Week 9 Blogging Challenge

Just some insight, I am a complete nerd, I code and build computers for fun, and I was very happy to hear that the week 9 challenge was all about one of my favorite hobbies. I was going to choose challenge 3, but it says it is for HTML code, but I don’t know very much HTML, but I am okay at JavaScript and pretty good at C Sharp. I do hope to learn more HTML though because I enjoy going on websites and seeing what I can do to them by goofing around with the code. (That only affects me until I close the tab and has no other effect)

    I chose to write about my experience with the hour of code. I did it during technology class with my good friend Sawyer, check out his blog at https://sites.google.com/loganelmschools.com/sawyerle2024/home

    I had a lot of fun with the hour of code challenge. Sawyer and I raced to see who could get it done faster, and coincidentally we finished at almost the exact same time, though technically Sawyer may have finished sooner, albeit by a fraction of a second.

We both did block coding so that it would be fair, because Sawyer cannot write lines of code, but scripting custom code takes far longer. For me, block coding is just as long and tedious as writing custom lines, but for Sawyer it is the only way he can code.

    So it was a fair race, and because block coding is not my thing, and for some reason my computer was lagging a lot, Sawyer and I…tied. Overall, I had a lot of fun though, and for anybody who is thinking about doing it, it is especially fun to do with a friend.


Holiday Website Bling

For the week 8 blogging challenge I have decided to decorate my website, for the holiday season. I used a snow gif, because where I live we get snow on Christmas, I used one with snow just for the header image, because I didn’t want it to be difficult to read. It’s not much, but I had trouble getting other widgets to work properly and didn’t have enough time to find better ones. Happy holidays!


The Halloween Parade

By: Lane

   The Logan Elm middle school and high school band were going to perform for the students and staff at Laurelville elementary, one of three elementary schools in the Logan Elm school district. On Friday, October 26, the band members at McDowell middle school were going to leave the building at 12:15, and miss most of their afternoon classes to go to Laurelville, for the performance. (I am in the band, and I play the saxophone, and was going to miss most of math, my least favorite class, and most of language arts with Mrs. Caudill)

   The plan was for the band to march down the streets in the parade at Laurelville, play our music, while marching in a big circle, much like the parade at the Pumpkin Show, a fall festival that takes place in Circleville Ohio (which you can learn more about on McDowell Media) Every year, the middle school and high school performed in the parade, and we were going to do the same again this year too, and I was excited, because that day we had an assembly, which altered our schedule, meaning no math that day! It would be amazing…Unless it didn’t happen.

    That day was a disappointing day for everybody in the middle school band. It rained that day, and as many know, you can’t bring an instrument into the rain, without damaging it. The auditorium at Laurelville is not very big, so there was only room for the high school band to perform. So the middle school stayed at school. I had to go to math too.

     So that’s about it. I would have had more to say about what we did at the parade, I would have given more details, but I couldn’t, because the middle school was not in the parade. Though, the high school reportedly played very well. The image below is from the Logan Elm Twitter page.

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The lies! At least for us in middle school. Congratulations to the high school. It wasn’t much of a parade, but it was a good performance nonetheless.