McDowell Winter Sports Pep-Rally!

Recently here at McDowell, there was  a very interesting and fun winter sports pep-rally! At this pep-rally, the winter sport teams and all of the players were announced, and then there were a few different competitions which included prizes. Firstly, the teams were announced. When the teams and players were getting announced, the teams would go on the middle of the floor in the gymnasium and then wave to everyone when their names were announced. The winter sport teams that were announced at the pep-rally were boys basketball, girls basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling.

Then at the pep-rally we had competitions. The first competition was to build a human snowman. A few players were randomly chosen from each of the sports team to build the human snowman. So there was a team with people from girls basketball, and team with the boys basketball players, a team with cheerleaders, and a team with the wrestlers. One person from each team would be the “snowman” and the rest of the people would help build them. The materials they had to build a human snowman from where toilet paper, paper buttons and a paper nose, a few pieces of tape, and a hat with a matching scarf. All of the teams wrapped toilet paper around the person who was supposed to be their “snowman”, which made a lot of people laugh. After everyone finished their snowman, people would cheer for the snowman they liked best, and the team who had the most cheers would win. At the end, the girls basketball team had the best snowman, but the boys basketball team, the cheerleaders, and the wrestlers all had good snowmans to. Since the girls basketball team won, they got Logan Elm t-shirts!

The final competition that was held at the McDowell winter sports pep-rally was a 3-point shooting contest. To start the competition, the people that wanted to participate lined up on the court (winter athletes could not participate, though) and the first six people to make a 3-pointer would win and get a prize. It got intense when the first five people made it, and there would only be one more winner. After the sixth person made the shot, they all got Logan Elm t-shirts as their prize! So, that was the McDowell winter sports pep-rally!

Watch the video below with all of the photos and videos from the pep-rally!


Haven House Donations


At McDowell, we are collecting donations for a group called Haven House.  Haven House is a place for woman to go if they have been abused and need to leave.  They take their children and the clothes on their backs.  They need your typical everyday things such as toilet paper, tissues, cough drops, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face wash, and chap-stick.  They also need hats and gloves for winter along with cleaning supplies.  

Haven House has moved their location.  They have some supplies but not enough for all the women that are their. They ran out of room at their old location which is why they have moved.  They need those supplies that I listed in my first paragraph.  McDowell cares about our community, that is why this Christmas season we are not forgetting the meaning of the season, which is to give.  To motivate us the teachers have decided that our lunch monitors will dress up as Santa and his helper.  The students here at the McDowell have to collect 500 different donations in order to have Santa and his elf show up to school.

As you can tell Haven House needs some donations.  Hopefully we can collect 500 donations to make Santa and his elf show up to school. We can give by donating an item on the list or by donating money.  Anything helps and Haven House will be grateful for everything.  Organize a donation for someone or someplace in your community to help out.  This Christmas make sure you give as much as you get.

Dogs VS Cats

     Hello! Today my blog post is going to be about the difference between dogs and cats and review the pros and cons of each of them.  I personally Prefer dogs over cats so I apologize if I favor dogs and choose sides in this post.

     Some of the pros pros cats is that it is SUPER easy to take care of them, I understand that you don’t want to be that crazy cat lady from the Simpsons but you could easily have a lot of cats with little work to take care of them.  One of the other pros but some people would consider a con is that if you have mice,moles, etc cats will take care of that.  Some of the cons with cats is that they are not nearly as affectionate or loyal as dogs. Another con with cats is that they will sometimes bring dead animal to your house and if you’re not looking you could step right on the corpse.  One more con for the cats, a lot of them aren’t very social

     Now some of the pros for dogs is that they always crave your attention and want you to be happy all the time, they are like little siblings.  Another pro for dogs is that there are different types to fit your preference.  One more pro for the dogs is that you can teach them tricks.  Some of the cons for dogs are, They are harder to take care of, for example you have to potty train them to use the bathroom outside.  Another con for dogs is that they are a lot louder, and the different breed you have the more or less it will bark, for example I have two guard dogs and they bark much more than  most other breeds, but a guard dog is also a pro because they protect your home.

     So there it is, Dogs VS Cats. I hope you enjoyed!


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What Is Your Family Like?…

Families all around the world differ in so many ways.  In ways of tradition, religion, and just everyday life.  Families aren’t always the same at home as they are out in public. Some families have very strict rules while others don’t have hardly any, then there the ones in the middle.  The way families celebrate traditions, do their religion, and just anything in general is really in their own unique way.  They get passed down from generation to generation and they just continue on.

What is your idea of a tradition?  Your idea may not be the same as the person next to you.  Have your ever even thought about how other people celebrate the same traditions you do but maybe in a completely different way.  An example of two different traditions are mine and my friend’s.  For New Years Eve my family watches the ball drop on T.V. but while we wait for the count down we play board games and make a lot of food, then my dad and I open a present since both of our birthdays are on New Years Day.  While my own friend celebrates it by being with her family and friends in a cabin watching the ball drop.  How would you celebrate New Years?

