About Alex


For the student blogging challenge, we are learning about code and the director Kathleen Morris invited a blind young computer programmer onto the scene. Alex is visually impaired, and yet he is an accessibility developer along with a system administrator for Incsub, also known as the company behind Edublogs. He makes sure all the companies sites are up in running and that they are accessible to the visually impaired. Even though Alex was officially confirmed with this condition he didn’t stop. He moved on and continued to do the thing he loved, coding. First he was hired at Incsub, his job there was for live chat support. As he continued to work at coding he was later asked to be a computer developer, and he accepted. Even though Alex is blind, that doesn’t stop him, he now has the responsibility to make sure all the Incsub sites are up and running along with easy access to anyone. He learned the basic HTML code in 7th grade and continued coding from there! It wasn’t until he got hired at Incsub that he started teaching himself the more detailed code like JavaScript and CSS to name a few, along with several more. One thing that stood out to me about Alex was how much passion he has for coding. It seems as though he absolutely loves coding and wants everyone worldwide to know what code is and how to do it, especially younger generations. In the end, Alex just is an incredible person who found something he loved and didn’t even let the adversity that is blindness, in this case, stop him. So far Alex has not responded, I’m sure he is very busy and has a lot on his plate with school work and his job but I’m sure he will answer my questions soon! 


Comment to Alex:

Hi Alex! My name is Lynsay. I just finished reading your story and it is so interesting. I find it awesome that even though you were faced with this condition of blindness you were able to push through and continue what you love to do! I have a question, is coding hard? I have never actually coded before but it looks really fun and from reading your story I might have to give it a go. Another question, how many times do you code a day? I bet you do a lot of it since it seems you’re wonderful at it!

Happy Holidays




My Favorite Holiday Tradition🎄

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For the student blogging challenge we were given different tasks and the one I chose was to write about my favorite family tradition! Christmas is a time when hot cocoa, snowflakes and the many traditions of families come about and are waiting to be celebrated although, we have many traditions in my family I will tell you about my overall favorite. That special tradition is decorating my Mamaws and Papaws tree. Even though it may seem not so special it’s really just the chance to spend time with my grandparents and family all together. That is my favorite part along with my Mamaw’s corn flake candy! We do this tradition usually around late November.
The tradition all got started like this, my family and I were going up to my grandparents house to celebrate my Papaw’s birthday which is close to the last day of November. We got up, ate cake give him our presents and while we were doing all this we realized how hard it was raining, along with the temperature dropping. Now of course I was little, so I don’t really remember it but I do remember going out to the car and almost falling because of how icy it was. We ended up staying the night up there because there was no possible way my Mamaw or Papaw was letting my Mom drive home. So we were watching old Christmas movies when my Mamaw disappeared for a minute then came back out with all her ornaments and said well since you’re stuck here might as well help me decorate for Christmas, so that is how are tradition got started!
So now every year my Mom, Sister and I go up to my Mamaw Sharon and Papaw Chuck’s house around late December, and we get all of their decorations out. My Mom and Papaw bring the tree up from the basement and into the sun room where my Mamaw already has the fire going with a Hallmark movie on in the background, and Christmas music playing too! My Sister and Papaw start putting on the lights and every year my Papaw of course always comments on how amazing his lights look. By the time those two are done commenting on how great it looks and attempting not to get the dogs tangled with the lights. My Mom and I have gotten all the ornaments out and ready for decorating.
My Mamaw has ancient ornaments that were her Mom’s, so we always put those on first then we decorate by family and homemade ornaments then we put up the ornaments my Mamaw liked and bought. Cause you can never have to many ornaments right! Finally, when we are done decorating, my Mamaw has hot chocolate and corn flake candy on the stand table waiting for us to get our Hallmark movie marathon started!
By this time my Papaw is going to bed because he always says all u need is the first and last five minutes of one Hallmark movie and you’ve got a 2-hour movie and you’ve got it summarized. So he doesn’t watch them with us. Which is ok because we have girl time, and we usually only watch a few then end up falling asleep anyways but it’s still really fun. My family has done this tradition since I was really little and it is most definitely favorite, it’s really fun and I love getting time to spend with my family close to Christmas!