McDowell Winter Sports Pep-Rally!

Recently here at McDowell, there was  a very interesting and fun winter sports pep-rally! At this pep-rally, the winter sport teams and all of the players were announced, and then there were a few different competitions which included prizes. Firstly, the teams were announced. When the teams and players were getting announced, the teams would go on the middle of the floor in the gymnasium and then wave to everyone when their names were announced. The winter sport teams that were announced at the pep-rally were boys basketball, girls basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling.

Then at the pep-rally we had competitions. The first competition was to build a human snowman. A few players were randomly chosen from each of the sports team to build the human snowman. So there was a team with people from girls basketball, and team with the boys basketball players, a team with cheerleaders, and a team with the wrestlers. One person from each team would be the “snowman” and the rest of the people would help build them. The materials they had to build a human snowman from where toilet paper, paper buttons and a paper nose, a few pieces of tape, and a hat with a matching scarf. All of the teams wrapped toilet paper around the person who was supposed to be their “snowman”, which made a lot of people laugh. After everyone finished their snowman, people would cheer for the snowman they liked best, and the team who had the most cheers would win. At the end, the girls basketball team had the best snowman, but the boys basketball team, the cheerleaders, and the wrestlers all had good snowmans to. Since the girls basketball team won, they got Logan Elm t-shirts!

The final competition that was held at the McDowell winter sports pep-rally was a 3-point shooting contest. To start the competition, the people that wanted to participate lined up on the court (winter athletes could not participate, though) and the first six people to make a 3-pointer would win and get a prize. It got intense when the first five people made it, and there would only be one more winner. After the sixth person made the shot, they all got Logan Elm t-shirts as their prize! So, that was the McDowell winter sports pep-rally!

Watch the video below with all of the photos and videos from the pep-rally!


Haven House Donations


At McDowell, we are collecting donations for a group called Haven House.  Haven House is a place for woman to go if they have been abused and need to leave.  They take their children and the clothes on their backs.  They need your typical everyday things such as toilet paper, tissues, cough drops, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face wash, and chap-stick.  They also need hats and gloves for winter along with cleaning supplies.  

Haven House has moved their location.  They have some supplies but not enough for all the women that are their. They ran out of room at their old location which is why they have moved.  They need those supplies that I listed in my first paragraph.  McDowell cares about our community, that is why this Christmas season we are not forgetting the meaning of the season, which is to give.  To motivate us the teachers have decided that our lunch monitors will dress up as Santa and his helper.  The students here at the McDowell have to collect 500 different donations in order to have Santa and his elf show up to school.

As you can tell Haven House needs some donations.  Hopefully we can collect 500 donations to make Santa and his elf show up to school. We can give by donating an item on the list or by donating money.  Anything helps and Haven House will be grateful for everything.  Organize a donation for someone or someplace in your community to help out.  This Christmas make sure you give as much as you get.

Ohio State vs Michigan

The Ohio State versus Michigan game has been played since 1918 (99 years ago).  This rivalry game is a college football (American football) game.  Both sides are very passionate about their team.  It has been an very long grueling time of mean, words, gestures, and looks.  But in the end it’s the beautiful sport of football that brings us together. 

Time for an poll.  You will be asked to pick Ohio State or Michigan, and you could pick either one.  If you don’t know much about this than you don’t have to pick anything or you could pick the third answer, “I have absolutely no clue”.  The game is today at 10:30 AM (if you are interested in watching it).  And I know who I’m rooting for… GO OHIO!     

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Give Thanks for Thanksgiving!

There is one day every year where many American people get together with their family, friends, and maybe even someone that they just met.  They make a big turkey (or a ham for some families) and many other food items.  After the food is all made they sit together at the table and enjoy their feast.  This special day is called Thanksgiving.  Today, families still eat many of those various types of food that have been enjoyed for many years. The average American person eats 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day!  On a regular day people eat much less, 2,000-2,500 calories a day which is only half of what people eat on Thanksgiving Day.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. That was 396 years ago!  The first Thanksgiving consisted of ham, lobster, clams, berries, etc. Considering the time when they made those things, it sounds like it would take a while to make. To prepare that food you couldn’t just go to the store and buy what you wanted.  Instead, they had to go hunting, gathering, and have a fire to be able to cook their food. There was so much work that was put into that day. In the end, I bet they had no regret for starting a tradition that has lasted for such a long time.

Have you ever thought what life would be like if we did not have Thanksgiving Day?  I think it would be bad. First of all, we would not have a day off school or work.  I would still be sitting in a chair rather than being at home with my family.  I also wouldn’t get together with my family near the beginning of winter to make a lot of food.  Finally, I wouldn’t be allowed to be lazy all day and instead would be yelled at to get up or go outside.  I am  very thankful for Thanksgiving Day.

