luke Thompson, Clay Reed, Hunter Auflick, Nick Coleman, Dylan Cantrell, and Allen Boerner. The 8th graders first game is on December 6th and is at Liberty Union. It starts right after the 7th-grade game. The following has made the 7th-grade girls basketball team. Tia Fowler, Taylor Fowler, Lilly Brenning, Kaitlyn Otterbacher, Jenna Allison, Katie Wilson, Clara Wilson, Lynsay VanHoose, Enaja Fisher, Cadence Haupt, Addison Dietrich, and Brooke Cooper. The 7th-grade girls first game is on November 29th and is home against Teays Valley East. It starts at 5:00 PM. These are the 8th-grade girls who made the team. Chloe Karshner, Meredith Jarvis, Ava Neff, Kaitlyn Fultz, Hannah Smith, Camryn Ross, Tayla Tootle, Breanne Williams, and Jillian Ayers. The 8th-grade girls first game is on November 29th and is home. The girls game starts after the 7th graders game. These are the wrestlers. RJ Weber, Kane Barnes, Owen Braun, Logan Lowe, Tim Miller, Andrew Walters, Nick Schob, Marcus Young, Joey Diles, Trent Francis, Dakota Sturms, Thomas Miller, Bradyn Allen, Mason Grate, Trey Fout, and Aiden Elzey. The wrestlers first meet is on December 1st and it’s an invitational at Centerburg. These are the cheerleaders who will cheer for the boys’ basketball. Brianna Bissell, Cierra Hurlburt, Zohie Lilly, Eva Marshall, Gracie Forrest, Kenise Riegel, Sophie Ash, Gina Fenorchito and Adaysn Tatman. They will be cheering on the boys’ basketball on December 6th at Liberty Union that starts at 5:00 PM. Good luck Logan Elm Winter sports!