Ohio State vs Michigan

The Ohio State versus Michigan game has been played since 1918 (99 years ago).  This rivalry game is a college football (American football) game.  Both sides are very passionate about their team.  It has been an very long grueling time of mean, words, gestures, and looks.  But in the end it’s the beautiful sport of football that brings us together. 

Time for an poll.  You will be asked to pick Ohio State or Michigan, and you could pick either one.  If you don’t know much about this than you don’t have to pick anything or you could pick the third answer, “I have absolutely no clue”.  The game is today at 10:30 AM (if you are interested in watching it).  And I know who I’m rooting for… GO OHIO!     

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Circleville Pumpkin Show Recap

This Saturday concludes the 111th Circleville Ohio Pumkin Show. Today, I will be reviewing some of the highlights of the Pumpkin Show and some personal experiences.

Image result for circleville pumpkin show 2017My personal favorite thing to do at the Pumpkin Show was ride rides. My personal favorite was a ride entitled, “Screamer”, which is basically a ride that you are strapped in and a cage closes in on top of you and it swings back and fourth until it goes upside down, and ultimately lasts around 80 seconds. My second favorite ride was a ride called, “Zipper”, which is a ride that you are caged in, with a max of 2 people per cage. There are 12 cages, and there usually is no single riders allowed. On this ride, every cage begins to spins in weird motions, which can be as simple as going up and down, and as scary as flying very fast toward the ground before the cart is pulled back. On this ride is a lap bar attached to the door, and padded bars that riders must hold on to, unless they want hit in the face with a cool steel cage.

Along with the rest of the school band, I marched in the 20 minute parade and played tenor drum. The first day we marched we did great, but I’d rather not talk about the second day. It was hard for me to get my drum into my dad’s tiny car trunk, but we managed.

There were many things available to purchase, like clothes, flags, necklaces, stringed puppets, stuffed animals, delicious foods, and many other items. I personally think most items were overpriced, but none the less worth it.

In conclusion, there are many things to purchase and activities to do at the Circleville Ohio Pumpkin Show. Join us next October, 2018, for the 112th annual Circleville Ohio Pumpkin show.

Circleville Pumpkin Show

Related imageThe Circleville Pumpkin Show is right around the corner, it is only two days away.  The Circleville Pumpkin Show is known as the Greatest Show on Earth.  You will be learning about the history of the Pumpkin Show, which has been around since 1903.  There are many different things that you can do at the Pumpkin Show including riding rides, eating your favorite pumpkin food, visiting with friends, or just walking around.  There are many things to know about the Circleville Pumpkin Show.

First, how did the Pumpkin Show get started?  The  mayor of Circleville at that time, George Haswell, decided he wanted to get all the different people from the county and all the people of the city together.  So he invited the farmers to bring their best produce to town on certain dates and display them on the streets of Circleville.  The best produce won a prize.  The  Circleville Pumpkin Show has always been held on the downtown streets of Circleville, and probably always will be.

Secondly, there are many things that you can do at the Pumpkin Show.  You could ride rides like: the Ali Baba, the Carousel, the Viking Ship, the Musical Express, the Zipper, the Star, the Ferris Wheel, the dinosaur ride, Twister, the Rodeo, or even the Alien Abduction.  You could also do the fun house or games like:  fish for the duck with a star, roller bowler, ski ball, pop the balloon, ring the cane, bb gun shoot the star, and/or go fish.  My favorite thing to do is walk around and eat food.  Some of the special food you can purchase is: pumpkin log roll, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin fries, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin dumplings, pumpkin burgers, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin latte, and pumpkin whoopie pies.  My favorite place to go at Pumpkin Show is the Bell Station Home Goods store at the corner of Watt Street and Pickaway Street.  I like it because they have one dollar drinks outside and inside they have nice jewelry that any woman would like.

To sum everything up I hope you enjoyed my blog post.  Hopefully, you learned something about how the Pumpkin Show got started, as well as something you can/could do when you visit it.  Here is a little pop quiz for you. What is the Pumpkin Show also known as?  You know it! It is The Greatest Free Show on Earth.  Again, hope you enjoyed  my blog post.