A Day in The Life at McDowell

A day at McDowell is different for every student that goes here. Some students may have math for first period or science or any other subject that is taught at McDowell. But for this post I’m just going to tell you about what a day at McDowell is like for me.

My day at McDowell start off with advanced Language Arts for first period, which is taught by Mrs. Caudill and lasts for 53 minutes. Next I go to Choir where I learn to sing… that’s it, not sure what else you were expecting, its Choir. My Choir class is taught by Mr. Neff and lasts for 50 minutes. Then I go to math, in math, well, we do math that’s pretty much it. My Math teachers name is Mrs. Riddle and it lasts for another 50 minutes.

Now for the best time of the day, lunch. there are 3 different lunch periods, lunch A, lunch B, and lunch C. I have lunch A, the earliest lunch starting at 10:30. The lunches that are served can range from hamburgers to pizza to even Asian chicken. After lunch I go to Technology. In technology we have stations, these stations include, VR expeditions, skills and research, arduino, and video production. Technology is taught by Mr. Barnes and is the longest class at 1 hour. And now for 5th period, Science. Science is my 2nd favorite class and is taught by Mrs. Ross and lasts 50  minutes. Next i go to my favorite class Social Studies. Social Studies is my 6th period class and is taught by Mrs. Griffey and lasts for 50 minutes.

Then there’s 7th period. Everybody that goes to McDowell has this and it is called WIN period (What I Need) And in this period everyone gets a chance to get homework or any other things that students may have to do

Veterans Food Drive

     At McDowell we care about our veterans. November elventh is veterans day, this is a day for the men and women who have fought for our country.  Great right? Well, not really, there are over 100,000 veterans and their families here in Ohio that rely on food services.  The student council at McDowell decided that they wanted to do something about this.  So we did a food drive.  All the food goes directly to the veterans in Ohio. The food drive started on November third and went through November tenth.  We collected a lot of food for our local veterans and are continuing to bring in food.  I hope that even just the little we have done will help the veterans that need it.  


     On Thursday November ninth the McDowell Middle School is having a Veterans Day assembly.  We will be recognizing our veterans by having a guest speaker named Deb come.  Deb was in the military for six years.  She was a sergeant and very respected.  We really appreciate that Deb can come and tell us about her military  experience.  I think that Deb will make us think more of Veterans Day by the time she is done.  The food drive we are having here at McDowell is only one way that we can give back, there are many more ways to help the veterans that deserve more than the life they are living now. 

     On Veterans Day don’t forget about your veterans, thank them for what they have done.  Start a food drive at your school to help out your local veterans. Remember that every little thing counts.  Never forget what they did for us and how many sacrifices they have made for our country.  Don’t take for granted the freedom they have given us and how they have sacrificed their life for our country.  After all the sacrifices they have made they deserve to have a better life than this.  They risked their life for our country and yet they are living on food services.  There should not be 100.000 veterans in Ohio that don’t have food.  

What I Do After School


What I do after school varies, it usually depends on what season it is and who works that day.                                                                                                                                                                  My father and stepmother  have very labor filled jobs with long days.  My dad is a firefighter in the Air Force, so he usually is working as a firefighter which has 12, 24, and 48 hour shifts but it depends because his schedule changes every year so this year he never works 48s. When he is working for the military he  sometimes is gone for 2 weeks, and next year he will deploy for 7 months.  My stepmom is and E.R nurse so she works 12 hour shifts and depending on how busy she is it can be a 13 hour shift.  So If both of my parents are working I’m home alone until around 7:30, and I usually just do chores and play video games during the winter.                                                                                                        

     During the Fall and Spring I play select soccer for a team called Pride sc and on tuesdays and Thursdays I have soccer practice for an hour and a half and that usually takes all all afternoon because my practice fields are almost 45 minutes away, and I usually just have Subway or Little Caesars for dinner.  I also love playing with my brothers and dogs. Since I live with my step mom there is a big difference in age with me and my brothers, my oldest brother that I live with is 4 and his name is Benjamin, and my other brother that I live with is 2 and his name is Graham.  Like I said I love playing with my dogs, I have a 6 month old Saint bernard and her name is Ruby and I have a 1 year old Great Pyrenees.                                                                                                                              

     My favorites video games to play after school are Ark Survival Evolved and Destiny 2.  Ark Survival Evolved is a game about living in a prehistoric area and taming dinosaurs and making houses and so much other stuff.  Destiny 2 is a game about being in space and you are called a guardian and you have to fight off something called the darkness and an army called the Red Legion to basically save the universe.                                                            So that is what I do after school! Thanks for reading!

