Power of the Pen State?!

Yep, you heard right!  Emily, Genevieve, and Kelsey are the three lucky students that are going to state for their amazing skills in writing and creative minds.  If you are wondering about Power of the Pen(POP) then I’d be happy to explain.  POP is a club where kids join to write short stories and let their creative mind wander far and have a chance to be awarded for it!   At competitions tons of teams show up for a chance at winning.  An interesting fact is that the 7th grade team placed 4th at District and then continued on to place 3rd at Regionals!   A run-off from that is that POP goes to three competitions, District, Regional, and State.  For state only a few kids are picked to go based on their writing skills and the competition will be held at the College of Wooster.  State will be held on Friday, May 26th.  This is to the McDowell kids, show some encouragement to your classmates by wishing them luck! Plus a huge thanks to our writing coaches Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Ross for being the best coaches we could ask for an always pushing us to work hard and really think about what we are going to write.   Another reason to why #mcdowellstudentsarethebest!

Awe-Inspiring Art!

Students at McDowell and Logan Elm high school are very talented in their art work!  These students have created unique and creative works of art.  The walls all throughout the Middle school are covered with many works of art.  They will be getting ready for an art show that will be coming up shortly. Congratulations to the students whose art was displayed on the walls of McDowell!


Hello everyone. I just wanted to make a post about well, Christmas! Christmas is a great time of  year that everyone loves. I don’t need to tell you how it works because we all just opened our presents and enjoyed it. I myself got a Nerf gun, scouting gadgets, clothes, books. Us kids like to get more than we give!

Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ (approx 2017 years ago). Jesus was born in a manger, in Bethlehem. King Herod, hearing that Christ was born, sent three wise men with gifts which was Gold, Frankincense, and myrrh. When they found Jesus, they helped him get away from King Herod. The gospel has many stories in it, I encourage you to check it out.

During the 4 weeks of advent, Christians are humble and kind, faithful and thankful. I try to be nice to my peers and parents.  During our family’s New Year resolutions, we try to give up something that could harm others and make us a better versions of ourselves (smoking, alcohol, swearing, etc). During the night of Christmas Eve, many people go to the Mass. During  mass I almost always fall asleep, but the musicians play Christmas songs and read from the Bible. I find this fascinating.

Since Christmas is about giving, I will be donating some toys/ clothes to the Salvation Army. I am doing this just because I love the feeling of giving to others. Well, I am now sad because Christmas is over, but school is still out so I can go enjoy some beautiful and amazing gifts that I managed to get. I am going to sign off here, but why don’t y’all go check out our beautiful blog over at https://mcdowellmedia.edublogs.org/ Well I am going to play some games with some friends. See you guys next year!

What is Kabaddi?

My dad came to me a few weeks ago and told me the basics of the weirdest sport I’ve ever heard of- Kabaddi.  Kabaddi originated in ancient India, and it’s a popular sport in South Asia today. While it may seem a little complicated, the rules are quite simple.
There’s two teams of seven players, split off in a square arena. The game has two halves of twenty minutes each. The teams will flip a coin or use any other random method of deciding something to see who goes first. If your team goes first, you must send a “raider” across the center line. When the raider is in the other team’s territory, they must try to tag the other members of the team. Each player they touch equals one point for their team, but only if they make it back to their territory safely.
Here’s where the twist comes in, though: the raider must repeatedly yell “kabaddi” while in the other team’s territory. They cannot stop repeating the word until they cross the center line back into their own team’s territory. If they stop yelling or take a breath on the other team’s side of the court, no matter how small, they must return to their own side of the court, scoring no points. Plus, each member of the raiding team must raid in a sequence, and if they go out of order the opposing team gets one point.
But what if your team doesn’t go first? Well, your team has to defend. You are now “anti-raiders” or “stoppers”.  Your goal is to keep the raider from tagging you and crossing back to the center line. To do this, you can either run away from them until they run out of breath, or physically restrain them by tackling or grabbing them. The raider must not be grabbed by the hair or any body part other than the arms or torso.
Those are just the basics of the game. You’ll go back and fourth between raiding and defending for the two twenty minute halves, with a five minute break in between. I have never played it before, but it definitely seems like a lot of fun. To me, it seems like a game we would play in gym class or Phys Ed.

All About Deer Hunting

“Che-cha-che-cha!” That is one of a hunter’s favorite sounds, the sound of a deer trotting through the woods. In this article, you will learn all about some of the largest whitetail deer ever killed.

     The largest whitetail deer ever killed (shown below) was “slaughtered” on September, 29, 2003. This deer had a whopping score of 307 ⅝! The hunter was Tony Lovstuen, and, using a muzzleloader, shot this deer at 70 yards in the midsection, and he recovered it the next day. The buck had a 38 point rack!

The great Lovstuen buck


Another great buck is one that is the most majestic, and dreamy whitetail ever, as considered by most people. Occurring on the morning of November 23, 1993, Saskatchewan hunter, Milo Hanson, made history. This Canadian hunt was extraordinary, as so is the deer. During a “bush push”, or the term Saskatchewan hunters used in place as a deer drive, this deer was shot as he was running. He was almost shot in the antler the first time, and if were to be shot in the antler, it would have discluded the deer from the record books. The deer was shot a second time, killing it, at about 100 yards away! This deer would go down in history.

The monster Hanson buck


I hope that you learned a lot about these great bucks! Have a good day, and, good luck in the woods!