Image from: ohiowin.com

Mid State League Track Meet!

For the McDowell track team, all of our hard work builds up for the biggest meet of the year, which is Mid State League or MSL for short.  MSL is when all 9 teams in the area come together and compete for the title of MSL champion. This was the last meet of the year, so the team put forth their best effort last night and it all payed off.  The McDowell girls team placed 4th out of 9 teams and the boys places 9th.  A couple of highlights from MSL included some phenomenal performances including 8th grader Allyson Cotton placing 1st in ALL of her events and tieing the school record in the pole vault, 8th grader Emma Conley coming back from an injury and throwing the shot put and discus and she placed high in both events even after being hurt for a while, 8th grader Riley Shultz placing 1st in the high jump and 3rd in the 400 meter dash, myself, 7th grader Annie Karshner placed 1st in both of my events which is the shot put and discus and was only 5 inches away from breaking the school record in the shot put, and our 4×400 relay teams running their hearts out in the pouring rain last night.  We ended the season with a lot to be proud of! Go Braves!

For full results to the MSL track meet, visit http://www.baumspage.com/trackms/msl/buckeye//2017/2017%20Results.htm

Toys For Tots Foundation

This year, Logan Elm participated in the Toys For Tots Toy Drive.  Seventh and eighth graders collectively raised 1,176 dollars and over 100 toys. Circleville school also participated with their own fundraiser and raised over 1,200 dollars.  After all of the money was spent on toys for the drive, there were over 2,400 toys.

The Logan Elm seventh and eighth graders competed to see which W.I.N. period could collect the most money and toys.  The winning class was in seventh grade.  They saved 261 dollars and 11 toys.  The class won a pizza party for all their effort.  

You can donate to Toys For Tots any time of the year, but the most toys are wanted and donated around Christmas time.  If you watch the news, NBC 4, you will see that they have a huge fundraiser to collect toys for Christmas. This program is run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  It was founded in 1947 by reservist Major Bill Hendricks.  Some big celebrity endorsements include:  Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, and even the First Lady. All three of them helped boost the confidence of the organization.  Toys For Tots have many helpful sponsors as well, including Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Hasbro, Build-A-Bear, Hallmark, Hess, Disney, Macy’s, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, and The UPS Store.    

There are many ways you can donate to the Toys For Tots program.  You can donate in honor of a certain individual, by mail, through eBay, by starting your own fundraising team, or you can even donate your car or truck.  Some stores have a large drop off box for toys and many schools, like Logan Elm, have Toys For Tots fundraisers every December.

Over the lifespan of the organization, the Marine Toys for Tots Program has distributed over 512 million toys to over 237 million less fortunate children. You should go donate a toy and encourage your school or work to have a Toys For Tots fundraiser to help brighten Christmas, just as Logan Elm students have done this year!

The Logan Elm Volleyball Team Makes History!


In the past few months, the Logan Elm volleyball team has proved that hard work really pays off.  For the just the second time in Logan Elm history, the volleyball team made it all the way to the Division Two State Final Four, and Logan Elm couldn’t be prouder.

Before the season started, the team got a new coach.  His name is Kris Kern, and he is an extremely impressive coach.  He is one of the best coaches in Ohio history and Logan Elm was so excited to welcome him to our school. The team improved tremendously with Coach Kern’s guidance.  They could jump higher, hit harder and they looked extremely good.  The team looked better than ever, so they went to the Maumee Bay Summer Spiketacular near Toledo. They won the tournament, which was huge.  They continued improving and later won the Circleville Summer Tournament.

The regular season started up, and the team looked awesome.  They won every game and continued to get better and better throughout the year.  By the end of the regular season, they were undefeated. Their undefeated season earned them the Mid State League Championship title.