Now on to holidays. Something everyone loves right?  There are presents, good food {my favorite part of the holidays}, music, games and just so much more to celebrate.  Although holidays can be fun, they can also be very stressful at the same time.  I only know this because I have such a big family. By the time it comes to an actual holiday it can be a little stressful.  Trying to get nine people to get out the door, in the car, and actually pull out of the driveway before someone realizes they forgot something is a pretty hard task for my family.  But anyways, some different holidays are Chinese New Year, Christmas, and even Valentines day are just a few of them there are so many more than that.  The way they celebrate Chinese New Year is by making big dragons and going around dancing  and listening to music.  To learn more just research about it because you might even find it interesting.

Holidays, traditions, family fun and good food all together in one.  Everyone’s family differ in almost every way but it only makes them better.  In ways of tradition and holidays and so many ways that I can’t even name.  So whenever you think your family is weird, just remember that there is a family that has you beat.  Think about how you celebrate traditions and holidays differently from other families.

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The Importance Of Sports In Schools

     In my school, lots of sports are offered. In the fall McDowell offers sports like Football, Cheer leading, Cross-Country, Volleyball and Soccer. In the winter we offer Basketball for both boys and girls and Cheer leading. In the summer we have Softball, Baseball and Track.

     Lots of kids are involved in sports and make it an important part of their life. I personally do Cheer for Fall and Winter. In the video below I interviewed two other student-athletes. In the video I interviewed Kaitlyn, who plays Volleyball.






Subjects At McDowell!



Some of the teachers here at McDowell.


     Education and going to school is a very important thing for students. The things that you learn in school now can affect you for all of your life. Education will help you graduate high school, then go to college, then after that you get a job to help support your family. So that comes back to my point, which is students education is important. But  what exactly do students learn and what subjects do students take here at McDowell Exchange Jr. High School?

     At McDowell every student has Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Technology or Art, and WIN. Each class is about 50 minutes long and each student has 3 minutes in between classes to get the items they need for the next class. During Language Arts class, students would probably be reading, working on vocab, or working on a writing assignment. In Math, you’ll find students working on a new math lesson, taking a quiz, working on IXL, or doing homework. Next is Social Studies. In Social Studies, students are learning about Ancient Greece and Rome. In Science, we have been learning a lot about animals, food chains, ecosystems, adaptations, and so on. The next subject is Technology or Art. Students will either have Technology for the first semester of the year and Art for the second semester, or they will have Art first and then technology. So, you will not have either of these classes for the whole school year. In Art, we are currently making walking sticks. In Technology, I don’t know what students are doing since I have Technology for the second semester, not the first. Finally the last class is WIN. WIN is a class that every student has at the end of the day. During WIN period, students can work on homework or any assignments, read, or ask teachers for help.

     Every students takes the subjects I just mentioned, but there are subjects that students get to chose if they want to take them or not. The classes that you get to chose from are Guided Study, Choir, Band, or both Choir+Band. In Guided Study, you get extra time to work on homework/assignments and study for tests. In Choir, you sing. In band, you get to pick an instrument that you want to play and then you practice playing songs and getting ready for parades. If you take Choir and Band, you will switch from singing to playing an instrument. These are all of the classes that McDowell offers to each student. McDowell is a great place for students to learn everything they need to know to succeed.


Featured Staff Member: Mr. Barnes

          Mr. Barnes is a great technology teacher at McDowell, however there is a lot more to know about him.  I wanted to know what he used to do and what he was actually like.  I knew he got a huge grant last year to get everything has this year, but what did he do when he did not have VR headsets or a green screen or the makey makeys or even the 3-D printer.  Let’s find out!


Question – How did you get all of the technology you have?

Answer – A lot of it is from a class that I took to allow the school to get special funds from the state.

Question – What did you do before you had all the technology you have now?

Answer – We did work on the computer and learned a lot about google and practiced typing.

Question – How long have you been teaching?

Answer – This is going to be my twenty-ninth year.

Question – How many people are in your family?

Answer – Me and my wife live in my house with a dog and a cat.  However I have two daughters that are both teachers.

Question – How long have you been married?

Answer – I have been married for twenty-eight years to Beth Barnes

Question – Where did you go to college?

Answer – I went to Ohio University, and attended the Chillicothe and Lancaster campuses for most of college.

Question – Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

Answer – Yes, but while I was in college I worked many jobs such as: working in a shoe repair shop and a factory as well as laying carpet.

Question – If McDowell did not have technology would you still teach here?

Answer – Yes, I hope so.

Question – If you did still teach here what would you teach?

Answer – I would probably teach science again, since I taught science before technology.

Question – What all have you done at McDowell?

Answer – At McDowell I have taught science, technology and I have coached football and high school wrestling.