Clubs and Classes Offered at McDowell

Here at McDowell Exchange School (Middle School), we offer a variety of clubs and some classes. We have a six periods each day, not including lunch. We all must take Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, WIN (What I Need; where you get homework or reading done in class), and Art/Technology. Art and Technology are once a semester for each student. For example, some students have Tech first semester, while others have Art, and vice-versa.

The other period is the elective classes, one of which you must take. These are Guided Study, Choir, or Band. These take place second period. In case you don’t know, Guided Study is a lot like WIN. Since it is so early in the day, you are either getting done homework from first period or from the day before. These are the required classes, but the extra-curricular ones are my favorites!

Extra-curricular and sport-related clubs in McDowell result in a wide variety of choices. There are ones that involve exercise, and those that involve responsibility and doing well for you school. The sport-involved clubs include Cheer Leading, Cross-Country, Track, Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, and Flag Corps (the Flag Corps marches with the band during parades). The extra-curricular clubs include Student Council, BAD (Braves Against Drugs), Enrichment Art, CBIP (Career-Based Intervention Program), Library Helpers, Brave Builders (students who help others around the school by posting positive notes on posters throughout the halls), and Power of the Pen (writing short-stories from story prompts using pens only). As you can tell, there are many fun things to do in McDowell, and they all peak each student’s interests!

Bring It Back

  From 2nd to 6th grade I had PE (Physical Education). It was a fun class where we got exercise and learned new games. Now that I’m in 7th grade, I don’t have PE anymore, but McDowell 7th graders used to have it  Physical education should be brought back to give 7th grade students exercise, to have fun, and teach us to be a good sport.                                               

PE really helps us burn fat when we are sitting all day in class and at home. When people sit they are slowly decreasing their amount of LPL (lipoprotein lipase) that helps burn fat. Being active burns more fat and helps maintain a higher amount LPL. PE keeps kids in shape. In this era, there is an obesity epidemic, not many kids are getting exercise and isn’t getting up and moving around. That is a reason why I would want PE in 7th grade.                                             

PE is really fun. Most of the time when I was in PE, we played dodge ball or kickball sometimes.  No matter how many times somebody got out or tagged they always looked like they were having a good time during the game. It’s good to have a good time playing fun games so we can appreciate life and our friends because we couldn’t play the game without that, right? It would be very sad if you played dodge ball by yourself. Fun is actually good for the body. It gives you more energy and really decreases your stress levels. This is, of course, another reason why I would bring PE into 7th grade.                                                                             

Being a sore loser is no fun, it embarrasses you and makes your friends not want to play with you anymore and it’s the same when you are a gloating winner. I want PE because it teaches kids not to be a sore loser or a smug winner.  Kids will lose or win a game almost every day so you get used to it so you don’t get mad or smug about it. Even if they are still sore or smug, I’m sure someone will call it out.  That is my last reason why I want PE in my 7th grade.                 

Physical education needs to be in 7th grade at McDowell. 7th graders need this so kids can get exercise and live longer. This is what 7th grade needs.

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Changes in Schools

Over the past 100 years schools have changed a lot. Technology, ways to study, what is taught, and a lot more has changed. To some people it is probably hard to think that kids used to have to go to the library and read to find information. They could not just go and google something. So how have schools changed over the past 100 years?

The biggest change over the past 100 years is technology. Most students today have computers or Chromebooks that they can just google any information they need. But, not so long ago you would have to go to your school’s library and read books to look for information. Most kids today think that that is near impossible. You also had to go to the library to study, which kids today might also think is near impossible. Technology has changed a lot more in schools and you can read more about it here.

Something that has also changed over the past 100 years is what has been taught. Not that long ago students were taught that Pluto was a planet and now it is not considered a planet, it is considered a dwarf planet. Schools have also changed how to solve math problems. Most kids asking their parents for help on their math homework are not able to get that help because parents were taught differently.

Third, something that has changed over the last 100 years in schools is ways students got to school. Kids a while ago might have had to walk or ride a bike to get to school. Once vehicles were created families who could afford a car drove their kids to school and other had to ride a bike, walk, or ride a bus. But now most families can afford a car to take their kids to school or they just ride the bus to school.

There are many, many more ways that schools have changed over the past 100 years but, these are just a few. Just try to imagine riding to schools on a bike or walking to school. Just try and imagine having to go to the library every day just to study or find information. So there are many ways schools has changed over the past 100 years.

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