Once the season ended, the tournament began.  Logan Elm High School is a division two school, so for tournaments we would only compete against other division two schools in Ohio in the tournament.  The first game, we played Fairfield Union and played very well and won the game.  We would advance to the sectional championship where we would play our school rival, Circleville High School.  We won the sectional championship which was exciting because we would advance to district semifinals and we beat Circleville!  For district semifinals, we would play Athens High School.  Athens is a very good team.  But Logan Elm was on their A game and we beat Athens and would advance to the district championship where we played Gallia Academy.  Gallia Academy was also an undefeated team just like us, and they were very good.  We played with Gallia very well, and beat them and won districts.  The team set sail for regionals where we would play Cincinnati Wyoming.  It was a very exciting game! We lost a set, but came back and won the game.  We would advance to the regional championship where we played Bishop Fenwick.  Bishop Fenwick was without a doubt a tough team to play, but we played well and won the regional championship.  For the second time in Logan Elm history, we advanced to the state final four where we played Columbus Bishop Hartley.  They were a very good team.  Unfortunately, we lost to Columbus Bishop Hartley in the state semifinals which was the ONLY loss the team had the whole year.

Logan Elm is unbelievably proud of the volleyball team. They ended the season 28-1 making the best team to ever play volleyball at Logan Elm.  We hope for the same success next year as well.  Go Braves!

Image from http://www.circlevilleherald.com/sports/outright-champs/article_ed946358-d986-589d-8692-6145e5bbede1.html

All About The McDowell Band!

img_2468The McDowell band marched in the Circleville Pumpkin Show a few weeks ago! The Pumpkin Show is a festival in Circleville, Ohio. There’s a ton of things to do, fun rides, delicious pumpkin flavored foods, carnival games, and, of course, the humongous pumpkins people grow!
I interviewed two of my friends at school in the band named Hallie and Annabelle. In the Pumpkin Show, the McDowell band played a song called Land Of A Thousand Dances. The song is around three minutes long, and when Annabelle listens to it, she thinks of it as a traditional song.
Annabelle plays the snare drum in the school band. She plays the drums to express herself, as she told me. She wants to play band in high school so she can go places like band contests, and she like to go to band camp. Despite Annabelle’s sarcastic sense of humor, (which is good, of course,) Annabelle seems to really enjoy doing band. Hallie plays the trumpet. Hallie finds it hard to hit the high notes on her trumpet. “It makes a weird noise when I try to make the high notes,” Hallie says. “I keep practicing to make it sound right, though.” She told me that she got her foot stuck in a pothole on the ground and almost fell over while marching once, typical Hallie.
Not only did our band march in The Pumpkin Show, the high school band is also going to a national band competition! They are all really looking forward to it, and we’re all really hoping they do well. I know a lot of people in band, choir, and flag twirling. Everyone is really happy for the band for making it so far in the competition! I like to watch all of the band march outside and play their instruments and twirl the flags after school. I can’t wait to hear how they did.

The Pumpkin Show; The Greatest Free Show on Earth!

Known to draw nearly 300,000 people from all 50 states, Ohios Circleville Pumpkin Show is the sixth largest festival in the country and has been dubbed the "Greatest Free Show on Earth". (PRNewsFoto) [Photo via NewsCom]

It’s that time of year again, when people from all over Ohio come to our small town of Circleville, Ohio to celebrate our community and our local agriculture at the Circleville Pumpkin Show; The Greatest Free Show on Earth!  The Pumpkin Show is held towards the end of October and is the sixth largest festival in the United States.  Schools in the area, including McDowell, close for most of the week so we can go to the Pumpkin Show.  The Pumpkin Show is a huge event for such a small town like Circleville.  If you want to know more about the Pumpkin Show, grab a pumpkin doughnut and keep reading!