Question – What sports do you like to watch?

Answer – I like to watch football and baseball.

Question – What is your favorite sport to play?

Answer – I enjoyed football and wrestling when I was in high school.       

These are all of the questions that I asked Mr. Barnes and his answers. Hopefully you learned something about Mr. Barnes as I did.  If only every school could have the same technology that we did.  

My Dream School


My dream school would be an fun, but strict place.  There would be certain days every month where the kids would learn, but do it in a more fun way.  Such as play learning games, and do word bingo, etc.  I would have positive quotes posted all up and down the halls, and make it clear to always ask questions. I would also have anti-bullying propaganda everywhere.  Their would be security cams and security guards everywhere just to bring down on the threats and issues.  I would up the ante on security also because it would make the students feel more safe.  I would have bright colors everywhere.  I would have programs for students with special needs or are more prone to bullying, to be paired up with upperclassmen (older kid’s) to prevent bullying. I would have  an student designed menu (to an extent) and some days we would have something special.  We will also give out a treat to the kid’s that have been good during lunch.

Now we are to the strict part.  I would not make a lot of rules but for the few rules, if they are to be broken their will be very strict punishments.  Such as if you were to be caught bullying you will be either miss out on fun days and not get the treat at lunch for a certain amount of time, to being suspended or even expelled.  If a student/teacher is caught drinking or smoking on school property they will be expelled, and if they are a teacher they will be fired immediately.  If a student is rude or talks back to an teacher he or she will be issued detention.  This school will love and teach discipline so much that it will even have an ROTC ( Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) for fifth grade and up.   

This is my ideal school because it is a fun welcoming place but strict at the same time, and that is my kind of school.

Now for the poll question.  Would you rather keep you school that you have or have a completely different school of your design? Answer the survey here.

McDowell’s Electronic Machinery

     What kind of technology do you get to use in your school? Chromebooks, VR (Virtual reality) headsets, phones, textbooks, desktops, netbooks, etc. McDowell Middle School still uses textbooks and others might use a computer as their resource, and some schools might not even have computers.

     McDowell Middle School has a technology class where a student can use VR headsets, school phones, a green screen,  3D printer, and even a desktop. The desktops can be used just like any other computer and the green screen gets used for school news/videos of the technology class. The school phones are used for the VR headsets in which a student can see almost any place. One of the latest pieces of technology that McDowell has is the 3D printer, the technology teacher lets the students create a design or idea for the printer to make. The printer can print in any color (that he has) and any size as long as in fits in the printer. In the other classrooms there are chromebooks or  netbooks, a smartboard, textbook, and even someone’s phone. Some classrooms may not have advanced technology and have to rely on new or out-of-date books. In 2015, about 3.2 million people in the world were connected to the internet but today some people may have had internet in schools and now the natural disasters have taken that away from them. Another school near the area has more advanced computers, apple computers, which are newer and nicer but can not be transferred from room to room as easily as chromebooks/netbooks.

     McDowell has some of the latest technology of the past few years. Including a green screen, phones, chromebooks/netbooks, a 3D printer, and smartboards. Some schools may not have any newer technology but they may have textbooks or older computers.  What kind of technology do you have in your school?

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My Ideal School

     If I had my ideal school it would be perfect. Here are some ways I would make my school ideal for myself. In my ideal school we would have school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday but not Friday. We wouldn’t have school on Friday so kids get a three day weekend so they could spend it with family and friends.  To make things perfect for me I would have school start at 9:30 a.m. and have the kids go home at 2:30 p.m. I would have it start at 9:30 so kids have enough time to sleep and get ready on time and not be rushed in the mornings. I feel like 2:30 would be a good time for kids to go home because it gives them five hours of school and to me that is enough time for school. For school subjects we would have LA, ADV LA, Math, ADV Math, Science and Social Studies. We would also have special classes like choir, band, technology and art. The advanced classes would be for students that just learn a little bit faster than others and the regular classes are for students that learn at their own pace. For kids that need extra help they could get a tutor for no cost and stay after school for one or two hours until they understand what they need to do. 

         In my ideal school we would have amazing food. Everyday we would have something different. We would have food such as chicken noodle soup, sloppy joes, grilled cheese and a little dessert to go with it. The price for all this food would be one dollar so if kids don’t have food at their house they can buy school food for a cheap price. For every holiday we would have a big feast with food such as turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn. It would be so good that everyone would be stuffed and not hungry for the rest of the day.

      In my ideal school we would offer sports. These sports would be softball, basketball, tennis, track, baseball, football and lacrosse. All sports would cost $50.00 each and that would pay for their uniforms and the rest would be donated to the school. Games would be through the week. Practices would be right after school and only till 4:00, so kids could have time to homework. This is my ideal school. I think students will have a fun time going to school and also doing work at the same time. I really hope this becomes a real school some day!(Image from