The reason the Pumpkin Show is called the Greatest Free Show on Earth is because, you don’t have to pay an admission fee.  Not everything at the Show is free though.  You have to pay to get food if you want it and you have to pay to play games and ride rides.  But that is all you have to pay for.  Everything else is free.  The streets are packed with food booths selling every kind of food you could imagine.  Burgers, pizza, hot dogs, noodles, and everything in between.  But of course, this is the Pumpkin Show, so there is a variety of pumpkin foods.  Pumpkin pies, pumpkin burgers, pumpkin doughnuts are all sold at the Show.  There is a huge tower made of pumpkins right at the heart of the Show and the world famous Pumpkin Pie from Lindsey’s Bakery.  The pie is giant and is one of the main attractions at the Show.  Another main attraction is the pumpkin weigh in where local people grow huge pumpkins and whoever has the heaviest pumpkin wins. There are craft and art contests that you can enter, for all ages. There are lots of rides and games like the Ferris Wheel, the Music Express,  and games where you can shoot baskets to win prizes.  There are noon and evening parades as well.  At noon are parades like the pet parade, the baby parade and Little Miss Pumpkin Show, where many of the 1st grade girls in the area dress up and ride through the parade on a car and later on go through judging where Little Miss Pumpkin Show is crowned.  The evening parades include Miss Pumpkin Show, where 11th and 12th grade representatives from all the local schools are chosen and ride through the parade on cars and are later on crowned after judging, the band of parades which has featured the Ohio State Marching Band many times, and the parade of queens which is all the queens of the local festivals.

The Pumpkin Show started in 1903 when the mayor of Circleville at that time decided he wanted a “small exhibit” in front of his house.  He decorated it with corn and small jack-o-lanterns and thought it looked like a “pumpkin show”.  Soon neighborhood merchants joined in and this idea grew.  Eventually a merry go round was placed on the street.  After a few years, the Pumpkin Show was made into an actual festival to unite the community and celebrate their agriculture.

The Pumpkin Show is a really important part of our community and has made our town so much better over the years.  The Show starts this week, so, Happy Pumpkin Show!

Image from http://614now.com/2014/entertain/arts-culture/circleville-pumpkin-show-kicking-off


D.C. Trip

From http://www.fxva.com/neighborhoods/our-neighbors/washington-dc/

Since the D.C. trip is coming up for the eighth graders I thought it’d be a good idea to ask Mr. Barnes some details about the trip.  The questions I asked are below.

Q: When will the eighth graders be leaving for D.C.?

A: “May 11th at 6:00 AM”

Q: When will the eighth graders be getting back?

A: “Saturday night, May 14th”

Q: How long will the entire trip be?

A: “Three nights and four days.”

Q: Which historical sites will you be visiting?

A. “Gettysburg Battlefield, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, US Capitol, Ford’s Theater, National Cathedral, Vietnam War Memorial.”

Q:How much does the entire round trip cost for everyone?

A: “$650”

Q: Why does the school do this trip?

A: “It’s nice for a big group of eighth graders to have one trip together before high school.”

Q: For how many years has the school been doing the D.C. trip?

A: “About twenty.”

Q: How many states will you be passing through on the way?

A: “Five.”

Q: Will the trip be in special buses?  If so what is different about them?

A: “They are tour buses, they have TVs, DVDs, bathrooms, and outlets.”

Q: Is there anything you’d like to tell me that I didn’t ask?

A: ” It’s a lot of fun, you learn a lot, you see some
different people, there is a very diverse population, and it’s very crowded.”


White Christmas

Roundtown Players, a community group that puts on wonderful plays and musicals. They put on a play based on the classical movie, White Christmas. White Christmas is a Christmas movie about four performers named Bob Wallace, Phil Davis, Betty Haynes and Judy Haynes. The play has romance, comedy, friendship and Christmas joy.

FullSizeRender (1)

The musical is a great activity to see with your family. The audience gets to interact with the play by singing and speaking with the story. The story really gets you in the Christmas spirit. By having classical Christmas music playing in the background. Also, with glistening Christmas trees shinning on stage.



The cast and crew of the play.


One of the coolest parts about seeing a Roundtown Play is getting to see your friends and maybe even family act in the play. Above is a list of the cast and crew. Maybe you might know a couple of the actors and actresses. The way the actors and actresses express the story makes you feel like you’re in the play. It truly is a magical experience. Sadly, though the last performance was yesterday evening, but whenever you get the chance to see a Roundtown play I highly encourage you do!

Image from http://www.pickawaynewsjournal.com